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What coasters should come to a new Wonderland Sydney

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10 hours ago, Gazza said:

Ah my mistake I thought the launch coaster going in at Energylandia was a Bermuda Blitz.

If the idea is to provide different experiences, why not put some coasters in the mix that aren't sit downs?

Or name one of the wooden coasters not bush beast?

More Bush Beasts bank more off nostalgia. Good point about less sit downs though

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9 hours ago, A.H said:

More Bush Beasts bank more off nostalgia. Good point about less sit downs though

No, its a stupid idea.

Theme parks should have a wide variety of themes to appeal to everyone, or else you'd have like ten coasters with variations of the name Bush Beast.

And if  you're going for the nostalgia angle, visitors would be pissed to arrive and discover Demon is now a kiddy coaster shuttle without loops.

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Ah, this old chestnut. Wonderland was great. It was indeed a cool park. Maybe slightly dated in the end but it was like our MW or DW.

It died. The revival talks have occurred for years. While it would be great to have it back it would not be the same. Why use a popular name and potentially ruin fond memories. Sure make a new park eventually (plus with what land) and the people will come. But I can't be Wonderland 2.0 as it was literally being called. The funding was a joke. The website for that company was childish and had a few flaws in it. I am all for a new park but I only see it being done pretty much the way @AlexB mentioned it. It will be a large scale operator with patience and vast experience.

Give what Rona has done tho I see anything for the future now being permanently delayed. I think Merlin has got cold feet and prefer to run the attractions they currently do as they are not weather dependant.  So I don't see them changing business tactics now. Palace is still new and no one has an idea about what they are doing. 

It is a nice thought to bring it back. I walked out those exit gates at around 6:15 pm on the last day knowing it would never come back.
That's the way I'd like to keep the wonderland memory.

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