The Parkz Update: Sea World, August 2012

What seems to be the biggest construction project in Sea Worlds' recent memory is well underway.

2013 Water Coaster

The big news at Sea World is the demolition of Bermuda Triangle and replacement with a major new attraction, all but confirmed to be a Mack water coaster.
The 2nd billboard promoting the new ride. It wasn't that long ago that new attractions seemed to be kept top secret till a couple of weeks before opening day. How times have changed.
Bermuda itself looks like a bomb hit it.
...Or like a plane crashed into it.
Here is where the old covered queue used to be. Obscured by the excavator you can just make out the old billboard about wearing insect repellent.
The whole area is surrounded by temporary fencing with a fake grass pattern on them...Wonder what use they will have once construction is over?
Vikings Revenge Flume remains open, and riders get to experience riding through a canyon of green.
The Bermuda Triangle show building itself is being stripped back.
This scene used to be the area where the roof would 'collapse' over the boat.
Panning around, and the construction site continues. The billboard didn't lie, this is gonna be a big one.
No doubt it takes some sensitive work practices when working near live dolphin lagoons.
A trench has been dug across the path between Penguin Point and Castaway Bay.
Said trench.
Looking back at the corner of the show building? Will it be retained for an indoor section of the new ride?
We still aint done yet. Earthworks are happening at the old Pirate Ship site.
Further land is being reclaimed from the Ski Lake.


Sea Viper is back open.
Recently, Movie World upped the price of ride locker rentals to $2, but Jet Rescue remains at $1.
A shout out goes to the Jet Rescue crew working on our visit. Despite light queues things kept moving quickly.

Dinosaur Island 

Dinosaur Island continues to draw steady crowds.
This guy looks totally enthused with his job.

If you're happy, and you know it, clap your hands!...Oh wait.

Plastic fantastic.
Large body, tiny head.

All the rest 

General works, such as respraying of the pavement, were happening in Beach Break Bay.
Sadly, no longer called Davy Jones' Lockers.
Over in the main plaza area, showbags have been added to the sideshow games area.
Sea World (Along with Movie World) have started a programme of unlimited drink refills with an $7.95 wristband. In a couple of places in the park there are 'self serve' soft drink/frozen drink refill stations, supervised by a staff member.
The upcharges aren't quite so upcharge at the moment, with free use of the paddle boats.
Skyclimb is free too (So long as you remember to wear proper shoes like sneakers to the park)
The catch with both attractions is they don't open till later in the day. We'd recommend getting to Sky Climb right on the posted opening time, it works on a booking system, so your session could well be late afternoon if you turn up a little later.
Sad for some, but the fish food dispenser at the bridge is gone!
Even more sad, the fish seem conditioned to be waiting for a meal they'll never get.

That's it for this month, thanks for reading! We look foward to bringing even more updates of the 2013 attraction coming together.

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