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Wet n Wild GC - New Attraction?

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Said it before and I will say it again........MOVE it to Seaworld!! Its such a wasted ride at Wet 'N Wild!! Management just need to admit that the experiment of putting a thrill coaster in a water par

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5 hours ago, Thrill Seeker said:

2) a tower with the “newer classic” waterslides that is standard around the world at the moment, 2-4 slides on the tower. ie, boomerango + tailspin?


I went on a Tailspin when it first opened at Wet N Wild Sydney, now called Raging Waters Sydney. Really popular attraction, waited 40min to go on that one slide. I think  it would be a good attraction for mid-level thrills, along with the Boomerango.

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1 hour ago, Naazon said:

Could that be their weird wording for a splashdown pool?

Lol no.

Splashpads are going in everywhere from caravan parks to public parks to swim centres, so it would be well understood in the construction industry what they are.

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7 minutes ago, Smol bean said:

Why do they need a splash pad when the park next door already has one 

Splash pads are fun for children, and give good variety for a family day out at Wet n Wild.

It’s not really practical to have your kid at WnW Jr, and then dress them and take them over to the Looney Tunes splash zone if they feel like doing that.

Plus splash pads are small and cheap enough you might as well have more than one, so the younger sibling can do that while the older one goes on the big slide nearby.

For younger visitor too, you can just change the design slightly and it still seems like a "different" attraction to them. Kind of like how a McDonalds playground might be built by the same manufacturer as the Hungry Jacks playground, but the kid will want to go on both (and be happy to do so) because they look different, have different slides etc.

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Having visited with a little one I can certainly say the Sea World splash pad was the highlight of their trip. So could certainly see them adding one. Especially if you have parents who are minding multiple age groups and the older kids want to ride the H2O stuff

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1 hour ago, Mc coaster said:

Wet’n’Wild also posted a tease about  tomorrows announcement. https://www.instagram.com/p/COznY11rwJo/?igshid=1dlij3tgt11pe.


It seems to be the shadow/reflection of a new slide tower on the surface of the water. It’s definitely very intriguing.

This is what i was hunting towards when I started this forum. I’ve seen the concept images for it and it’s going to be a solid attraction for the park 

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I can't read this article due to the paywall but I assume it has something to do with the new waterslide?



Image credit: Idk wherever Gold Coast bulletin got that pic from

Wet n Wild New Slide.jpg

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Get ready for endless summer fun of epic proportions with FOUR new attractions at Wet’n’Wild! Brave the tallest water park slide tower in Australia boasting three heart-racing slides plus a massive tropical splash zone. Take off on KABOOM!, the ultimate zero gravity water slide or tear around the insane infinity bends of SUPER RIPPER on the side-by-side body racer. Plummet down the DOUBLE BARREL raft slide with your mates or hang out at the tropical H2Oasis splash-zone.








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THEME park giant Village Roadshow will build Australia’s tallest water slide on the Gold Coast in a multimillion-dollar revamp of its facilities.

The 130-metre long slide, already under construction at Wet’n’Wild, is one of three attractions being unveiled on Friday to launch celebrations for sister park Warner Bros Movie World’s 30th birthday.

In a major boost to the city’s struggling tourism industry, the new mega slide structure is being targeted for a pre-Christmas opening in time for the school holidays.


Australia’s tallest water slide is coming. Australia’s tallest water slide is coming.


New Village attractions include:

* A new water slides complex with several standouts led by the Kaboom raft ride starting from 23 metres up, making it Australia’s tallest. It boasts a “master blaster” start – with water jet propulsion – sending riders down a 10m drop and into a tailspin featuring multiple corkscrews;

* A Super Ripper which is two new body slides dubbed “not for the faint-hearted from 12 metres up, and what’s described as a “heart pounding” Double Barrel option;

* H2Oasis, an 872 sqm family-friendly water park as part of the slide complex;


Watch every episode of The Walking Dead on BINGE Get BINGE Basic from only $10/mth

* A meerkats family to go on permanent display at Country Paradise in June for the winter school holidays;

* A celebration of Movie World’s 30th, dubbed Hooray for Hollywood, with displays of props from classic films plus the theme park’s largest-ever parade each afternoon of the June-July school holidays.


It will be 130m long and 23m high. It will be 130m long and 23m high.
NED-2822-GCB-APP - 0

While reluctant to disclose the exact value of the investment, Village Roadshow Theme Parks chief operating officer Bikash Randhawa said new attractions were critical to the city’s success short and long-term.

“The sector was heavily impacted by COVID-19 so what we are trying to do is drive visitation back to the Gold Coast,” he said.

“This is a huge investment and we are confident this is the right step for driving tourism and bringing people back here to support the economy.


corkscrew rollercoaster at Sea world, Qld. may 1996 tourism theme parks travel gold coast rides riders
1 of 24
Thunderbolt rollercoaster ride at Dreamworld amusement park on the Gold Coast, Qld. /Queensland /Amusement/parks
2 of 24
opening of the Thunderbolt Roller Coaster at Dreamworld 1982
3 of 24
Dreamworld Thunderbolt rollercoaster 22 jan 1996
4 of 24


Bikash Randhawa. Picture: Jerad Williams Bikash Randhawa. Picture: Jerad Williams


“New rides and attractions incentivise the local market but we are also investing in products which will bring more tourists and there is a flow on impact because it fills up hotels and gets people into restaurants and other small businesses.”

Village’s new attractions are part of a dramatic recent uptick in theme park activity to lure visitors back to the city.

NED-3269 Gold Coast Download Newsletter Banner - 0
It will have a family-friendly water park area. It will have a family-friendly water park area.

In December 2020 it launched the first stage of the $50 million New Atlantis precinct at Sea World with the Vortex, a Wipeout-like ride. The Leviathan wooden roller coaster and Trident ride which spins people around 42 metres off the ground are still under construction and expected to open in late 2021.

Village Roadshow has also lodged trademark documents for a hotel it plans to build at Movie World on land occupied by its northern carpark.

Ardent Leisure is ramping up its own new attractions, unveiling plans for a $75 million hotel at Dreamworld. Dreamworld Resort will include a four-star 250 room resort-style hotel, 40 bungalows and a five-star tourist park.

Construction continues on its new Steel Taipan inverted loop rollercoaster.

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Is it just me or when you think of the 'Tallest Water Slide' you suddenly realise how many stairs you will have to climb to get to the top 😲 especially when my son would probably want to do this one over and over again.

Pity there isn't a much easier way to get guests up that high but guess it all comes down to costs. 

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