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  1. It was free the other day. Their were two options on the app... get on now for $15 or virtual Q for free. Honestly I dont visit enough to know how often virtualq is free - but it certainly was on Tuesday:)
  2. Didnt know where else to put this.. but virtual Q ar Movieworld the other day was so well run. Really suprised more people arnt taking advantage. Superman was a 40 minute wait.. scooby around the same... but literally did every 'adult' ride in the park in less than an hour due to the virtual q.
  3. Pleasantly surprised at how fat-friendly vortex is! Any idea how hefty peeps will go on this new coaster?
  4. My understanding is the next door neighbours have an issue with the noise of wwf after hours
  5. Just in case its ever needed. Accessibility files for the parks. This seems like as good a place as any to put them. Movieworld https://movieworld.com.au/-/media/project/movieworld/files/wbmw1910574-wbmw-accessibility-pdf-guide.pdf Seaworld https://seaworld.com.au/-/media/project/seaworld/files/sw1502183_disability_services_accessibility_guide.pdf Wet N Wild https://wetnwild.com.au/-/media/project/wetnwild/files/wnwgc_accessibility_guide.pdf Dreamworld / White Water World https://www.dreamworld.com.au/park-information/guests-with-disabilities/
  6. Hey RR, I am a support worker and am at one of the parks at least once a fortnight with a client. It really depends on the operator how smooth the experience can be. In my experience, Dreamworld has actually been the easiest with disabilitys but seem more restricted on the amount of rides they will let my guys on. It can be frustrating for us to get different info from different operators so your best bet after your experience on RR would be to go to guest services and get the situation cleared up. It might take 10-15 minutes out of your day but they will speak with the manager of t
  7. Yeah was only quoting the individual weights.
  8. Ok I definitely should have researched before posting my original question. Weight Restrictions as per website No limit- The Bro 113kg - Temple of Huey; Little Rippers 115kg - Triple Vortex; The Wedgie 120kg - Fully 6 136kg - Pipeline Plunge (kids area) MINIMUM TWO PEOPLE (combined weight) 270kg - Hydrocoaster (min. 50kg) 300kg - Green Room; The Rip
  9. I can definitely see both sides of the argument... my friends are not wanting refunds but we also had a robust discussion about it. It is not like it is Movieworld where their are other things to do if a harness is to tight or you dont make the height limit. Paying $70 odd to use a wavepool and literally nothing else though... If their was a sign at the entrance to the park we didnt see it... but it is listed on each slide page on the website. EDIT TO FIX >>> Actually looking at WWW website now my friends may have been able to do some of the slides with
  10. Took a group to White Water World recently and a couple could not ride any of the slides due to the weight limit. Is it fair to charge full price to a fuller figured adult who can 'only' go in the wave pool?
  11. I went on it today. Loveeed it. Had the biggest grin on my face the whole time. Definitely a highlight for me out of all the gc parks
  12. Reminds me of those Canstar awards. A company I use to work with would submit, pay the 'entry fee' and be awarded... the fact that they were the only ones entering never made it onto the publicity.
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