Though it does vary from ride to ride, you can expect to get pretty wet from this final splashdown.
A final drop of 20m is the finale of Wild West Falls.
Before the final drop, riders are taken through a ghost town, complete with ghosts haunting the wild west props.
Following this backwards drop is a section of backwards flume, coming to an end here.
A surprise backwards drop provides an interesting moment of airtime.
At $18 million, it is the single largest investment in Australian theme park history.
This flume ride is the largest in Australia. It features two lifts and two drops.
A licensing issue in 2002 caused the ride's name to be changed to Wild West Falls.
Wild West Falls originally opened in 1998 as Wild Wild West, to tie in with the Will Smith film of the same name.
In this category we find Warner Bros. Movie World's Wild West Falls tieing with Universal Studios' Jurassic Park River Adventure.
Wild West Falls is undergoing maintenance August 2-22.
The time is also being used to touch up other sections of the ride.
The ride has been operating for the past six months since the incident, though with minimal theming.
In this time, focus will be on restoring the upper sections of the ride where theming was destroyed in a fire last December.