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Happy Halloween 2021


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Happy Halloween is retuning this year on the 16,23 and 30th of October. This time the corroboree will be opened and Count Kenny’s Mystery Mansion walkthrough attraction will be introduced. The Hay Maze, Costume Contest and Trick or Treating will return. Tickets are currently on sale.


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8 hours ago, DaptoFunlandGuy said:

Clearly the ghost guy is faster than the sunflower guy. 

You can't have ghost union members taking down sunflowers or the sunflower union members will strike, and then they'll lose the Christmas Snowflakes AND the Valentine's hearts and then where would we be?

Probably protesting through the streets of Melbourne

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Nothing happy about the lines to enter the carpark and the park. 

40mins from the Coomera exit to get to the park, and the line to get in starts from dreamworld, goes down to the far edge of WWW at the far side of the carpark, then turns back and the whole way back to dreamworld. 

definitely oversold capacity. 


At current queue movement I think we may make it in by around 7:30 

And they have the hide to send staff down the queue line asking if people want to pay $89 for a “pumpkin pass” which will let them go straight to the front of the entry queue 

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Bloody hell, that sounds like a massive mess. If people are still waiting they’ll get less than two hours for the event.

Is the car park issue because they don’t have traffic control to stop people constantly crossing? And have they not got enough staff on to scan tickets?

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Just now, Thrill Seeker said:

It looked like they were either letting people in through www or the side vehicle gate?

No that was the line. No entry via WWW

Someone has royally fucked up logistical here. 

this crowd makes fright nights at MW look like an off peak day at dreamworld 

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That’s insane, I can’t remember a time when DW was so busy. We’re they thinking because the opened more of the park for the event they could sell even more tickets.

Reading through peoples comments on Facebook, a lot of people are unhappy. They definitely should’ve only sold enough tickets for the amount of car spaces there were (allowing for 2-3 people per car)

Whats also surprising is there all still tickets available on the website. The next couple nights have sold out, so they better sort out the issues otherwise it’s going to become an unsuccessful event 

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