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WhiteWater World - Ongoing Maintenance

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14 hours ago, Im Hungry said:

Or maybe not yesterday seeing that there's water in the wave pool at WWW

Wavepool was still empty on 22 July - so the image is no more than a month old.

Side note - wavepool had some work being done in July - anyone know what this is?


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5 hours ago, New display name said:

I believe it has been done to show the sudden change in depths.

Possibly some waterproofing or taking out some of the concrete to help make the waves a little better at a wild guess. 

Most likely tho the wave machine has been serviced and the protective grates (on the back wall) have been repaired or replaced also. 

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18 minutes ago, coasterdude44 said:

May I ask why White Water World is no longer operating annually now?

Money. The park had such low attendance in the winter, I’d imagine most days they would be running at a lose or very little profit. Just look at wet n Wild. They are only  operating 3 days a week currently and the car park is still near empty of those days. Usually we’d get the southern tourists who don’t mind this temperature at water parks, but they can’t come to the GC right now. 

People complained about the park becoming seasonal when announced, but most of them wouldn’t have visited the park anyways. So closing late April and opening again in September was a smart move. 

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18 hours ago, Thrill Seeker said:

Looks like concrete has been pressure washed or They laid new concrete

Judging by the before and after, i'd say this one is the winner


It doesn't look any different in the aerial shot on the previous page which is post-work, so i'd say it was a resurfacing of sorts.

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7 minutes ago, gumb00t said:

So I’ve not witnessed it myself but I’ve been told by my children that the wave pool has been “filled in” at the deep end. I find it hard to believe without being in the pool myself but it would make sense with those pics posted. 

Correct. The pool drop off has been filled in. Probably between 1.2m-1.4m at the deepest part now.

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