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Thoughts on the London Resort

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The London Resort is a proposed mega resort that is going to be in Kent, UK. This is a massive resort, spanning 465 hectares. Before I get into the details, you need to know some history. It was first announced in 2012 under the name Paramount London Entertainment Resort. As the name suggests, it was going have Paramount IP's in then resort, a bit like the old Kings Island. The first gate had a original opening date of 2019. The park then split with Paramount in June 2017, renaming themselves The London Resort. In 2019 however, the park obtained the rights to put Paramount IP's in the park. Things really started to gather momentum when, in 2020, The London Resort had a public consultation period. The proposal has just been put forward to the UK government for approval. 

The Plan

When visitors first enter the park, they will walk into High Street, the Main Street U.S.A of the park. I'm not expecting any rides in this area, as it's the entrance. Expect shops, restaurants and arenas. Branching off, visitors can visit The Studio, described as a gritty, modern day warehouse studio. There will most likely be a backlot tour and maybe a stuntshow. Next up is The Woods, a enchanted realm with a focus around classic stories like Jack and the Beanstalk and other classics.  The next land is the Kingdom, a medieval themed land with dragons and knights. It also has a wooden coaster in it. Then there's the Isles, which will be a land of mythical beasts. Then there's the Jungle, based around the ruins of a lost civlization. Finally, there's Starport, a sci - fi themed area. 


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If people don't know London like me, the red star is Heathrow Airport, London in the center and The London Resort will be somewhere near the marker in Swanscombe. 

Heathrow is roughly 30km from London, and Swanscombe is another 30km from London.


Google says from Heathrow its a 1 hour drive or 3 hours by public transport.

From London its a 45min drive or 50min by public transport.


Obviously times may vary with the exact location and possible future public transport infrastructure. 


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