The Parkz Update: Dreamworld, October 2013

We check out what's coming, what's going, and what's just opened at Dreamworld in this edition of the Parkz Update.

Image: Parkz. Zombies, Kangaroos, Anthropomorhic Pandas and Steam Trains, it's all here!...
Dreamworld has shifted to operating some attractions for only part of the day. This has popped up near the entrance in front of the fountain in the main plaza and contains park maps and show/attraction times... a necessity if you don't want to miss anything.

New shelters being built.

Churros have had their named dumbed down to 'Spanish Doughnuts'.

Bob's Big Break 3D is currently showing in the Dreamworld Cinema, and is a spin-off of the 2009 Dreamworks film, Monsters vs Aliens. Worth a look, but beware outside of holidays it drops down from fve shows a day to just two, one just after opening and one just before close.

A new shade structure has been added to the Kung Fu Panda area.

You might say he's anthroPOmorphic.

Over in Wiggles World, one of the graphics in the area has been updated to incorporate Emma Watkins, who replaced ousted wiggle Sam Moran.

The entrance arch is yet to be updated though.

In Goldrush, Jack's Watering Hole by the Buzzsaw entrance no longer sells refreshments, and has been taken over by a temporary tattoo booth.

The old tattoo booth sits directly opposite. We wonder what drove this change?

Dreamworld's classic steam locomotives are about to be retired forever at Dreamworld and replaced with diesel powered replicas, so here's our final shot of it in action.

The railway still remains a popular attraction.

Of course, Big Brother is back for another season at Dreamworld, with the obligatory gift shop.

Not sure if it's a gift shop or a teenage girls bedroom though.


Zombie Evilution 

Zombie Evilution replaces the AVPX laser tag attraction. For the current holidays it's running as horror walkthrough, with plans to convert it back to a laser tag arena in a few weeks time.

Apperance wise, it's an improvement on the old AVPX building. We did like the idea posted in the Parkz forums that it could have been made to look like a dockside warehouse to actually fit in with Ocean Parade.

Overall, the theming inside is fairly good, albeit disjointed. You'll wander through city streets, factories, a bank, and a rather nifty cryogenics chamber complete with dead bodies (or are they?) suspended from a roof mounted chain conveyer that slowly revovles.

The slightly different reverse of the entrance sign. The latin relates to the story of the ride.

The attraction follows an odd storyline. Guests enter a town named Kevil Hill, owned by a wealthy industrialist named JB Kevil. The guy has dual interests in creating the perfect town, and reanimating the dead from his cryogenics facility. Sounds pretty much like Walt Disney's biography...

The two worlds colide when a bunch of zombies suddenly awaken from suspended animation, and guests must find their way out of Evel Knievel Hill. Kevin Hill? Kevin James: The Ride?

Overall, the theming seemed decently polished for a horror maze, but what was lacking were actors – you can count on one hand the number encountered on the way through – and darkness. Movable gates have been placed throughout to enable conversion to a laser tag arena.

It's looking like the convesion to laser tag will be where this attraction really becomes interesting. 

Aboriginal Wildlife Experience 

With the help of some Federal tourism funding, The Australian Wildlife Experience is recieving an Indigenous inspired overlay and a couple of new exhibits for December 2013.
The main feature appears to be this new building. No word yet on what it will contain.

The building could probably have passed for a modern curved vernacular building in itself, but mesh has been applied to the outside ready for an artificial rock exterior.

More mesh.

One side has already been done.

Impossible to take photos with these guys bothering you!

A hint of what's to come, with some parts of the Australian Wildlife Experience having already recieved Aboriginal motifs.

Koala artwork.

The nocturnal house has had a lick of paint too.
Looking good!

That's another Parkz update done and dusted for this month. We'll be back at Dreamworld soon to check out the completed Aboriginal Wildlife Experience.

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