The Parkz Update: Sea World, December 2010

The guests were as wet as the sea life in this rainy edition of the Parkz Update.

Image: Parkz. Penguin Encounter and Jet Stunt Extreme have opened for the busy summer holiday period.

Penguin Encounter

I'ts been wet all over Queensland. Thankfully, one of the Gold Coast's newest attractions is indoors.
Penguin Encounter
Let's go inside shall we?
There's some pretty lighting...
And some interactive educational stuff.


But it's clear the penguins themsevles are what we all came to see.

The attraction has two viewing areas. A large underwater viewing area being one of them.
The other is above the water line.
A King Penguin.
It's enjoyable watching them "fly" around at speed underwater.
It's quite a picturesque environment...See if you can spot the penguin in this shot.
The whole exibit is kept chilly, and the lighting levels and colours are designed to recreate the Antarctic sun.
The shop across the way from the exit has been tied in with the new exhibit.

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda is shuttered.
Moving along...

Jet Stunt Extreme

Until the 23rd of January, the park is running a freestyle jet ski stunt show, starring Brit Lee Stone, and Australian Jon Cooke.

Plenty of flips and big air.

"Press Z twice to do a barrel roll"

Many of the tricks involve looping around to form a wake, and then riding over it.

It's a decent show. The KISS principle has definitley paid off in this case.
The grand finale involves "Threading the needle" between two boats and jumping off the resultant large wake.


Show's over, and this update too.

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