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  1. This looks fun too! 42874f7bcceec2ede3767b6ae4197465.mp4
  2. Upgrade Giant Drop to a face first experience with chairs that tilt riders to face the ground. Bluey show in sheep shearing shed to reactivate that section of the park. Maybe an indoor suspended family 4d coaster for How to Train your Dragon. Rotating films in Sky Voyager. There are tons more they can licence.
  3. What's this ride? I am just curious 🤣 e5d288f68af9e274e541e519dec9c96a.mp4
  4. Woah this blew up. I have a background in applying for and using government grants for admittedly a non-profit company but similar situation. Over the last few years both state and federal grants have been extremely relaxed about usage of funds. In the climate we are in, getting approval for extensions or even wholesale changes to the purpose of the funding hasn't been hard. Does it look bad from a #koalasmatter point of view. Yeah for sure, I don't deny that. The comment about autism is not needed nor indicative of what should be acceptable communication here and I sincerely doubt it will stay up much longer.
  5. Anyone have access to the Courier Mail article about Dreamworld using funds from the QLD government for Steel Taipan, when those finds were initially intended for a koala research facility?
  6. Yea ok. Didn't mean for this to turn into a head hitting exposition. Accident on my part... But definitely would be interested to know if the safety spiel is operator initiated and the conductor was being a dick about it 😂
  7. Very wet day at Dreamworld today but had some time to check out the train for the first time. Some park pics around 1230 for you... Surely DW is hemorrhaging money with mid-week turnout atm. Makes me sad to think of what the future may or may not hold for the park. Train time... I smashed my head incredibly hard on the overhang getting on. Conductor didn't ask if i was ok. About 10 seconds after doing it a prerecorded safety spiel saying 'watch your head' played.... Not sure if it was just bad timing but goddamn it hurt and is still hurting now. Train trip is pleasant although some areas that were previously back of house need some ...ahem.. tidying. Also noticed a few signs for winterfest still up... Anyway... Everything was a walk on. Park was neat and tidy and staff for the most part were great. A little concussion never killed anyone right?
  8. I zoomed in on one of the recent photos and found this.. Termites A termite infestation is to blame for the ride not opening...
  9. Haha I don't know for sure and always assumed... but I did some googling and found this logo on wikipedia so maybe I'm right 🤔😂.
  10. Did you know that Gotham Town Hall at Movieworld isn't the real place? Also, I know it looks super realistic, but dolphin cove at Seaworld is actually man made? Ohhh and don't forget the giant drop at Dreamworld - you are not actually a drop of oil. Discussions about something 'fake' in a themepark make me yawn. Find something else to whinge about.
  11. Opening 3rd September as per YouTube ad I just got
  12. My understanding is the park is only open from 1030 on weekdays at the moment? If the closure is because of Giant Drop maintenance then that is kinda forgiveable n my eyes and they should have flat out said that. But if it's being closed for 90 minutes in the morning to save a buck.. blergh dreamworld blergh. Regardless of how tragic their guest numbers are atm, closing their newest drawcard with no real explanation? Blergh.
  13. Kinda ew mentioning the water level safety sensor. But nice to see some steps to address issues publicly.
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