The Parkz Update: Wet 'n' Wild Water World, December 2010

AquaLoop is now open, AquaDrop isn't, and a city of upcharges is on the way

Welcome to Wet 'n' Wild!  The new shade structure finally has a sign with the park name. The 'old' sign over the ticket booths has been blocked from view a bit ever since they built this structure.
Heading further up the ramp, there is some surfboard themed signage. We're guessing the one with flames is Surfrider inspired, the next is clearly AquaLoop inspired, and the one with the Japanese Naval insignia probably represents Kamikaze.
A new banner at the entrance promotes the new FlowRider.
The ride pumps a high speed sheet of water onto a soft surface, creating an endless wave on which people can board.
The queue area.  Seems a tad excessive considering each session is limited to 10 people
The wave pool has received a safety upgrade, with perimeter fencing, and a single lifeguard controlled entry point.
Elsewhere, a cheesy photo op has appeared in the Dominos eating area. But if you chuck your coke container in, 5c will be donated to Surf Lifesaving.


Of course the big news is since we were at the park last, AquaLoop has opened, and it seems a hit.
AquaDrop seemed dormant though.  Apparently a technical glitch is delaying it's opening
Here you can see how transparent the slides are.

Upcharge City

The Zip Line attraction has begun construction. This is the landing zone at the lower end, near the Wave Pool.
The other big attraction going into the park is a Skycoaster, located next to the Flowrider.
Looking from the Australian Outback Spectacular car park.
That's a big footing!
Out in the overflow car park are a few large supports yet to be erected.


Hopefully it will be ready before the end of the Holidays

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