The new crossing is a rather bland and forgettable pathway.
If you can't have a cave and a waterfall, a perspex-covered pool fence is pretty close.
The old cave and long-defunct waterfall have been removed.
The artwork extends to the Billabong Restaurant Train Station.
The train is also closed currently, both its vintage steam engine and the replica diesel train.
The Perry was one of two steam engines that operated at Dreamworld. In 2013 it was gifted to the Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Society, who now operate the train at their base in Woodford, Queensland.
Dreamworld Baldwin engine was out of action from 2013 until early 2016 when it was reintroduced to operate on occasion, alongside the park's diesel engine replica steam train.
The Dreamworld Express chugs its way around the park with all the charm of a diesel tractor.
The Dreamworld Express in all its diesel glory. It doesn't quite have the same charm as the old cast iron steam engines.
The railway still remains a popular attraction.
This photograph was taken a few days before steam locomotives were retired forever at Dreamworld and replaced with diesel powered replicas.
Dreamworld's 2nd steam locomotive, the Red Baldwin, parked at the Central Park Railway Station.
The Main Railway Station at Dreamworld, located at the bottom of Main Street, and next to the Tower of Terror Launch Track.
The Dreamworld Railway takes guests on a 3km journey around Dreamworld.
The main train seen here is an authentic steam-powered engine.
There are four stops along the way - Main Street, Billabong BBQ & Buffet, Australian Wildlife Experience and Rocky Hollow.