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  1. Staff at Dreamworld are currently treated worse than ever.
  2. Okay, in future I’ll share nothing. 😶
  3. The ride is closed because there was an incident at the ride a few months ago, I highly doubt it will re open and if it does it shouldn’t.
  4. I think this is more what they were going for, along with the new “Roarsome” wall on the way into Tiger Island.
  5. There were 6000 people in the park on Saturday night, wouldn’t say it was under sold.
  6. This is exactly what has started happening from yesterday, the queue line is now inside and the preshow is playing on a loop. The switchbacks outside are now for overflow.
  7. It’s the ops booth/control room.
  8. Possibly, but I think it’s just for the Buzzsaw annual maintenance, they block off that area every year while Buzzsaw is down for maintenance.
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