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Arkham Asylum dismantling

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4 hours ago, Gazza said:

And so can a raptor:


One brake run doesn't necessarily mean one block zone. Some modern coasters are able to use the lift hill as a block zone (the lift chain adjusts it's speed depending on whether or not the block zone ahead is occupied, so that it does not send a car into that zone when occupied). They can also stack multiple trains on the final brake run, that being a block zone in itself, along with the load/unload (some rides have seperate 'load' and 'unload' platforms which are their own individual blocks) station being a block. The problem with raptors vs el locos is that whilst the trains are similar capacity, by nature of raptor trains being a lot longer, the ability to stack and effectively run multiple block zones in close proximity is inhibited, baring in mind no two trains can occupy the singular block zone at a given time.


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