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  1. aussienetman

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Hey guys, anyone know how accessible this is for folks who can transfer out of a wheelchair?
  2. aussienetman

    WorkSafe South Australia Banned rides from RAS Headline should really read 'Woman with preexisting condition hurts herself on a ride she probably shouldn't have been on'
  3. aussienetman

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    Wasnt sure where else to put this pic :)
  4. aussienetman

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    Given the newest clue its cosentino for sure... #yawn
  5. aussienetman

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    I'm a celeb has been renewed for 2020.
  6. aussienetman

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    If this is about the recently approved 'Central Perk' Lego set from the Friends TV series, DW are going to have a lot of disappointed fb followers. Fingers crossed it's not this.
  7. aussienetman

    Walt Disney World Holiday

    I did a solo Disneyworld trip last August. This is going to sound like an ad but I am so glad I used to sort out my days. Planning was half the fun, and I managed to do everything I wanted and more in the short time I was there, and the plan was updated as I was there on the day. Fastpass for Pandora is crucial if you must do it. Remember to take advantage of single rider lines if you don't mind missing queue theming.
  8. aussienetman

    Orlando planning

    Hey guys, long time no post! Heading to Orlando in August for a week, wondering if anyone has tips or advice on getting the most out of it and what parks are must dos. For me, Universal is the big draw card especially all things Potter. Do you think three days is a bit overkill for both parks? Magic Kingdom is a must but what other Disney parks should I get on my itinerary? Im interested in all things superhero and character photos etc Any help or thoughts are appreciated to help get the most out of this. Thanks guys!
  9. aussienetman

    Green Lantern incident at MW

    Will we ever know the official story here? The media has moved on, does Movieworld have an obligation to release an official report?
  10. aussienetman

    Green Lantern incident at MW

    He was on the Today show this morning as well. He down-played it really well.. earning his money today that's for sure. That is the GM of Movieworld. Not Rob
  11. aussienetman

    Green Lantern incident at MW

    This is unbelievable... from the pictures it does appear the ride suffered a major issue today. I was heading towards Paradise Country when I saw the snafoo outside movieworld with the crane. I was in a rush so I didnt have time to stop. I am so glad noone was injured... when the ride does re-open, i truly doubt i will get my partner on it again.
  12. aussienetman

    Scooby-Doo needs some love

    Went back a few pages and couldnt find anything. Rode Scooby on Sunday and none of the animatronics in the ghost train section were working. So sad to see a brilliant well themed attraction just go to pieces. The wild mouse is looking good... but there is no smoke at all in there. Did they just give up on it?
  13. aussienetman

    The Off Topic Topic

    Anyone going to visit Looks great!
  14. Yea. I never ride carny rides. My opinion is they are unsafe with unreliable operators. Hope this girls family can find some peace.
  15. If you get this thing spinning are you able to stop it from spinning easily?