The Parkz Update: Movie World puts finishing touches on DC Rivals HyperCoaster ahead of opening

Australia's largest ever roller coaster continues to test as work progresses on the ride's surrounds. Most signs are pointing to a September opening if DC Rivals HyperCoaster.

Image: Parkz. Testing continues on Australia's largest roller coaster.
The roller coaster continues to cycle as Mack Rides irons out bugs and Movie World trains staff ahead of opening.
The train makes its way through the Stengel dive, one of the only slow moments of the ride.
The train twists into the inclined dive loop.
The smooth dive to the ground features an almost inverted start.
Then twisting s-bend looks great with a train on it.
The sleek Batmobile inspired train navigates the smooth transitions. There's no water test dummies in use on this occasion, which makes for a noticeably slower cycle. 
Into the twisting camel back for a blast of airtime. The back carriage with its two rear-facing seats even has an afterburner which helps tell which way is forward...
The colossal camel back hill has a new friend.
Hello trim brake!
There's only one fin on the camel back, and in testing it looks to have almost no impact on the ride's speed. It's likely a contingency for particularly hot days when the ride is running particularly fast.
It's still a seriously awesome looking hill that is packed with amazing airtime.
Looking over into the brake run and theming goes up around the station.
The other trim brake on the Stengel dive which was installed earlier has three fins and has a more noticeable affect on the speed.
The Joker's face is laid out awaiting lifting into position. There's no lighting yet installed on the steel frame; this will likely happen on the ground.
Hard to make out much detail on the ground, but you have the wavy hair visible along the left here. The detail is clearly only on one side, meaning it'll only be visible from outside Movie World, not from on the ride or within the park.
This is where the Joker's face will go, note the missing support that crosses over the track.
The final Mack Rides piece will go in place above the track when the face is installed.
Fence toppers are all in place.
They're everywhere you look. In places like this where the fence curves and has many columns it's a bit overpowering. In other news a slab has been poured in the space between Green Lantern and Rivals.
Village Roadshow fence toppers can be found outside the park, beyond the Warner Bros. Movie World marquee above the entrance road.
Behind the fence you can see some lighting units due to be installed.
A new footpath is being installed alongside the new entrance road.
The new pathway features a hand railing that looks to match the perimeter fence.
The new footpath joins onto the footpath along Entertainment Road that snakes its way towards Australian Outback Spectacular and Wet'n'Wild.
The new path will mean guests without transportation can easily "park hop" without walking along roads, grass and garden beds.
And inside the park finally, this colossal arched billboard will greet riders as they make their way past Batwing Spaceshot, Green Lantern and Justice League.
Gravel fill to be spread out when they lay bitumen paving throughout the new area.
The way that The Flash's hand cuts off and Reverse-Flash's hand overlaps is the stuff of OCD nightmares. Thankfully the exposed edge down the middle doesn't look like the finished product.
The shape of the curved billboard certainly isn't out of place with the towering hills of Rivals. We've seen raised 2D images on some of the other billboards, so it's likely that this one will feature the same.
This isn't an actual sign for the ride – it's merely a template that will be positioned for drilling mounting holes to ensure that the individual lettering lines up perfectly.
If the forthcoming Joker face atop the lifthill faced into the park as well this would be one hell of a photo opportunity.
The menu at Main Street Deli has been reduced to feature a small handful of rather boring options. Gone are the Reubens and other deli sandwiches that were the highlight of Movie World's dining options.
Their house smoked pastrami was a real highlight and so unlike anything else on offer in the theme park.
Yet there's a 20-deep queue for hot dogs. Maybe this is why we can't have nice things?
Wild West Falls is down for annual maintenance. The storage pool is looking full while the ride channel remains dry.
DC Rivals HyperCoaster towers over the park with Batwing and Superman Escape.

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