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Dreamworld’s BuzzSaw is Retiring


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21 minutes ago, New display name said:

Do you think X2 would fit in the Buzzsaw footprint?

You're the one who suggested a 4th Dimension coaster so clearly you think it would

If Dreamworld were able to move the bus loop and extend into the old Big Brother land the could come close to fitting one in if they wanted to (Which they wouldnt)

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3 hours ago, New display name said:

Would you be against a S&S 4th dimension coaster?

4th Dimension roller coaster - Wikipedia

  1. X-Rails (X\X2) (Arrow - now owned by S&S)
  2. Zacspin Gen1 (Like Green Lantern First Flight at SFMM) (Intamin)
  3. Freespin (S&S) (Like Joker at SFOTex or Batman at SFFiestaTex)
  4. Zacspin Gen2 

Since you specifically said S&S, I assume you meant the freespin. These rotate around centre mass, whereas the zacspins rotate a distance behind the heartline due to the back to back seating.

I don't think anyone is suggesting an X Rail coaster (much as I'd love to see it).

I've been on a Zacspin once and that was enough. Never again for me. I do think it was because the pivot distance from the heartline was just nauseating, and i realise that doesn't affect everyone the same way.

I haven't been on a freespin, but by all accounts, the changed rider position makes for a far improved ride, and if you could fit it into the footprint i'd be keen - however i'm also conscious of ruining the sightlines to Snake Coaster, which should be their flagship for years to come.

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9 minutes ago, New display name said:

You know what 4d stands for@MrLukeCarroll?

4D was literally coined by Arrow when launching the original X, and many in the enthusiast community have argued that while similar in appearance, the S&S Freespins do not actually meet the 4D criteria put forth by arrow as there are no lateral movements in the Zacspin\Freespin style coasters as they only go up\down, forward\backward - there is no side\side movement of the track.

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Farewell buzz saw….. for what it’s worth I really liked the ride….. I don’t live in Queensland so getting up there to enjoy all the rides was always fun….. hopefully everything will be opened up for December so I don’t have to cancel our holiday for a 4th time 😁😁

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4 minutes ago, New display name said:

4th dimension is the family name.  Freespin is the model.  Everyone else understood that but you @MrLukeCarroll.

Seems to be pretty well seperated on the website of the Manufacturer but sure, even though S&S literally refers to them as "Inspired by" rather than being part of the same family.


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15 hours ago, joz said:

Wouldnt be against adding a Premier sky rocket to that exact site.

At the risk of offending anyone I am assuming you mean the SkyRocket II and not the original Skyrocket model as installed at Kennywood.

I think a Skyrocket II would be an excellent addition in that space and would be seen as the obvious upgrade to what Buzzsaw brought to the table. These are more than the one trick pony's that Skyloops provide.

Not having ridden one yet, they do look like quite intense rides and they certainly are far superior to the Skyloop and yet it would provide a skyline very similar to the exisiting Buzzsaw structure.

Of course these are not the only options which could be a fine direct replacement for Buzzsaw. Zamperla announced earlier this year their take on a similar ride called the Double Heart coaster which visually looks very similar to not only Buzzsaw but the Skyrocket II. There has not been a unit installed yet but they look like a good option for some smaller parks to invest in-the larger model would be great marketing for the park as a cheap 200ft plus hyper coaster- matching the height of DC Rivals down the road. 2 trains gives great capacity. The 70 foot option also looks like a good model and option for a direct replacement. All in all, I dont think it will be long before we see some of these models installed in a park soemwhere.


Of course, Intamin have a similar model which would also be an excellent replacement in this space . Their vertical LSM coaster has had one unit to date and that has had much praise put on that one install, Sandy's Blasting Bronco at Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America.

S & S have been bandied about on this thread with the 4D Freespin ( I hope I get that right 😬) but they also offer something which I think would be a far better direct replacement. Their LSM Triple Launch El Loco has also had good reviews and they look like a decent ride experience as well. Currently there has only been one install of this model at Playland's Castaway Cove.


Of course the S & S 4D Freespin has had many installs across the world ( mostly thanks to Six Flags ) and they have been greeted with mostly positive reviews. One of these could easily fit where Buzzsaw sat and would provide excellent kinetic energy to that area and as you enter the carpark. Not my first option as a replacement but one I could definitely see being installed and actually quite marketable to the public. 



I think that any of these options would be a great direct replacement for the poorly lamented Buzzsaw-my take is that if we had one of these announced it would be met with good enthusiasm from the general public. If Buzzsaw could have survived for another couple of years and one of these was announced immediately as the replacement then I think general approval from general public and enthusiast alike would be aligned. Now of course, we have Dreamworld once again removing attractions seemingly without a plan for replacement. The public perception of poor value abounds in forums and social media posts regarding Dreamworld and their current ride offering. One of these installed would go a long way to regaining some measure of equilibrium- although there is still plenty of work to be done beyond a replacement for Buzzsaw.


So out of these options which would one would you choose to replace Buzzsaw? Which would be the better ride and which ride do you think would have the greater impact on the general public ?


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I could see an S&S free spin in buzzsaws plot, however considering they are adding a triple launch coaster I don't think it would be the wisest idea to add another triple launch next door... Plus ST will make two launch coasters in the park, and I personally think two is enough; one for families and one for the thrill seekers. 

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I hope we don't get another launched coaster for a while... and I think it would be kind of silly. The next coaster that Dreamworld needs in the next few years is something unique to Australia. As expensive as it is, something like a flying coaster or a 4D (FreeSpin or Axis) would really stand out. Best bang for your buck would be a FreeSpin by far, anything like a Skyrocket I think would be too similar to Buzzsaw.

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