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Dreamworld's Spring Country Fair - New Spring Event

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They are! Appearing daily during the Christmas School Holidays, Movie World will feature not one, but TWO trains on Superman, DC Rivals and Green Lantern!

Great to see large crowds at DW today, with the car park almost full. Every tower at WWW had decent queues 

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😮 Did they say... *gulp* "World Class" ???

I look forward to seeing what they've put on. Lord knows they need it with such a dearth of attractions.

The trouble is, this is the kind of 'in park energy' they needed when their ride roster was full. Now it just feels like a band-aid on a broken arm.

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Best Summer Ever
Train opens
Steel Taipan
40th Anniversary event
Plus whatever world class event they have


My prediction for the Spring event (and what this is based on) 

Spring - Farmyard animals. Spring animals etc... 
They have a Tik Tok which has Kenny and Belinda in farm costumes
They had a instagram post the other day which had a baby animal in it 
It looks like they might be building a farmyard nursery at the back near Corroboree.

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  • Slick changed the title to Dreamworld's Spring Country Fair - New Spring Event
53 minutes ago, Gazza said:

But they are not copying SW and installing temporary Carnival Rides.

No carnival rides, but they are bringing in show bags and carnival games. Looks like a nice wholesome family event. It's a clever way to capitalise on the EKKA (and the other major agricultural shows) being cancelled. All those show bags that have been produced for the major shows have got to go somewhere!


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