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Dia de los Muertos

AKA – Day of the Dead. Bold, colourful and dance-filled! Dia de los Muertos will have you celebrating life like never before! Be spirited away by a live Mariachi band, go loco over seriously delicious Mexican favourites in the Fiesta Feast, and wander through a sea of string lights, candles and flowers. If you’re a fan of all things Mexican, then this world is sure to be your numero uno. Travel your world at Sea World Carnivale

Fiesta Feast

Gather your family & friends for a lively celebration and a spread of delicious Mexican favourites with this themed dinner at the Dockside Tavern.

Go loco over a bottomless Mexican feast with beverages including soft drink, beer, wine, sangria & margaritas! Plus, enjoy roving entertainment whilst you dine! 
Build you own tacos, with all the trimmings; a selection of marinated meats, including chicken & beef, spiced shrimp, soft flour tortillas, chopped lettuce, jalapeno pickled pineapple slaw, pico de gallo, cheese, Mexican Rice, guacamole, house beans and sour cream. Plus, for those up to the challenge, there’s unlimited corn chips, salsa and queso to be had. 

Too mucho Mexicano? Never! Finish the feast with a delicious hot cinnamon churros and trio of dipping sauces including chocolate, caramel & Aztec dark chilli chocolate. Guests will also receive a Mex-cellent celebration gift during their dining experience. Holy guacomole! 


$69 adults  

$39 kids

Southern Snack Pack

Do y'all have a hankerin’ for fried chicken? Dig into this Southern Snack Pack including crunchy coated chicken breast pieces, dipping sauce, breaded mozzarella cheese sticks, seasoned chips, delicious pineapple cinnamon churros, PLUS a regular soft drink or water and a FREE Coca Cola Trucker cap. It’ll keep ya’ll happy ‘til the cows come home.

Redeem at Lakeside Café & Plaza Prime Burgers between 6.00pm and 8:30pm on event night. 

$18 per Snack Pack 


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The most exciting thing about the website is that they seem to be moving away from the term "precincts". Worlds and Destinations sound a whole lot more exciting and a lot less clinical than previous years.

It'll be interesting to see what the rest of the food offerings are. The Mexican Feast does seem like a nice offering and the pineapple churros has certainly piqued my interest. I wonder what the chances of seeing Jambalaya on the menu once again...

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13 hours ago, Brad2912 said:

Appears to be a very Mexican flavour this year

Well that's disappointing.

The original concept always struck me as being either very Brazillian Carnival (Portuguese) or New Orleans Mardi Gras (French), and switching to 'day of the dead' just hits a nerve for me. Day of the Dead is Mexican, (Spanish) and really has no connection to Carnivale, IMO. And given the various incarnations of Day of the dead \ Dia De Los Muertos is in November, it's not even the right season for it. Next they'll be moving Halloween to April.

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Travel Your World at Sea World Carnivale as we bring you a celebration of cultures coming together, with stops to Mexico, Rio, Africa & New Orleans!

Rides for the night are vortex, castaway bay battle boats, jet rescue coaster and Nickelodeon land but storm coaster not open for the night


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