The main entrance to Bakken at the southeastern corner of the park.
Ticket booths.
Bakken park map.
The Bakken skyline. The park is surrounded by trees so is quite hidden from it's surrounds, but the concert lawn gives you this view.
More Bakken midways.
Unfortunately, the timing of our visit meant we missed out on seeing the park lit up at night.
An open plaza towards the front of the park, near Tornado and Skyfly.
A few cross routes between sides of the main midway loop offer some peace.
There is no admission to enter the grounds, and with easy access the park is lively.
The midway is essentially a loop, so seeing/doing everything is a cinch.
The rides, stalls, restaurants, shops and attractions at Bakken are all individually owned, giving the midways their chaotic appearance.
"Smelly Feet" game.
Bonanza Games and Bakkens Grill and Steakhouse.
Two Sisters buffet.
I Læ Burgere
La Casa Tapas Bar.
Yep, we're in Scandanavia all right.
Bakken is also dining destination, with the midways lined with dine in restaurants.
A quiet corner of the park is dedicated to a permanent Christmas village.
Bakken is also home to the World Santa Claus Congress.