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  1. Welcome along @WillowTree64. Firstly thanks for the feedback. It is something we actively encourage and as a new member seeing things for the first time you've clearly got a fresh perspective. A lot of the gaps or suggestions you've made highlights the fact that this site has several different functions: community, information (park/ride database) and news/opinion. Getting them all to play nicely isn't the easiest thing. Photo Albums As noted we find that categorising photos by park/ride works best overall. The precursor to Parkz did used to feature individual galleries (see but it sort of just meant that content was arbitrarily segmented. The current photo system allows photos be searched, filtered and sorted in a number of different ways. Photos from specific seasonal events etc. can be captured via the photo title easily enough, and can be searched for later. There's also of course the forums where members are free to post trip reports and share photos in a more personal and uncategorised way. Liking Photos I do like this idea and it's one that has been on the list for a long while. Favourite Attractions Also something that's "on the list". I see it working slightly differently though, and using members' ride ratings/reviews to generate their top 10 list. To me this is important to help guide members to rate rides Combine Interfaces Yeah it is a big challenge to bring across content from the main site into the forums, yet something we want more of. They are two different systems and bridging the two basically becomes a third system in itself, requiring ongoing maintenance/upgrades. Statistics We do already allow sorting by top rated in the database, so finding top rated roller coasters on the Gold Coast is possible. A timeline of an individual member's parks/attractions would be interesting, though would require that we capture exact/approximate ride dates alongside reviews. But there's lots that can be done with stats, particularly as more and more parks/rides and reviews appear on the site. The review system is still technically a beta feature... many changes are going to be rolled out there in the future. All in all good feedback. Please don't think you've upset or insulted us. I'm more than happy to hear how we can do things better. The site's anything but perfect and there's a thousand things I'd change or fix... it purely comes down to time and resources.
  2. Firstly it's worth reiterating that this isn't a knee-jerk cut of all expenditure but rather an apparent renewed focus on ROI. It's also worth pointing out that despite the attendance hit they took this period, VRTP is performing OK in comparison to other divisions and the company suggests they have every confidence that the post-Thunder River Rapids pain will be short-lived. A very simplistic way of looking at major theme park CapEx as it stands (or stood): FY17 - Doomsday FY18 - Coaster FY19 - Topgolf FY20 - Sea World attraction Simplistic because some of these investments are clearly spread over several years, include expenses that would predate this timeline, and of course major attractions only form a piece of the CapEx at the theme parks. The coaster is well underway to the point where it is inevitable. The company seems committed to Topgolf as it featured heavily in today's presentation and was referred to favourably in the context of this tightening of CapEx. The 2019 Sea World attraction that has been hinted is likely be the next major attraction at the Gold Coast parks and would probably be structured to fall within the 2020 financial year. If there are major cuts to theme park investment then this would likely be the first casualty, but but there's a few things working in its favour: The annual renewal drive really does rely on there being something new at one of the Gold Coast parks. Sea World is next in line after a few Movie World-centric years, not to mention their dwindling attraction roster. The dearth of rides at Sea World notwithstanding, Sea World will be just short of seven years since their last major animal attraction by December 2019. If there's a way to do an interesting major animal exhibit with minimal capital outlay and activist controversy then that's what I'd be looking for as a cash-strapped theme park operator.
  3. That read to me like a subtle way of bumping it from CY17 as originally announced, to CY18. Without having to concede that they fell short this year so can't afford it...
  4. Yeah it's clunky but it's also not a document that's intended for mainstream consumption. It gets across the point it needs to and serves as the backbone of the larger presentation and Q&A session for shareholders that has just wrapped up. For that reason too there's no reason to go into great detail about what Movie World are building beyond what they said there and what they have already said. It's a FY18 attraction and has little bearing on the 2017 results beyond whatever role it plays in the membership/renewal pass campaign, which is far beyond the scope of this kind of meeting/presentation.
  5. Not a bad week for fake news between the coaster track, the Gold Coast Bulletin piece and now this.
  6. Lack of upstops would rule out Melbourne's Scenic Railway as a roller coaster. At any rate I believe these Hopkins flumes do feature all three wheel types. You'll note that the drops feature an overhanging T on the track edges, which doesn't appear on the lifts.
  7. I realise I'm basically rehashing the same thoughts I had 2.5 years ago back on the first page of this thread, but it's still an interesting concept to me... Flume rides are track rides that use gravity and are moved from the station with gravity-fed water. What about that definition of a roller coaster -- or even a water coaster -- does a flume ride like Wild West Falls not meet. But Storm does? If it's about how much of the ride is mounted on a track @YLFATEEKS, then what do we make of something like a bobsled roller coaster? My only real point in this is that most people seem to fall back to textbook definitions to declare rides either a coaster or not, but the amount of grey areas means that even these don't hold up to scrutiny
  8. Based on that definition, @jake_hunt, Wild West Falls would be a roller coaster. It rolls on a dry, elevated track in the backwards section after all. Not saying your definition is wrong... but there's no shortage of murky grey areas anytime this comes up.
  9. Should be fixed now. Temporary glitch with our SSL certificate -- you might have noticed recently that the entire site is now secure (https://).
  10. Summer season is winding down folks. If you want to discuss things like Corroboree expansion, Thunder River Rapids decommissioning etc., please start a new specific topic for each.
  11. Here's Intimidator 305's equivalent for reference: Essentially picture a sparsely supported truss supporting the lift hill starting at that angled footing.
  12. A few quick piece of housekeeping for everyone: Posts to do with the fake track have been moved over to that thread. That's not an open invitation to post bogus photos/news/etc. but rather a single place that we can deal with it if/when we have to. There's a reason all the 'erection' posts have disappeared. They're really not as funny as you think they are. Likewise talking post after post about how many pages this topic has existed for really isn't interesting. Not everything you post has to be serious or on-topic but almost everything posted here lately has just been filler. If there's nothing new to talk about then just don't post.
  13. Not sure I'd say that the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster ever in Australia really needs an "icon". The experience itself will be plenty iconic. Bogging it down with gimmicks is the last thing it needs; maybe I'm too traditional, but I'd class inversions on a hyper(ish)coaster as a gimmick. There's certainly a dearth of quality inverting coasters in Australia, but I'd sooner fill that void with a purpose-built inversion machine than throw in a token loop or zero-g-roll on this thing.
  14. No one else thinks the loop is the most uninspiring aspect of Flash? I wouldn't wish or hope for such a waste of an element on what's likely to be Australia's first and only ever hyper(ish)coaster.
  15. I've looked at the HTML templates that drive it and there's no way that the star/circle can display anything other than the "do=getNewComment" version of the URL which takes you to the first unread post in the topic. Is this mobile/tablet or desktop? I've tried a few times on different devices and only end up at the tag search page if I'm a bit off with where I click/tap.