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Luna park 9 new rides construction


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8 minutes ago, Gazza said:

If they don't sell a "Big Dipper Pretzel" promo food item there is something wrong.

Dude, I was just in the middle of adding this



and this together




for one grand joke, when your joke came up.

I knew we had a deep connection.   I just didn’t know how deep.😂




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51 minutes ago, BringADecentParkToSydney said:

Might be hoping for too much here but I wonder if the BD will be done by the time this lockdown is over… at least, considering the fact that there’s no park visitors so perhaps it’s easier for construction to take place?

It definitely will be done by then, They are already way ahead of schedule, Once Intamin arrive in the country (Apparently have) they will carry out 16 weeks of testing and then open the ride to the public, Expecting the potential opening date of December 26th.

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11 minutes ago, franky said:


Hasn't Dec 26th been the expected opening date the whole time?

I'm not sure? I don't think we really talked about it. Did we? At first i was expecting it to open in time for the start of the summer school holidays but it was only until i was told by the park that it's going to take 16 weeks of testing before it's open is when i changed my mind on that but yeah it might have. Not too sure? 

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16 weeks is a very long time for testing... maybe because it's a prototype. Normally most new rides only take 4-5 weeks of constant testing. If I'm not mistaken DC Rivals started testing late July, early August and opened mid September? I'd say if they are ahead of schedule, and providing COVID doesn't cause any issues we would be aiming for a late November, early December soft opening with maybe an official opening for Boxing Day.

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