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One themed to Scomo and Gladys and their handling of coronavirus

How do I award this?

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On 09/08/2021 at 6:40 AM, Tim Dasco said:

In my opinion it doesn't seem to be an event worth holding right now from a business point of view. The sheer cost to hold Fright Nights is an insane amount of money and CAPEX to run that the event. (more than any other event out there) If something was to happen (touch wood) and QLD was to do a lockdown would be a massive loss to the business.


20 minutes ago, Mxry said:

At this point of time it looks like it’s not happening. C3D31E3F-35FB-4D28-BC3F-30F52FCF39B0.thumb.jpeg.ebeeb88ccfdfc3661c2f093ce184c2c4.jpeg


Just putting it here...


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Do we think there's room for a 'Hurray For Hollywood' style event themed to Halloween that could run leading up to Halloween? It could operate similar to Disney's Magic Kingdom event where there's no mazes or anything, but a big Halloween party. Take the regular parade, have it at night and feature 'zombified' characters or something similar with additional fire dancers, scare performers and have trick-or-treat stations. It could be a more adult parallel to spooky nights with drinks and cocktails, and then run the rides at night.

It would have significantly less overhead and I feel wouldn't be a huge financial strain. 

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How in the hell has this been up for 11 hours without a single reaction?

It's relevant, it's on brand, it's not about covid rule breaking...



*Sad Realisation - PASS closed in 2008, so the answer to my first question is probably that most kids these days don't even know the joke.

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