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  1. The structure is temporary, it's just for over Xmas. The fenced off area is where a new ABC ride is going in.
  2. It's just temporary for the Xmas period.
  3. Hmm, think smaller and more spherical.
  4. I know a little, not a lot.
  5. I believe there's a new ride coming to ABC World.
  6. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    It's open as usual, it's not closed. Everything in the waterpark is still open in winter, the only thing different I believe is on weekdays The Bro and The Rip alternate, so one is open for the first half of the day and the other for the second half.
  7. Vintage Cars is not moving from its current location and should be open for the September school holidays if it's refurb is done on time. And one attraction that is being repurposed is the Cinema.
  8. 'Great Whites' coming to Dreamworld

    It's lions.
  9. Dreamworld Log Ride reopening 2017

    The Log Ride is re-opening in September (with seatbelts).
  10. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    From memory back when I worked there if a seat belt that's been fastened before dispatch comes undone during the ride cycle the compressor (which is what the doors/seat belts work off) shuts off and the cars all come to a stop. This was a few years ago however.