The Parkz Update: Movie World, December 2011

As the white christmas at Movie World continues and final preparation is completed for the Green Lantern Coaster's opening, Parkz takes a look around Movie World.

Green Lantern Coaster

The giant Green Lantern logo is now in place on the structure.

When illuminated, the sign will be a bright, glowing green.

Looking closely at the sign and you can see the thousands of LED elements that will illuminate the sign.

With testing and theming nearing completion, Green Lantern is well on track for a traditional Boxing Day opening.

You can see the first signs of normal wear on the green track as a result of testing.


But yet, It's Christmas at Movie World.

Even without the dazzle of the White Christmas nights the park looks good.

The Wax Skating is back.

More trees.

And more presents!

Back in Main Street, Polar Express 4D is running for a limited season at the Roxy.

Despite being an abridged version, it still manages to be cohesive. It even has a roller coaster type simulator section halfway through.

Stars Cafe is even getting into the festive spirit.

 DC Superhero Store

Just like iPhones, the DC Superhero Store doesn't support Flash.

Batman, Green Lantern and Superman have managed to spruce up what otherwhise was a fairly generic looking shop.

This counter looks interesting enough...

But this Telephone Booth change room is the icing on the cake.

 WB Kids Fun Zone & Stunt Driver

Hollywood Stunt Driver has followed the lead of Sea World, and is one of the places where hearing induction loops have been installed throughout the park.

Heres one we only just noticed. Have a look at the way the rear windows of the shop backdrop have a leafy tree painted in the background, which happens to match the eixsting tree outside the arena. Nice.

This themed Photo Booth has popped up in the WB Kids zone.

Over at Roadrunner, the old entrance to the River Ride has been turned into a "Coaster Viewing Area"

Some detail on the ground. Yup.

Is this black dot supposed to be one of those ACME instant holes, or are we reading into it too much?

From the viewing area.

Western Town

The Western Town is having some facade restoration done.

As is Wild West Burgers.

The best way to top off your newly touched up Wild West themed area is to add a footy toss game.

Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon's new entrance has been in place for a few months, we just never got the photos.

Backlit sign.

Who are these guys?

 Lets be honest here, if even the first switchback had people in it, you'd turn around and not ride at all.

Something to do with the new train perhaps?

That wraps up Decembers edition of the Parkz Update. Green Lantern opens officially on Boxing Day, and it seems like a pretty good present for Aussie coaster fans.

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