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Luna Park Sydney to invest $30 million on major upgrade, new rides

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And just like that....the last of LPS's Huss rides have been dismantled and now completely gone.  RIP Spider!! These rides have now entered into Luna Park history and whilst we lament their loss, we know that over the next 12 months, there is so much to look forward to for the park.

Hopefully over the next 12 months, we see the return , in conjunction with the Big Dipper name, other names from Luna Parks historical past!  Ride names such as The Wild Cat, The Whirler, The Whip, The Hey Dey as well as the retainment of the Tumblebug , The Spider and the Flying Saucer should all be considered if they are ride appropriate. This would be another great nod to Luna Park's history and would also give some continuity whilst ushering in the new age.

Bring on 2021!!







3 hours ago, CR4ZE said:

The only other thing I'll say about the Big Dipper, that hasn't been mentioned yet, is that it's not going to be an RMC-killer. Sure, it's a fantastic looking coaster and all, but the pitch seems to be that it's a high-thrill machine among family coasters and rides. Ignoring height/length restrictions (that would be an unfair sleight against LPS), it's just not going to have the forces or the speed of Jersey Devil, or even Wonder Woman Golden Lasso/RailBlazer. And there's Intamin's track record on reliability to consider, which I think should speak for itself.

To be honest, I dont think Big Dipper is meant to be pitched as a "RMC killer" I think its just being seen as simply an alternative. To be really fair, I think it is actually the perfect coaster for the park. They do not need a high intensity , over the top thrill machine. Big Dipper will still deliver on thrills for sure, but without having the shadow of being a hugely intensive ride hanging over it. The fact that it is Australia's FIRST rail coaster will sit it in good stead for a good amount of time- and unless MW adds in a RMC Raptor as their Arkham replacement, I cannot see any other park in Australia emulating them in the short to medium term.

The POV and the simulation I think  do not properly convey the sense of speed within each element and I surmise that this coaster, whilst short on ride duration and height, will still pack a sizeable punch. Definitely looking forward to riding it, and judging by the international attention that the announcement has garnered, it appears so are many other people, in and outside of Australia!

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Hi there all! I was just at Milsons Point, and took some photos of day 2 of the works. They've already taken down the old kids rides. And the last Joylands Rides to be at LPS. They are bringing in rig

Hi there all! Wanna give a small update to what's happening! More work is being done to assemble Little Nippers today. With works expected to be completed sometime next week. There is no sig

They've ruined the character of the place by adding non ghetto, quality, permanent install rides.

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On 28/11/2020 at 11:26 AM, Jobe said:

Lastly, during holiday periods, they could utilise the Big Top as an all weather site to base temporary attractions- they did set up rides inside a few years ago to test this concept. This could also work and could be the site of a holiday walkthrough attraction if they desired. This entirely depends on the amount of use and bookings that the Big Top is experiencing, of course. Its a major revenue stream for the park and they would not decrease its use as a function centre for temporary rides.

That kind of idea would be great if there's room for something like that during the holidays, especially in a situation we're in right now!

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10 minutes ago, AheadMatthewawsome said:

That kind of idea would be great if there's room for something like that during the holidays, especially in a situation we're in right now!

Just thinking of the incredible mazes they could do in there for Halloscream

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Not many people realise just how important the functions and corporate venues are to Luna Park's revenue streams but there are actually 12 options with varying capacity and flexibility. These function centres make up a large chunk of the parks overall revenue and allow the park to be not reliant on just one resource ( amusement park) for earnings. Without these , the park would be in a far less stable position than it is in and even though these corporate and private functions have taken a battering due to COVID, they remain a core service alongside and in conjunction with the amusement park side of the business. And of course, who wouldnt want to have their wedding reception in a 85 year old amusement park with the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a backdrop or host a corporate event where your entire company can own an amusement park for a day?

The 12 corporate and functions venues that are on offer at Luna Park are as follows:










Of course the installation of these function centres has come at the cost of the one thing that Luna Park did not have a lot of- and that is space. When the park opened in 1995 with the Arrow Big Dipper coaster as the signature attraction the park boasted 18 rides and attractions but only a small offering of function centres- namely the Crystal Palace and a smaller venue next to the Dodgem's building under the Wild Mouse called Popcorn Hall. They also had a larger exhibition space under the then Big Dipper that was utilised for travelling exhibitions but this space was touted as being saved for a return of a River Caves attraction at the time.

Fast forward to 2020, and we see much of the space of the old Big Dipper being consumed by the Big Top Venue, unashamedly the largest function centre with the biggest capacity of close to 3,000 people. Add into the mix the Deck function centre at the front of the park plus the carpark entrance, lifts, gift shop and ticketing centre, and you can see how much room was eaten up from 2004 for viable attractions. True the addition of Maloney's corner gave the park valuable space to work with and it is this area that the bulk of the 2021 expansion will be focused on. Once it is complete, the park will now offer 19 rides and attractions-one more than in 1995- with significantly less footprint to do so than in that year. This brings back balance to the park and lets the amusement side of the business now reach an equal standing with the coporate and events offerings- something that has been severely unequal since reopening in 2004.

Once the new expansion opens, and hopefully COVID becomes less of a concern with vaccines available, both cash flows for the park will achieve a synergynistic relationship with more people visiting the park for the amusment park and the new rides achieveing greater public and international consciousness, allowing for greater demand for its function and corporate offerings. This will allow the park to both thrive and survive for decades to come and is the business model that makes the most sense for the 85 year old Sydney icon. The future is so, so bright for Luna Park.

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13 hours ago, Jobe said:

the park will achieve a synergynistic relationship

Bingo! Do I win corporate buzzword bingo? LOL.

Many moons ago (no pun intended) I worked for an events company. Among their many contracted venues was Luna Park. They had in house crew and an event manager contracted to LPS, as well as loads of event equipment from sound and lighting to drapery and staging equipment. Although clients hosting events and functions weren't obligated to use the in-house provider, and were welcome to use their own providers, the in-house crew did enough work there to pay for several full time staff and make a profit. If the events company were able to profit from it, you can bet LPS earned handsomely from it as well.

As Jobe mentioned, the location alone makes it a perfect events venue for many, and to ignore this aspect of the park is ludicrous, as it is what has helped the park survive for so long.

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@Jobeis 100% right on the money. The venues at LPS have kept the park going strong. Cash flow before covid was insane. Don't forget also LPS has hosted some pretty big events like the MTV music awards and a few major Australian music concerts (Aussie bands)

One reason to LPS success as a venue operator is thanks to Metro Edgley. They used to run a theatre in the Sydney CBD (Metro) and I believe at one point had an interest in the Hordern Pavillion out at Moorepark (near Fox studio). When the Big Top was being touted it straight away was sold as an entertainment venue. Initially was meant to house Cirque du Soleil for a while or other major circus-style shows. That quickly changed and became a concert venue for bands if the Hordern Pavillion was occupied. Crystal Palace got its internals changed (it is much bigger than most could think) and is aimed at corporate functions or its big-ticket seller weddings.

I get its not a fully dedicated amusement park to some. At least tho its got a source of income to help keep it viable. Covid really has been unfair to LPS this year. Both aspects of its business have been greatly affected. Yet they announce $30 million dollars of improvements and new rides without government assistance. That's resilience for you.

Without functions, LPS wouldn't be in the position it is now. A position where it been able to completely reinvent the park with the 2021 year approaching. 

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3 hours ago, StingRay said:

Yet they announce $30 million dollars of improvements and new rides without government assistance.

specific legislation and backing by ministers is still pretty good government assistance, given park history... ;) but i know what you meant.

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2 minutes ago, StingRay said:

This is a classy thing to do. Send the park out on a high. When it reopened in 2004 they tried to make it a happy and vibrant atmosphere.

It will indeed be the last time to see the park in this guise. It makes me wonder apart from the rides if any other upgrades will occur. 

I don't think many other upgrades will occur, although some parts of the park really do need some touching up, such as the fireworks painted on the midway and the vinyl wrap on the back of Coney Island as they are faded. The face was recently repainted as it was punished by the bushfires and it looks better than ever.

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7 hours ago, Yyosh said:

I don't think many other upgrades will occur, although some parts of the park really do need some touching up, such as the fireworks painted on the midway and the vinyl wrap on the back of Coney Island as they are faded. The face was recently repainted as it was punished by the bushfires and it looks better than ever.

I am pretty sure that there is a plan of works for overall upgrades to themeing and buildings within the precinct. The place will be shut for 6 months- you can bet they will use this time to renew everything while they have the best opportunity they can. @StingRay is 100% right here. The carnivale is a great way to end this chapter of Luna Park and help usher in the new age. Well done LPS!!

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16 minutes ago, Coasterlife said:

How did you find a reopening date?

There is a countdown on the website when you click on 9 New Rides. It was at exactly 180 days on the countdown on December 28th 2020, at 10:00 am. I went and calculated on a date converter (Which went for December 27th, because it's from the US). I also did the same with the closing of the park. Which is January 26th at 4:00 pm.


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7 minutes ago, Yyosh said:

@AheadMatthewawsomeI'm guessing that's just an estimated date as June 23 is a school day. I'd imagine they want to make the reopening as grand as possible and doing it on a Wednesday when everyone's at school or work won't bring many people in.

And then when I double checked. 180 days from December 28th is June 26th. Which is a Saturday. So that's more likely.

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