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  1. Dreamworld Ghost town

    Or, y'know, they could also post it on a forum that management reads very regularly. You do realise that "we'll pass it onto management for review" is corporate jargon for "k thx bye", right? @AlexB I'd assume the main coffee shop inside the park is open first thing.
  2. State Theme Park Incentives

    You're not asking yourself what the hell Splashtacular, SWNR Scout, SAW, Ice Age, The Polar Express or The Walking Dead are doing on that page as well? It's clearly out of date. If Movie World had any legal rights to the Harry Potter universe, you don't think they'd use it? It's a remnant from the old themed shop. Lying? It's stating that Harry Potter belongs to WB and JK Rowling. No more, no less. You posted this same non-story six months ago and were thoroughly debunked at the time. It's an out of date page buried on their website... probably time to give it a rest.
  3. Honestly this is an utterly absurd debate. No question that you ticked every box by way of fair dealings and copyright law. You took a whole lot of amateur content and and re-purposed it into something new that stepped on no one's toes in any meaningful way. Chalk this up as yet another display of thuggery and short-sightedness from those still clinging to Wonderland.
  4. Dreamworld Night Events Return

    Hey folks, we don't want or need a mega-thread to talk about this. Feel free to head over to Parkz Nights and start a topic for each specific event.
  5. Superman Escape dark section

    You want proof that a relatively low budget roller coaster doesn't have a feature that exists on no other comparable coaster before or since? The only thing unique about Superman Escape from a design perspective is the length, speed and heavily curved nature of its friction tyre section. You feel it immediately upon dispatch because it cranks up to full speed right off the bat so there's a lot of friction. You feel it leaving the station in the front rows more than others because the main tyres are located at the front of the station. You feel it throughout the curved sections because Intamin places tyres on curved sections of track, which means there's some side-to-side skidding because the trains don't travel over them perfectly straight on. Rhythmic and timed? It's almost like it travels at a constant speed with tyres placed at equal distances? Crazy I know...
  6. Superman Escape dark section

    There's not a chance this vibration/rattle is intentional. It's a bit rough because it's... a bit rough. You've got a fairly rapid speed tyre-driven section through a series of tight turns. There's going to be vibration. It's just a happy coincidence that it contributes to the theme.
  7. DreamWorld AGM

    This is more than a month away. No need for a placeholder topic.
  8. Our parks rarely ever release attendance figures broken down like this. And at any rate, if they had given a figure... say 11,000 for the day... would that mean anything to anyone here?
  9. But no one is getting charged for floral tributes? It's confronting, but no more confronting than the car crashes or house fires on the news every day. It's relevant footage to a newsworthy story.
  10. It's not a noise rattle @AlexB, it's a very noticeable physical vibration towards the back of the train. It isn't really uncomfortable though it does distract, if not detract from the overall experience. Because it varies from carriage to carriage, it's hopefully just a wheel alignment issue that can be addressed in future maintenance.
  11. Want to ask if it's operating today? This is the place... no guarantees you'll get an answer though. If you are at Movie World and can report that it's running, delayed, temporarily closed, how long the queue is or if it's one or two train operation then please share... even if no one asks.
  12. With the enduring popularity of these events, plus the fact that they are quite different in nature from the normal happenings at theme parks and there's lots of different aspects to talk about, we've decided to split this into its own forum. Like everything on Parkz we'd like to keep this as self-moderated and self-managed as we can. Let's keep it simple: No mega-threads! If a topic doesn't exist for a particular aspect then create it. Keep speculation threads separate from comments and reviews of the actual event. Start a separate topic for general comments or positive reviews of each event if no one else has yet. Start a separate topic for criticism or negative reviews of each event if no one else has yet. Start separate topics for premium and up-charge options like the Ultimate Terror Tour. If you want to share a longer or in-depth review (such as a 1,000 word photo essay) you're welcome to give it its own topic.
  13. I'm all for calling out the Bulletin for sloppy journalism, but labeling the track magenta is perfectly fine regardless of how the park chooses to describe it for marketing purposes.
  14. Here's the data for anyone interested, converted from JSON to Excel with a bit of colour coding and wizardry thrown in for good measure. I've also attached a screenshot to show the incredibly complex steps for finding the data. @Skeeta from the looks of things you'd want to neck it in about 32 seconds because once the lift is is over that beer is gone. (Pointless but probably necessary disclaimer about following all rules and not taking loose items or food and beverage onto rides with you.) HyperCoaster Stats.xlsx
  15. It's a very simplistic view to suggest that the Ariadne plan was an election promise to securityholders, so to speak. It was a set of alternative viewpoints that served to highlight various inadequacies they saw in the company's current strategy. Considering they were only ever seeking a minority of seats, it's utterly ridiculous to think that this was about anything other than working collaboratively for the benefit of the company. The inference here is that they were so keen to get their hands on those seats and the associated benefits (like that juicy ~$150k salary) that they invested $100 million of their own money and just said anything they needed to "win".