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Luna Park Ghost Train investigation episode on ABC/iView

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More witnesses come forward, after revelations on the ABC’s ‘Exposed’ series about the ghost train fire at Sydney’s Luna Park that claimed seven lives.

Multiple witness accounts pointed to suspicious circumstances, the presence of a group of bikies and signs of arson.

But less than 24 hours after the fire broke out police said it was an accident and an electrical fault was to blame.

On tonight’s 7.30, reporter Caro Meldrum-Hanna speaks to three new eyewitnesses about what they saw at Luna Park in June 1979. They were never interviewed by police and have never spoken publicly before.

These new witness accounts come as calls for a fresh inquiry into the ghost train tragedy grow louder.

7:30pm tonight on ABC TV.

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A step in the right direction- NSW Police have offered a $1 Million dollar reward for informatio pertaining to the Ghost Train Fire of 1979. It stops short of the independant commision and inquiry that is needed for this case to be put to rest.

May be a Twitter screenshot



https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/million-dollar-reward-announced-for-luna-park-fatal-fire-20210707-p587l8.html#:~:text=Authorities hope a %241 million,inside the Ghost

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It's not a matter of needing more reward money. They will never find the criminal organisation responsible and even less chance of finding the actual people who lit the fire. At this point I feel it's much more important to move on with the giant corruption issue that allowed all of this to happen. Ensure any remaining people are brought to justice (if only Doug Knight hadn't already died) and that this kind of gross bullshit coverup can not occur again. 

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