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The Claw gets probed

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Hopefully this weekend you'll find that The Claw will be actually in its testing phases, such as actually swinging. This was just quickly posted so it was "easier" to find the crap that I say.... :rolleyes: But to my knowledge all seats have been now bolted on and a lot of the welding jobs on the steel work has finally finished. So there you go, now post in retaliation MUAHAHAHAHAHA! *cracks whip* :confused:

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Hi guys was at DW earlier this week and have some more photos of the the claw. Sorry they arent all that great quality as i had to compress them. I guess the most obvious thing is that the gondola is now attached. Also on friday (6th) there was a hell of a lot of work going on around the ride. Lots of painting and a work going on where the footpaths will be rejoining main st back up where the wipe out is . There were also some orange poles going up in the gargen areas. I have no idea what this is supposed to be (not part of the ride) but its going to be some sort of themeing no doubt. Also on friday almost all of the brick wall that joins up next to the wipeout was painted with trees and things on it. Anyway hope you enjoy the pics and if you want the non compressed ones just drop us a line

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I was at dreamworld today. The wall is fully painted with palm tress, bushes , water... its a tropical storm kind of painting. Also will confirm the wooded posts, they are located next two the ride(qty4) and they are also orange with claw maks slashed into them (the same as the poster slashes) more electical cables were getting joined at the top of the ride today. The ride operator booth is also there.

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