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Two Toboggans and a Mouse

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On 07/01/2021 at 8:28 PM, Gazza said:

On new years day I visited Corin Forest, which is a 40 min drive out of Canberra on a winding, but surprisingly fun road.


On 08/01/2021 at 7:50 AM, DJKostya said:

Thanks for the trip report on Corin. As a local I never really think of it as a place to go unless there's some snow on the Brindabellas. I just wish they'd get on with the expansion plans that they have talked about for years, would make it a much more attractive place to visit.

I love Corin, and it is possible to go 'no brakes' all the way down but its a wild ride, that's for sure. I've quoted these two comments because one little point needs to be made about that dang road.

It is for sure a fun road to drive in summer but when there is some snow on the brindabellas, that road is no fun whatsoever. Beware the black ice, and beware the kangaroos!

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Thanks for the trip report!! I love Toboggan rides - they are a great family attraction.

I have never been to Corin Forest before and would dearly like to visit- the ride looks like it is one of the best examples of toboggans in Australia.

Here is a few more facts that i posted in the Facebook site Lost Amusement Parks of Sydney and NSW .

There are quite a few Tobbogan Runs/Alpine Slides located in NSW and they are cheap, easy to maintain and moderately thriling attractions. These include installations at;
  • Jamberoo Action Park- 2 slides with access via a chairlift
  • Corrin Forest in the ACT- 1 slide, uphill tow, 1.2km long ( longest Alpine Slide in the Southern Hemisphere)
  • Tobaggan Hill Park- Nelson Bay 1 slide , up hill tow, 1 km in length
  • The Big Banana Fun Park, Coffs Harbour, 1 slide ,up hill tow, 500m long
  • Thredbo Alpine Slide, 1 slide, up hill tow, 700m in length.
  • Magic Mountain Merimbula, 1 slide , up hill tow, 900m in length.
  • Big Buzz Fun Park 1 slide concrete, up hill tow, 480 metres in length.

These cover all the NSW installations - I know and have been on the one at Funfields. I also am aware that Gumbuya World also used to have a toboggan installation but was removed prior to the refurb and relaunch of the park. There are calls for the park to reintroduce this back into the attraction lineup.

  • Funfields- 1 slide uphill tow 400 metres- 700km in length.

 Are there any more in existence in Australia? It seems odd that NSW appears to have the lion's share of the rides in this country.

Here are POV for each of these slides.

Of course the Big Banana has just annouced the introduction of an Alpine Coaster to their park- this will hopefully be installed by 2023. These are the natural progression the the Toboggan units and I am surprised that Australia has not seen the installation of one of these before now. Jamberoo was also reported to have been looking at installing an Alpine Slide and even submitted a DA for it, however , the project for this has been delayed and deferred with not projected timeline on installation.

The Big Banana plans to call their unit "The Plantation Coaster" and this will occupy the space round the existing banana plantation. The only released graphic so far is below and shows the course and intended site for this installation.


The Jamberoo Alpine coaster , as stated , got to the planning and DA stage and would have looked like the below if it had gone ahead. The proposed Alpine Coaster is in red with the 2 Toboggan slides in blue. Yellow inidcates the Chairlift that takes you to the summit for the toboggan ride- something unique in Australia.


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