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  1. If you think there’s an interesting story about this being delayed amid a global pandemic that has delayed virtually every other attraction on the planet then I’m all ears. I personally don’t think the narrative is anywhere near as compelling as Sky Voyager’s delays amid years of mismanagement and a botched recovery plan, but each to their own. I genuinely encourage any of you to write such a piece and send it through if you think it’s of interest — I’d be more than happy to publish a well written piece on the subject. Given that @TimmyG and @Tinter were both previously banned from t
  2. More than just a clearance issue – it tried to pass straight through a support column for the track below: https://www.parkz.com.au/photo/14866-DC_Rivals_HyperCoaster_construction/gallery/sort/newest/location/dc-rivals-hypercoaster/offset/207 The ride also had a major section of track removed for reprofiling a year or so after it opened: https://www.parkz.com.au/article/2018/08/24/620-Track_comes_down_from_DC_Rivals_HyperCoaster_during_annual_maintenance.html Even if the design process is perfect (and as we see, it's glaringly not), there can still be flaws that appear during fa
  3. Our position on this remains. This forum is not for policing, witch-hunts or politics. Assume people are capable of doing the right thing. Assume local authorities are ensuring people are doing the right thing within their community. It's really not hard. Take your frustrations about government or society elsewhere because if you post it here it will be removed.
  4. Bring it up in the appropriate section of the forums if you wish to discuss further.
  5. Agreed. Lumping everything under "theme park" or "ride" has largely been done for expediency and this terminology is slowly being replaced across the site in favour of "attraction". But members can indeed submit changes/additions to the database and there's currently nine categories for parks to choose from, including both theme and amusement.
  6. The default assumption is that everyone in this community is an adult capable of understanding and following laws and restrictions. We welcome the sharing of content provided it's on-topic. This forum is not a place for policing, witch-hunts or politics and we'll continue to remove this kind of off-topic nonsense.
  7. No, not really. Our policies about promotion are pretty much as @AlexB described. Organic discussion of anything and everything theme park related, yes. Self-promotion and advertising, no. And always open to discussion about sponsorship or content collaboration with organisations big and small.
  8. Which attraction/s did it not save to your profile @troll under the coaster? At a glance it looks like you checked off Big Pineapple yesterday. Was it just this one, or others as well? Were you doing it from the attraction page itself, or from the search result listings? Are the issues with forum posts not submitting/saving ongoing for anyone? I had the same issue the first time I posted with the upgrade but never since. @AlexB and @themagician, we've removed the flood control settings for Parkz Crew.
  9. Looks like your browser is caching an old stylesheet. I've just done a quick fix that should get around that issue.
  10. As you can probably tell, we've made some pretty big (and long overdue) changes to the site. Forums We've upgraded the forum software. In addition to an overall cleaner look and feel they are a lot more mobile friendly and also open the door for a whole lot of new features we hope to implement down the track. We'll be spending some time theming it with more of a Parkz vibe in coming days/weeks. Parkz The main site has been given a pretty major overhaul which has been in the works for 3+ years... far too long! In addition to a whole visual refresh that's cleaner, neater
  11. After the fact, absolutely. Sounds like the necessary boxes are being ticked. But the suggestion was that WHSQ were happy simply by virtue of being informed of the incident and because luckily no one was injured. This is objectively not true given a presumably preventable incident occurred that resulted in notices.
  12. So despite the mother stating emphatically that this was not the case, despite the fact that Dreamworld’s statement acknowledges the injury, despite the fact that Shine would certainly not be taking the case if it weren’t clear-cut injury... you guys think it’s still a possibility and worthy of speculation?
  13. How did you come to that conclusion when you literally quoted me saying that this can indeed be discussed? Note that the media have done nothing more than interview the mother and publish a statement from Dreamworld. They are not speculating about pre-existing conditions, menstrual cycles, swimwear or weight. There is no publicly available information to suggest that any of these have any bearing on this incident, a somewhat common injury that happens at water parks around the world. We're not going to stymie discussion or tell you what you can and can't discuss beyond a pretty basic
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