The Parkz Update: Wet'n'Wild Water World, February 2011

The weather's hot and the crowds are tiny as we hit Wet'n'Wild World World as part of the Parkz Update.

Image: Parkz.
Wet'n'Wild's Sky Coaster is nearing completion.
Signage is all in place ready for the ride's opening. Though if someone knows what darkness and confined spaces there are on a Sky Coaster, please let us know!
We're not sure what the main roadblock to delay Sky Coaster's expected summer opening is, but according to the latest Village release, it's scheduled to open sometime in April.
The Zip Line also looks to be held up.
The wavepool is looking nice and clear.
Work on the mountain continues, where riders will embark on their cross-park flight from.
AquaLoop is currently down for maintenance... a few short months after opening.
Terror Canyon is looking pretty terrifying these days.
White Water Mountain has been closed intermittently while work continues on the Zipline.
Whirlpool has had its water drained. At least most of it.
Always nice to leave on a good note, and that is that Surfrider is looking nice.

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