Sharing your content with the Parkz community

Parkz is a website for discussing theme parks; the largest, longest running and most reputable in Australia. We actively encourage members to share photos etc. from their experiences, but we want to make sure it's done for the benefit of the community, not for the sake of page likes or website traffic. This site exists as an interactive community, not a space for free and unlimited promotion. By all means share content and be a part of our community. Parkz is the largest theme park website in Australia; your content will be seen by more eyes if posted in these forums than anywhere else. We reserve the right to alter, remove or edit any posts that don't comply with this policy. Posting photos Upload photos directly to Parkz. Don't hotlink to images on other sites (even if you own the site in question, or it's an image hosting site), because when the image link inevitably breaks, it breaks the content on these Forums. If you upload photos that don't belong to you, provide a line of credit. You are the copyright holder of any original content you post on Parkz, though by doing so you give us unrestricted rights to use that content on Parkz. Basically, they're your photos, but by posting them here you're allowing them to appear on Parkz. Watermarks on photos Trust us, no one is going to steal your crooked smartphone photo, but if you feel the urge to watermark your photos, please be considerate of your audience and restrict it to one corner in the top or bottom 10% of the image. Posting videos YouTube is the logical way to share video content. Embed the video directly into your post. Don't link to another website that embeds the video. Linking to off-site content Members can link to any relevant off-site content they want, provided they are unaffiliated with the website in question. If you have your own content that you want to share, share it with our community by posting or uploading it here, not just linking to it. Signature links Users are restricted to one single link in their profile signature, free from any tagline, statement or call to action. Link must be standard font size and style with no boldness, italics, colour or any other alterations. This can be either in the form "" or "Parkz", but not "Parkz - Theme Park Photos", or "Check out my website:". We reserve the right to remove or alter any link that is deemed unsuitable. We welcome any feedback or comments on this policy -- please direct this to either the Site Issues forum, or contact me directly.