Eureka Tower
Tourist attraction in Melbourne, Australia. Eureka Tower is currently home to 1 rides and attractions.
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A closer look up inside as another round of visitors go over the edge.
a view of inside the box prior to boarding.
A look at the compact queuing area. Here guests are issued with shoe covers in order to protect the glass. In the background, the box in its opaque state can be seen making its trip outwards.
The Edge occupies one corner of level 88. The attraction system retracts into the enclosed area on the right.
The box is moved by a screw.
The 2.2Kw drive motor, and running tracks.
45mm thick glass forms the floor, which has a design capacity of 2.5 tonnes (Maximum of 10 tonnes) so visitors can enjoy a spectacular sight in absolute safety.
But things soon become clear.
Up to twelve visitors inside the 5.4 tonne box are then slid out of the building with their view obscured by switchable glass. The whole process takes 30 seconds.
This is the point where The Edge extends from the building.
The normal skydeck area is available for visitors, allowing the views to be taken in at a leisurely pace.
The "Serendipity Table" greets visitors at the entrance, essentially it's a giant interactive touch screen.
The Edge is a part of the Eureka Skydeck 88 attraction.
The 92 storey high Eureka Tower stands tall over Melbourne's skyline, and is home to a very unique attraction; The Edge, which can be seen as the small box protruding from the top of the tower.