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  1. Agree solo spinning Taipan. Assuming you are a larger build as well due to your harness issues on other rides.... But that solo back seat on Taipan.... Amazzzzzinnnggggggg
  2. Totally off topic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ST was a walk on yesterday for the most part. When I left around 1230, both trains still being used but we're being sent with only 4-8 riders each train. Sky Voyager had a two cycle wait but enjoy the indoor queue and the video featuring the woman I havnt seen before in the second preshow. Also I remember some talk here of a weight limit in SV. noone was questioned in our party and we had some big builds there πŸ˜‚
  3. Same size you'd expect in the pub
  4. Dreamworld Kenny's Chick 'n Wings Hawaiian Parmigiana $19.50 Pretty damn tasty and good value. Coleslaw underseasoned and dry but recommended if you're looking for something thats not a burger or hotdog. 4/5 noms
  5. Spinning seat solo ... Most intense and exhilarating experience I have had on a rollercoaster in my life
  6. Interesting. Have never had it enforced with my party .. and some of us like to eat
  7. I was there about a month ago and no weight limit was enforced on voyager. Bit disappointed if that's the case now. I take groups to the parks... and voyager was one of the only ones we could do comfortably with everyone
  8. Because im in the mood to split hairs.... are they counting each individual slide of a setup as a single slide? Aint no way vrtp have 115+ rides, shows and slides (unless they count each individual slide i guess) 42 open today between wnw, mw, sw. Didnt bother with PC. Not counting meet and greets as a show or upcharges πŸ‘Œ also does a walkthrough animal exhibit count as a show? I didnt include them πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  9. Really nice day today at WWW. Park is looking really good and very very busy. All staff we interacted with were awesome
  10. I like your design ideas slick but not the jacarandas... jacs are actually an invasive pest species πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ... plant some stuff... but lets make them natives
  11. Boosting an old topic 🀣 couldnt find a better place to post. Music video filmed at this park featuring Gotham, Metropolis area and also the plaza
  12. Pretty much guarantee staff will be told to park in the staff carpark for the next event
  13. Im also of two minds here..... balancing the value of the possible income generated from this action verses bringing the accident back into the spotlight. Would have been a hard decision to make
  14. Sorry couldn't stick around but looks like a full circuit might be on the cards today? 20210908_121947.mp4
  15. Was just leaving the park and saw some more testing. Looks like some dudes (possibly from here) attaching a camera to the train. Pov coming soon ?! 20210908_120514.mp4
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