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Dreamworld’s BuzzSaw is Retiring

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The main tower is just about all gone   Also the flood lighting for steel Taipan is on, cool.

Just received this email 

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GoldCoaster was second hand, and until ST opens, it would have to be regarded as Dreamworld's flagship coaster right now...

I don't think there's anything wrong with second hand if the ride is being removed for progress reasons rather than maintenance or issues.

Given how Cedar announced the closure, it's safe to say the removal is for progress. WT probably has some life left in it, and would probably fit well into the old TOT footprint (pure guess), especially given the power requirements - but overall while it's probably got a solid decade left in it, I think the propulsion system is the biggest issue and its unlikely Dreamworld would want to take on another power beast.

I'd love to see it, but agree its probably never going to happen.

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1 hour ago, themagician said:

Visited DW today for one final ride on the BuzzSaw. Not busy at all. No real queue. It just shows, even with its announced closure, people aren’t too bothered to get their final ride in (when compared to TOT for example)

TOT was actually pretty fun though. Even while on life support 

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1 hour ago, New display name said:

Would you be against a S&S 4th dimension coaster?

Against is a strong word, but they don't excite me particualy. Purely a personal taste thing. I also haven't been on one, so I would try and stay open minded during construction, from what I've seen I think most people think they're good fun.

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2 hours ago, New display name said:

Would you be against a S&S 4th dimension coaster?

A 4D Freespin or a 4th Dimension Coaster?

I've only ridden the original 4th Dimension Coaster X2 and it's a wild ride and wholely unique, but I feel it would be too dividing on the Australian scene as it's truly an enthusiast coaster.

The 4D Freespins seem to get decent reviews, especially the newer ones, but I feel for the small footprint Coasters more people are positive about the Premier Sky Rocket II's

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