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Dreamworld Maintenance 2021

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Is that.... Calibri? 

They should play a sound track of workers using tools, so it sounds like they are working on it 

For those curious, very impressed with the transparency/communication. Although I already purchased a PAD Passholder ticket haha.    

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3 hours ago, themagician said:

Has buzzsaw reopened yet? The website says it reopened a couple days ago, but still lists the dates (which usually means it hasn’t reopened)



it was open yesterday, however broke down around 11 and didn’t open again for the rest of the day but was testing throughout the day

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2 hours ago, Jokes_on_you said:

I’m assuming since there’s 2 giant drops they would just alternate maintenance by having one in operation. 

Than again, they should have two sides operating during a busy summer period. Covid means they need a four seat gap yet they only have one side operating.

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On 05/01/2021 at 9:44 PM, Naazon said:

The ride is designed to fall so if it breaks from lack of maintenance it still operates as intended.

I know there was an element of sarcasm here, but for the sakes of anyone taking this seriously, while GD will always 'failsafe', the rope itself requires very careful inspection and attention. Cable snaps on Intamin Giant Drop models are well documented, both in the US and AUS from my memory - and has literally cost people an arm and a leg.

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Fully 6 is now Fully 3, with slide 1 added to the closed slides along with 2 & 3 (speed slides). 

the remaining 3 slides have their water pressure significantly reduced on previous visits, with the slides flowing more like a lazy river than a water slide... 

RIP has also been closed this afternoon 

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