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Good to see Movie World and Dreamworld battling it out where it really matters - Who was the worst park map...

A lot of theme parks are going down this route and I hate it. My biggest gripe is that it seems to eliminate the human factor of navigation using landmarks to get around. Most people will plot a menta

All the same criticisms from Movie World's 2017 map change can be applied to Dreamworld. This includes:           It is rather amazing that the same people wh

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13 hours ago, Whombex said:

Um... it still has the full ToT there too.

I feel like Wipeout still exists there too. It's like they commissioned this 6 years ago, felt it was hot garbage and tossed it in the bin, and then Gary Weiss has come along and said 'if we don't use it, we can't claim it as park improvement expenditure!' so they've pulled it out, flattened it out between a couple textbooks and rubbed most of the dog shit off it and then uploaded it to say 'look, we made a thing!'

13 hours ago, gavinfulikes said:

At least you don’t have to use two fingers to move it around

that's what sh..



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Interestingly I couldn't open this on my PC, in any of the 3 browsers I have available. I was able to open it on my mobile phone though.

Yikes! This is definitely an unfinished product. Judging by what is there and what is missing the yellow boxes and random yellow shapes for rides (Pandemonium for example) I would assume that this is where they are going to drop in more up to date images like the ones for MDMC and Gold Coaster.

It's a pretty poor effort to release without it being finished (or tested for that matter), unless the update to the website missed a data packet which includes the rendered rides, hence the yellow shapes, it's pretty poor from whoever updated it and didn't test it before making it go live.

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All the same criticisms from Movie World's 2017 map change can be applied to Dreamworld. This includes:

On 21/09/2017 at 1:52 PM, GoGoBoy said:

It's TERRIBLE, just like all their marketing initiatives of late. So ugly and basic. I personally think a theme park's map is vital. Not to mention I could barely look at it in mobile as they are still using their old site. I had to come back here to look at the version uploaded in this thread.

It just doesn't make the park look fun at all. I don't know why they didn't just use the artist who created the WnW Sydney map - that style is much more suitable for a theme park. It's also a shame they couldn't fit more of DC RIvals in. If they'd gone for a style with more artistic license, rather than trying to be 'realistic', they could have.


On 21/09/2017 at 1:59 PM, Slick said:

Not a fan, here's my reasoning:

  1. There's a reason why all of Disney's parks, all of Cedar Fair's parks, Hershey, Silver Dollar City, Dollywood, Dreamworld etc. etc. all use a similar design language - by not being a 1:1 scaled photorealistic design, you can augment the widths of paths and skew attraction sizes so that the map can show access routes far more easily. Universal's is probably the closest in design, but even then their version of photorealistic is by and large not a 1:1 scale style map like this one.
  2. There's no soul. With the previous maps being hand drawn, they had this sense of being a still life scene of being inside the park.


On 02/10/2017 at 10:45 PM, Jackson13Walasek said:

Is the carpark a new world class attraction now? WHY do they need to show their carpark, sheds, restricted areas and trees! It takes up half the map. Almost no other park maps in the world show their carparks, let alone that much of it.

And the last is the scale. As pointed out previously. Generally all other park maps do not use a 1:1 scale. I love how the Cedar Point maps use scale and show height. The rides are kept really small except for generally the first drop, making it easy to notice but giving more room to show accurate resemblance to their paths and walk way.


On 21/09/2017 at 4:05 PM, Theme Park said:

Is it just me or does this feel like something straight out of the 90's era of computer animation.


On 21/09/2017 at 2:19 PM, Paula said:

Really poor map. My husband and I have done a lot of design work with parks in Victoria over the last 12 years, designing 3 different park maps over that time. They're not easy to create but this one doesn't communicate the park clearly or show off the rides very well. It looks like 'shed city'.


On 10/10/2017 at 3:45 PM, AlexB said:

There's a reason every useful map in the world is top-down.

There's a reason every major theme park i've ever been to has had a park map with exaggerated features to accentuate the parts guests need to know.

There's a reason every major theme park i've ever been to has left their back of house \ outside park boundary areas as blank white space (unless the park, or an attraction straddles that space, in which case a simple "two lines with the name of the road inside it" suffices for the roadway.

There's a reason why every part of this map isn't useful.

It is rather amazing that the same people who were running the show at Movie World are now at Dreamworld and are making the same mistakes. The map has also been changed recently and Tower of Terror 2's yellow line is 80% removed. I do love it when a theme park ignores an entire community of enthusiasts but secretly uses them to fix their mistakes. 

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i actually hadn't tried to open this earlier, and just saw screenshots from others who were commenting on it, but when @DJKostya mentioned it wouldn't open on Desktop, I tried to open on Firefox Nightly 72.0.3, and while the site header loads, the content area just has a load spinner. I let it load and went to do other things and it was still spinning half an hour later.

I mean - Sure, mobile audiences are your primary focus in today's world - but i remember ( @Slick remembers) a time when both park groups had decent (semi-decent?) PC viewable \ usable sites, and they had absolute hot garbage when viewing on mobile. Now they've made everything so mobile friendly they've broken the PC view?


how in the hell anyone thought this was a good idea is beyond me.

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This is how it appears on my desktop.







No 3D images, just boxes for everything. Its horrible.

No names unless you hover over a specific box. In above, you have to hover over the brown Claw box, but for The Rip you have to hover over the tiny circle.


I'm using Chrome Version 86.0.4240.183 (Official Build) (64-bit), so not exactly Internet Explorer territory here.

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