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Movie world without a doubt. Dreamworld has lost so much in the recent years. Wipeout was a favourite of mine, the log flume and rapids ride were awesomely themed, and the tower of terror now!? I don’t think Steel Taipan will buy back much of the love had for these lost attractions. I’ve been on a blue fire model in Dubai, and it’s alright. Nothing on the level of a 160km/h launch up a 100m ascent. 

With Movie World, it’s now the rollercoaster capital (pre much the cedar point) of Australia in my eyes. You have a great variety, intamin accelerator, S&S El Loco (even though it’s down most of the time) and shot tower, and now with Dc Rivals!! Beats Mako for me over in Orlando, which was still awesome. I’m looking forward to what will be replacing Arkham Asylum (please be a B&M please be a B&M)!!

My opinions are very coaster oriented, but staff is amazing at MW, DW has had some issues in the past for me with customer service, and the theming at ME really makes this park Australia’s iconic rollercoast.

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