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Rocky Hollow Log Ride Demolition - Dreamworld

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Not gonna lie, that's a pretty good replacement for that area - Plus it builds on their Mack relationship as well. I can't really see any negatives to this other than "its a water ride and you've had bad times with water rides" but I think it wouldn't be difficult to turn that aside with reputable manufacturers that have built several of the coast's most recent thrill rides successfully and without issue.

I love the idea!

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1 hour ago, StingRay said:

Could this possibly be the location for the memorial garden perhaps?.

Doubt it, I thought I read in the past on here that the families didn’t want a memorial to remind them of the tragic accident? 

1 hour ago, Brad2912 said:

Smokers corner? 

Not next to the dingo enclosure it’s not. That’s as bad as building Vortex next to a dolphin nursery… oh wait.

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