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Movieworld 30 Year Anniversary Celebration Predictions

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New sign on Main Street.  photo cred to TPSN

I dunno, 3 new rides at Sea World, new slide complex at WnW, new exhibit at PC, big new event and parade probably with the most ‘movieness’ we’ve seen at Movie World in ages... Oh and potentially

Controversial opinion - I find it super, super cringe any time a park puts on a hype-style dance number as entertainment. I reckon folks get way more value and entertainment from character interaction

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Was there this morning, agree the vibe is amazing, always something happening. The app has updated so you need to be in park to VQ, that seems to have improved the VQ wait times, at 11 hypercoaster was only 10 minutes, green lantern was empty ! 

It’s a great event 

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After a very nice visit to Movieworld today, must I say, it was probably the best visit I've had so far. Entertainment everywhere. Movie magic all over Main Street...

The rides were sooo good too, with Rivals having low physical and Virtual Queue times (with a few 30 mins waits). Superman was a walk-on in the morning while also running 2 trains. Green Lantern was a walk-on and dead all day with 4 carriages on-track (with a 5th cling wrapped and duct taped down to the storage/maintenance track 🤨). Scooby... well you had better chances getting on by using Virtual Queue (10 mins VQ wait time most of the day). Doomsday was closed in the morning then opened later on with minimal physical and Virtual Queue waiting times.

So yeah... Nice day indeed.

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Also had a great day at MW. The atmosphere was amazing. Characters everywhere. Happy guests. Good operations on the rides by Movie World standards, too!

Seeing Marvin 3D again was a great throwback and a lot of fun. The crowd in my showing were absolutely loving it - replace Yogi with this please!

Parade was surprisingly good. Lots of character both old and new, with the new Gremlin float being my personal highlight.

Great stuff! 👍


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On 25/06/2021 at 5:54 PM, Brad2912 said:

New Ricks menu 

I actually find this kinda hilarious since QLD only just relaxed the buffet COVID rules allowing buffets again.


Also chiming in with everyone else. MW was great today, lots of staff and characters and low ride wait times.


Some Nathan dude in a suit was walking around watching all the main street shows then chatting to his staff after them also, and noticed a lot of filming going on, some seemed professional too.

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Pretty sure they've taken on a lot of temporary entertainment staff for this event. Being able to extend it would only be possible if the bulk of those temps were able to extend their contract - this will likely come down to whether anyone had the foresight to include an extension clause in their agreements rather than a fixed term. 

It'd be nice if they were able to. Honestly for a 30th anniversary it would have been nice if they'd done something that ran all year, even if it had an 'off peak' mode rather than a limited couple-week run during the coldest months of the year.

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23 hours ago, themagician said:

I was also surprised they didn’t bring some of the other iconic Looney Tunes characters they used to have, such as Taz. Are there any other Looney Tunes characters that they’ve had at the park that I can’t remember?

IIRC they may have also had a Marvin.

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