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Dreamworld’s BuzzSaw is Retiring


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On 20/09/2021 at 10:51 AM, Jobe said:

From what I have heard these trains have done amazing things for this SLC. The reveiws I have read have all pointed to how smooth the ride experience is and also zero headbanging or any issues that plague other SLC's. I guess it proves that the SLC layout is actually excellent- it never lets up for pacing- and that quality trains can make a huge difference. If Arkham had received these trains its likely Movieworld would be facing a different scenario to the situation it is now in with this ride.

In my final trip in 2019 I rode Riddler's Revenge at SFNE and it was great. This was just before I flew to EU for the final leg of the trip. I can compare directly with Energylandia's and say that that one is a bit better again. I have ridden Nor'Easter previously but not with the track changes, only the new trains, and I honestly don't remember it all that well as it was 10 years ago I think. I wasn't impressed much with Morey's at all, but I want to go back now that they have smoothed Great White out and done a lot of maintenance on the place, plus, Gale Force is nearby and that thing is airtime *madness* (note, you DO get a headache but it's worth it in this rare instance).

Yes, SLC really are good coasters WITH the correct trains. Short but sweet, and the "non stop action" style pacing, also adds to why they feel short. Don't laugh, but the SLC layouts are more intense than most current B&M inverts IMO, as to me, B&M lost their cojones somewhere down the line.

Believe it or not I came off those two and wanted more. A longer track with 2 more inversions and maybe a bunny hill. We were laughing the whole way and thinking "if only Lethal Weapon were this good". (We never rode it as Arkham and always have referred to it as Lethal Weapon, so, sorry about that but it's just me and my brain).

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9 hours ago, Jesus Christ said:

I had look at the link listed previously for the sale of BS on UsedRides Europe. It states "we can't find what you're looking for" does this mean it has been sold. 



There was a crane hovering around the ride yesterday so seems likely. 

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1 hour ago, franky said:

Could it be equally likely that noone bought it and DW are just going to demolish it instead?

This is the same park that left a dead wild mouse in a rock for 15 years, you'd think if they're in there quick it's because they got a buyer. Also if it were demo i'd assume there'd be more bulldozers etc than cranes

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4 hours ago, themeparkman said:

save the Buzzsaw why can't another Australian theme park buy it 

Because our parks have learnt to not buy rides that are mechanical nightmares. The capacity was garbage too, and the ride experience was incredibly uncomfortable. I'm glad that it's going TBH

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