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Dreamworld October 2020 Visit

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Yikes I hope that's made up; that'd be horrible 

It’s been almost four years since I last visited Dreamworld. After my pass expired in late 2016, I didn’t see value in renewing my pass at the time. The park was at an all time low and while I of cour

Progress update on the Ice Cream Parlour 

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4 hours ago, HussRainbow87 said:

I’ll be more than happy never to return to Dreamworld after yesterday.... What a poor excuse for a “theme park” these days.

But in saying that, White Water World was fun! 

I agree,  I love in ormeau, went there for the first time in a few years and was terrible,  even my 6 year old wanted to leave to go to movieworld. Rode sky voyager for the first time to..... imo underwhelming

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I mean look - it was the wrong choice of ride for what Dreamworld needed in a recovery phase. They needed a big coaster or other massive drawcard and sky voyager was not the right choice in that environment, and in that line of thinking, it kinda was a waste of money when they needed something big to turn things around.

As an attraction though, its a great addition, and not a waste of money at all.

Firstly its capacity really takes a load off the rapidly declining list of attractions. Secondly, it provides solace from the heat with a good 20-ish minutes of indoor and air conditioning.

As an attraction type, soarin' is still amazingly popular in Disney parks around the world. The new-ish installs in the Asian disneylands have obscenely popular lines. Its the ride that keeps on giving too - as we've seen, change the ride film, and the whole ride is a new experience again. The film cost is a small part of the overall cost, so longevity is a no-brainer, provided the machinery can keep up with it.

The experience itself is also great - it suits MOST age groups, from ages 3-100+ so its a great all-rounder family attraction. Sure, its not the greatest thrill, but not everything in a park should be.

Sky Voyager has a place at Dreamworld. Add to this the new Steel Taipan at that side of the park and it takes a lot of pressure off the struggling Ocean Parade.

I really can't comprehend, with all of the above, how anyone could consider it a bad addition in any way except perhaps the timing of when it was introduced, for the reasons mentioned above.

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The terminology I always think of with this is 'Motivator V pacifier'. As in; what's going to Motivate you to visit the park, and what just keeps you busy she you're there.


Because of how hard it is to market and explain, SV is a pacifier which cost more than most big headline rides. I think it's  the right ride for the park, and it does have legs; word of mouth is rather good for it, but just good enough for the price they paid for it. To be fair I don't think they expected to pay as much as they did, and had it opened when originally intended followed straight away by a flatride replacement for Wipeout they'd be in a much stronger position while they figured out what they were doing as a next big thing.


That's another thing I wonder with DW's thinking these days; did they see Doomsday's reception at MW, and go 'flatrides don't work, we're not replacing Wipeout', without fully understanding the differences in how the 2 parks attraction line ups gel. A flat ride, particualy an underwhelming one like Doomsday at a park that has the 4 best coasters in the country just isn't that big a deal.


On the other hand, for most of DW's life I thought it as mostly a ride line up of pacifiers, but at such quantity that you want to go. Maintaining that quantity at least to some degree is important for having people choose DW again for their next theme park visit. Aside from ToT and Giant Drop, nothing is truly remarkable. Some flats are on the better end of things (Wipeout and Claw both managing to be motivators in their own right, also Cyclone was a thing for a time) but nothing else really broke through for my taste. I think when Steel Taipan opens it'll be an 'emperor has no clothes' moment where all of a sudden how ordinary the rest of the ride line up is will become super apparent.


This isn't a bash on DW either by the way, DW historically even with a less impressive ride line up offered a better day out. It worked well for them, until it didn't.

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The upper facade of the ice cream parlour is now completely gone, so it’s safe to say that the overall aesthetic will be changing dramatically 


Pandemonium has all its cars and arms offsite somewhere. It being closed as well as Sidewinder & Claw really saps some family attractions out of the mix. Line of Madagascar is therefore well outside the queue house. 


Whilst I personally cannot remember what they used to be, ride ops are making constant mention on the Dodgems that the ride restrictions have now changed. I have checked the website and it reflects what they are now verbally telling everyone pre-loading. My guess is previously shorter kids could ride, and there wasn’t an actual specified height limit to drive, you just had to be able to reach the peddles 


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