However a bit of Taron can be just seen poking over the scenery.
Taron reaches 117km/h.
The ride can run four trains.
Very few rides have this density of track, which left the designers little margin for error.
The battering ram theme of the train reportedly relates to the theme of the ride being used as a medium for ttransporting kinetic energy extracted and transformed from the area around the ride.
Game: Ride the coaster then try to draw its layout from memory.
The layout features plenty of Intamins signature "snappy" transitions between turns.
The attraction is a photographers delight.
The first launch is above ground whilst the 2nd is in the trench below it.
Heads of riders pass precariously close to the scenery.
Taron loading area.
The new trains offer step free entry.
The degree to which track is packed into the site means some supports penetrating the station are inevitable.
Heading into the station.
No queues today.
The ride runs the newest generation of Intamin trains, featuring an improved harness design, and a chassis and bogie design capable of negotiating tighter twists.
...Through buildings.
There's a real sense of adventure, with the train ducking in and out of view...
The area has immense, intricate theming that completely envelopes you.
The entrance to the star attraction.