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Sky Voyager: Experience USA

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Happy to see this as a point of difference for regular visitors.
I am assuming this is just a direct port of an offering at different site, but that’s no issue and keeps the costing down no doubt. 

Keeping the original for certain times each day is also a good move I believe so first time visitors get that experience 

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Very clever move, we've ridden Sky Voyager 100s of times so to see a new perspective will be great. My kids will love it.

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Good to see SV have a different film to show. I understand the film is under license. Seeing that its a longer film also should make it really interesting.

I would like to see seasonal films. Like around Christmas have one showcasing snow regions around the world etc. The ride has potential its just gotta be given the chance. This is that move in that positive direction. I do hope they keep this film and any future ones on for as long as possible. 

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I was meant to be in Orlando this month and today would have been my first Epcot day so figured I’d take a trip to DW and check out the new SV video. 

I like that during this time they ain’t wasting any time on preshows or safety vids, straight from the queue to the seats - although loading and operations definitely aren’t ‘fast’. But props to the girl running the queue line, had a quick chat and asked about how long she thought the line was, and she said since I’m a single rider she should be able to squeeze me in on the next cycle seeing as they have too leave two seats between parties there is usually a spare seat or two after they’ve batched everyone, so I waited like 5 minutes and was on. Also I thought it was really good that she was enforcing everyone to stand on the yellow dots, you’d think this is self explanatory but when I jumped in line everyone else was bunched up right next to each other, and after a minute or two she made everyone step back through the line so that parties were on their own dots. I was at MW right before DW for an hour and it doesn’t seem like the staff are enforcing the queue distancing and people just don’t understand to stay the heck away from me and stand on your dots - like there’s obviously a reason I’m not moving up to the next party, yet the people behind me feel the need to get as close as possible - YOURE STILL IN THE SAME SPOT IN LINE JUST STANDING FURTHER AWAY!

Anyway to the ride.

I enjoyed the new video, not sure which I prefer it been a while since it rode SV normally, I feel like I got more wet on USA but there was definitely less noticeable smell pods I think. Also with America being known for big cities, a lot of the flyovers are of big skyscrapers etc which isn’t that interesting especially if you’ve seen them before irl, but there are still a lot of great scenic shots. There is one shot toward the end that looks soo similar to the one from soarin, not complaining just interesting to point out (it’s the canyon rock formation with the balloons in soarin, exact same location in SV but has some people on the rocks ready to bungee off it looks like). Soundtrack/score is a bit lacklustre, I don’t quite remember how good the Aus score was but surely more epic than this was. 

Overall I enjoyed watching something new, there was a bloke sitting next to me that was so blown away by it which was heartwarming to see his reaction, it was his first time on a flying theatre and I think he was more blown away by that than the video itself, but still nice to see people in awe at something from our parks. 

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