Feeding time at Seal Harbour.
Lounging in the sun.
Out the back at Seal Harbour the extension of the show building for Storm Coaster can be seen coming together.
Overall it's a nicely done area, and great to see the Seals back on display in the park again.
One of the pontoons still is yet to be finished.
Some more of the viewing area structures.
A quiet day at Seal Harbour.
Seals can climb stairs?
A rocky beach.
There's also floating pontoons in the vein of Pier 39 in San Francisco.
There's a shaded beach area.
The exhibit has a number of varied locations for the seals to keep things interesting.
The fish selling counter isn't open yet though.
The guest feeding area is in the old Animal Adventures building.
Seal Exhibits often have the seals down quite a distance vertically to prevent them jumping out or "interacting" with guests. Sea World have had to use electric fences to keep the seals in.
At the time of our visit some of the pools were empty, and only a small number of Seals had been moved into their new home.
Some of the residents.
The area consists of an number of boardwalks and viewing platforms above the waterline.