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Vortex nears completion, Leviathan towers as The New Atlantis nears opening at Sea World

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58 minutes ago, Park Addict 93 said:

On a related note, nice to see some creative marketing from the parks for Vortex.

There are at least two of these in Brisbane CBD.


While I love this kind of effort in marketing, it’s a little sad that the bus stop has more theming than the ride appears to have...

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10 hours ago, Jdude95 said:

Maybe after the marketing rounds are done they'll take the Poseidon bus shelter toppers and just scatter them around Atlantis 

D'ya reckon they'd fit in a 7x4 box trailer?


These orange wooden beams are locally sourced unlike the rest of the ride's muted pine look. Most wooden coasters feature steel cable ballustrades along the side railings. If these are to remain after construction is completed then it's a bold accent that's unique to Leviathan.

Looking at the lift hill, these boards aren't present. The timber is LVL (laminated veneer lumber) manufactured for formwork for pouring concrete, and is meant to be stored undercover when not in use. They're branded and painted for identification on site rather than for looks, and - just my opinion - this seems like a temporary usage as barriers for fall protection. It appears they've put a length across the top of the first drop to prevent falls there too.

It would be cool if they had some sort of accent around the track as it would highlight the twists and turns throughout the course - but i don't think this is it.

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