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18 hours ago, Levram__ said:

The schedule and the TikTok defiantly have no correlation. Based on the post above by @themagician I believe it simply got moved back to ensure it didn't fall during school holidays. 

Yep I think you're right. 

I spoke to an operator in WB Kids yesterday and they confirmed Sam operated all day on Monday and was scheduled to go down after holidays ended.

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1 hour ago, fletch said:

Does anyone know what the new boats will look like yet? In my opinion I reckon its pretty stupid their putting individual lap bars on it, as there was nothing wrong with the single bars and they were much faster to secure with faster dispatch times.

Just like Roadrunner, each seat will have individual lap bars for the safety of every passenger onboard.

Take into account someone with large legs (a parent) sitting beside someone small (their child). You can imagine that when they close their lap bar, the parent will have theirs as tight as they can but the smaller passenger will have plenty of room to move around (posing a great risk anytime from dispatch to unload).

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If the water is clear enough on the day, look closer next time you ride wild west falls. It has a raised floor in the deep sections of water the boats run along, its nowhere near as deep as you might think.

I would imagine the boat could fill with water if it was somehow submerged as the entry side is lower to allow guests to board the boat, but i reckon those troughs have been designed because of those very issues. Everyone will get wet if a boat sinks, but the floor would stop riders being submerged (ie, going over their heads) as the boat would bottom out on the raised floor in the troughs.. 

Its also difficult to see much movement from the boats given how narrow the troughs are, so they cant turn on their side and get stuck/flip. Plus, dont forget the down ramp sections of the ride are out of the water and rolling on road wheels. They dont float or slide in any way when dropping. Youre only floating leading into/around the lazy river sections. So its probably one of the safer types/designs of water rides.

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