The Parkz Update: Wet 'n' Wild February 2013

The summer crowds are gone, but the summer weather is still with us in this edition of the Parkz Update.

The most major recent change at Wet n Wild is Fast track, the new paid queue jumping system.
$20 lets you line jump at Tornado, Kamikaze, Black Hole, Constrictor and Aqualoop.
On our visit, light crowds meant we didn't see anybody use the system.

Aqualoop and Constrictor use separate queues, whilst at Tornado, Kamikaze and Black Hole you go in the old exit.

Constrictor is still getting quite long lines, a mixture of novelty and somewhat low capacity.

In the ongoing absence of permanent shade sails, umbrellas are being used to shelter the queue.

In a dissapointing end to a Gold Coast theme park institution, Dive in Movies were removed from Wet 'n' Wild this summer. As a result the banner along the back of the wave pool was also stripped away, revealing some very retro Wet n Wild signwork.

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All references to Dive in Movies have been scrubbed from the old projection booth building. Lets hope we see Dive in Movies back in 2013/14!

Wet 'n' Wild opened a DIY soft serve shop in Summer 2012/13. Ice cream makes everything better.

Complete with a Roller Coaster Tycoon style novelty roof prop.

You can get normal cups for your soft serve, but the most novel thing on offer is a beach bucket and spade,  yours to fill for $12 or so.

Flavour include basics like vanilla and chocolate, as well as ones like mango, and wildberry.
Free unlimited mix ins are included. Plenty of nice ones like skittles, choc biscuit pieces, and banana lollies....But also, breath mints???

Just like Sea World and Movie World, Wet 'n' Wild have shifted to offering the "Prime Burger" range. The result is that all 3 burger outlets across the park have an identical menu.

We'll wrap up this update with a bit of fun. Those with an eagle eye will recognise the fruit sack themed rafts in use on the Sidewinders as being from the Crush 'n' Gusher slide at Disneys Typhoon Lagoon. The reason they are 14,689km from home? Who knows!