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  1. Want to ask if it's operating today? This is the place... no guarantees you'll get an answer though. If you are at Movie World and can report that it's running, delayed, temporarily closed, how long the queue is or if it's one or two train operation then please share... even if no one asks.
  2. With the enduring popularity of these events, plus the fact that they are quite different in nature from the normal happenings at theme parks and there's lots of different aspects to talk about, we've decided to split this into its own forum. Like everything on Parkz we'd like to keep this as self-moderated and self-managed as we can. Let's keep it simple: No mega-threads! If a topic doesn't exist for a particular aspect then create it. Keep speculation threads separate from comments and reviews of the actual event. Start a separate topic for general comments or positive reviews of each event if no one else has yet. Start a separate topic for criticism or negative reviews of each event if no one else has yet. Start separate topics for premium and up-charge options like the Ultimate Terror Tour. If you want to share a longer or in-depth review (such as a 1,000 word photo essay) you're welcome to give it its own topic.
  3. I'm all for calling out the Bulletin for sloppy journalism, but labeling the track magenta is perfectly fine regardless of how the park chooses to describe it for marketing purposes.
  4. Here's the data for anyone interested, converted from JSON to Excel with a bit of colour coding and wizardry thrown in for good measure. I've also attached a screenshot to show the incredibly complex steps for finding the data. @Skeeta from the looks of things you'd want to neck it in about 32 seconds because once the lift is is over that beer is gone. (Pointless but probably necessary disclaimer about following all rules and not taking loose items or food and beverage onto rides with you.) HyperCoaster Stats.xlsx
  5. It's a very simplistic view to suggest that the Ariadne plan was an election promise to securityholders, so to speak. It was a set of alternative viewpoints that served to highlight various inadequacies they saw in the company's current strategy. Considering they were only ever seeking a minority of seats, it's utterly ridiculous to think that this was about anything other than working collaboratively for the benefit of the company. The inference here is that they were so keen to get their hands on those seats and the associated benefits (like that juicy ~$150k salary) that they invested $100 million of their own money and just said anything they needed to "win".
  6. Not sure why this debate continues. The ride is the same model and has the same stats as The Claw: swing height is ~28m and it has 32 seats. It's 13 years later so naturally the ride design has undergone some evolution which are most evident in the redesigned structure/mechanics and different restraints, but it's fundamentally the same ride.
  7. You seemed to single out two rides with on-board audio. I don't recall reading about (nor have I witnessed myself) any recurring/ongoing issues with audio Wild West Falls?
  8. Who said anything about audio on the trains? I know I've been pretty vocal in the past about how pointless and poorly executed it is on the rides that have it in Australia, which is why I'd only opt for fixed speakers that actually serve a predetermined purpose.
  9. It does strike me as a lost opportunity to use it for the ride experience by having it facing riders as well. Maybe it's a little too close to what Arkham Asylum tries to do, but Joker music on the lift hill and the face lighting up to coincide with a Mark Hamill laugh as the train nears and crests the top. It justifies the existence of the head and gives the ride something of a theme without going overboard with an attempted storyline.
  10. Forum upgrade

    Yeah sounds like an annoying quirk of the software more than anything @Reanimated35. @diesal11... we're a bit hesitant to include too many negative reactions because in the past it devolved into pettiness. I see room for maybe one or two more reactions but we shouldn't offer too many. At the end of the day it should be about posting a reply to keep the discussion going.
  11. Not quite. G-forces are a product of speed and directional change, i.e. the track curving. All rows of seats are travelling the same speed at any given moment, but they will be on different sections of track and as such experience different forces. The easiest example to think of is heading over the top of a lift hill. While the front rows will creep gently into first drop experiencing essentially no forces, the back row is often whipped over with a burst of negative g's.
  12. Broad appeal. Absolutely these rides tick many boxes, but neither are the cross-generational experiences that they replaced. I think you're diluting the definition suggested in the article to argue that these are robust family rides. Justice League is a lifeless ride experience. You only need to look at how Six Flags implemented the same ride concept to see it done correctly. The dinky ride system at Movie World undermines what could otherwise be an exciting ride. Unless you're one to chase high scores, how many members here ride it on every single visit as they would Superman Escape etc.? Storm is a visually intimidating ride. The fact is that most kids will enjoy just about any ride, if you can get them on it. I think an important tenant of a good family ride is having moments of speed, height or intensity downplayed as much as possible.
  13. Trim brakes aren't always a simple maintenance measure. Particularly on a large-scale, custom layout coaster like this you'll find that the engineering errs on the side of caution when it comes to ensuring it makes it around the course. Obviously you can't speed it up later if it's too slow so you naturally design the ride towards the upper end of speed/force requirements. Considering variables like temperature, wind, rider weight and distribution, cycle times (how much time wheels/bearings have to cool down) etc., it's inevitable that they build wiggle-room into the design that allows them to slow it down if need be. To mount brakes you need track that is perfectly straight. Vertical curvature is generally fine but you can't have any lateral movement for the fins on the track to pass cleanly through the slot on the carriages. So given that they designed the ride with sections of track with this straightness in mind, it makes sense that they're fabricated with the mounts to facilitate easy installation of trim brakes as needed. The fact that these sections exist is definitely not an indication that trim brakes will feature.
  14. Exit path. The entry ramp is wider to accommodate all four queue options.
  15. Twin Polar Bear Cubs Born at Sea World

    I love how the public thinks... Mishka/Little Bear is going to really suit a 2m / 300kg bear in a few years time. It's like having a pet bird and naming it Egg. It's 2017... they should have just gone with Beary McBearface and made everyone happy.