The Parkz Update: Aussie World continues its modern transformation with The Wasp

The Sunshine Coast's Aussie World keeps growing with the latest addition, The Wasp, while the classic Ettamogah Pub is transformed into the bright and beachy .

Image: Parkz. Aussie World's newest ride - The Wasp.
Aussie World is somewhat retracing the steps of Dreamworld in the early 2000s, shifting from a traditional Australiana theme to a more bright and modern one.
The old Ettamogah pub continues its transformation to remove all hints of the old theme.
Along with a large expansion in floor space, lift access is being added to the top floor.
It's not a new coaster footing.
This leaning hayshed used to be the old entrance to the park, and had an old Melbourne tram parked underneath serving as a ticket box. The whereabouts of the tram is unclear.
More "bright modern" branding at the entrance.
...No more is the shift from rustic to colourful evident than at the entry, with the bright colours of Little Beaut Toot Toot against "The Shed" function venue next to it.
A mock general store with authentic brands from the early 20th century.
Show stage and seating area.
Previously the main eatery in the park had a road trip theme, with a large map of South East Queensland on the wall. It now has a more whimsical feel.
The gentlest of the flat rides at Aussie World is Giggle Go Round.
When this ride rotates, is it a tea party movement?
Unlike Shockwave at Dreamworld, this Disko remains seatbelt free.
To summarise the storyline. A clown performer came to a town's carnival. His arrival was marked by the gradual disappearances of townsfolk. The townsfolk eventually became suspicious and formed a mob, stringing the clown up from a light post one night. The next morning, the clown had somehow disappeared.
The aforementioned light post and rope.
The park recommends those under 12 not enter. We saw multiple younger kids enter but run out from the first room.
Bug run has grown in nicely. Despite being a fairly standard wacky worm, it pulls off its giant garden theme well.
Bug Running.
The Wasp is the most recent addition as of 2017. An "Airborne Shot" ride by SBF Visa, it consists of cars that can swing out suddenly via pneumatics.
Fence details. Strangely any depictions/theming related to wasps is absent.
Each pair of seats has a button in the middle to trigger the outward swing to 60 degrees, its not sudden feeling movement however.
It remains to be seen how operators will fare in the greenhouse style booth during the summer months.
The mechanical side of things. In terms of ride experience, it's essentially a marginally more intense version of the Ballroom Blitz wave swinger ride up the hill. Close your eyes and it would be hard to tell which of the two you were on.
For part of the ride cycle the operator controls the seat swinging.
In sad news for many coaster enthusiasts, the Wild Mouse at Aussie World is gone.
It's a real shame that such a classic, rare style of ride was scrapped. Though old and likely increasingly difficult to maintain and operate, its sheer simplicity as a ride should have meant that Aussie World (or another operator) could have given it the love it needed with upgrades and improvements as needed.
Bombora Bounce under maintenance.
Chances are slim another park could purchase and revive it. Knoebels, are you reading this? Just four wooden mouses similar to this one remain worldwide.
Some of the Halloween theming is permanent.
Leak'n Logs pop jets. Behind it is a "Thunder Storm Shed" with light, sound and water effects inside.
Sprays and tipping buckets.
The Plunge was the last of the true "Aussie" themed rides to be built in recent times.
Easy to miss on the edge of the park and out of view down a gully with trees is Platypus Ponds Mini Golf.
Mini golf is included with entry and it's always a fun activity.
President: Platypus Pete Club Pro: Ken Iva Mulligan Course Designer: Davy Duggahol Greenkeeper: Willy Weedwhacker
The course is well landscaped.
Some of the sloping greens around the holes can make this course challenging at times.
There's some humorous theming too.
The final hole.
The cable wraps around the drive wheel.
The Ferris Wheel has an interesting drive system. Most wheels tend to have a friction wheel running directly against around a rail on the wheels circumference. This one uses a cable that loops around the wheel like a giant pulley.
The northern end of the park in 2017.
The southern end of the park.
Full Car park = happy owners = more rides.
A vertigo inducing shot.
It remains to be seen how long classic details like this will last under the parks new thematic direction.
A reference to a long lost attraction.

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