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  1. Evie

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    Operating hours have been changed again, many rides have reverted back to 10-5 for weekends, weekdays however are still a mess.
  2. Evie

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    Well fine is a strong word. As fine as a tractor impersonating a train can be I guess? 🙃
  3. Evie

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    It’s not the tractor, it’s actually the track that’s the issue.
  4. No point in opening something that ended up costing almost $27 million? That’d be incredibly stupid even for DW.
  5. Evie

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    Parkway is not closing for good.
  6. Evie

    The Off Topic Topic

    Give as many fountains as you like, I launched the ride countless times over the years that I worked there. I think I know how fast it goes.
  7. Evie

    The Off Topic Topic

    Generally reaches anywhere from 135-145km/h.
  8. Evie

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    Every staff member at DW has their hometown on their name tag, been that way for years.
  9. It’s very close to opening now, soft opening for staff to ride is this weekend.
  10. Evie

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    Those damn defiant carriages. 🙄
  11. No one has ridden, it’s not been signed off by WPHS yet.
  12. Evie

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    Wipeout was back open today and running at full capacity.
  13. This. There was no sort of soft opening last night, not even any Dreamworld staff have ridden yet. Brogent haven’t finished working inside.
  14. Evie

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    I think February this year after Rocky Hollow Log Ride reopened everything actually may briefly have been open at once before Buzzsaw closed in March?
  15. Evie

    New Dreamworld amphitheatre

    It’s literally in the middle of no where.