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What are the games everyone is playing at the moment?

I'm playing a lot of Dead By Daylight and Fortnite(I know. A bit unfortunate).

I'm still to finish The Evil Within 2 and The Last Of Us 2. Can't play them with kids in the house.

I've played a bit of CounterStrike but im really not good at it. Like at all.

I also enjoy a game of Civ 6.

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 I got a PS5 and it arrived 2 weeks ago but I got that for my friend for Christmas and I also got an Xbox series x that arrived unexpectedly 2 days before the release date but I love playing Forza Horizon 4 on it, I was super lucky to set it up before the servers crashed.

But don't worry @Smol bean more PS5's will come out soon just probably sometime late December or early January 

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Kids today will never appreciate what it is like to wait up to 2 days just to hear an amazing new song, only to realise the source was just a renamed MP3 copy of Dennis Leary's Asshole. 

Oh, your DLC update for your 4k quality game is 31 gig? *laughs in 128kbps sound quality*



(Also, "approximately 15-31 gig" is like saying the price of petrol is approximately $1.50-$3.00 per litre.)

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