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  1. Some pedestals are close to ground level so it kind of confirms ST was going to another theme park.
  2. Village deserve scepticism on what they will deliver.
  3. Are you planning on riding Big Dipper at the end of the year?
  4. Are they basing it on it has the same colours as Wonder Woman Golden Lasso because I read somewhere else, they thought the same thing based on the matching colours?
  5. That can go for steel coasters TOT closed by DW while 6 Flags continue to run Superman. Mack has been around for hundreds of years so it wouldn't be unimaginable for Mack to support ST as long as DW wants them to. It might be expensive to replace a whole section of steel track at one time but wooden coasters are maintenance heavy and most parks that run them have dedicated staff to maintain them.
  6. For some reason I thought DW's annual pass has been hovering around that price for years.
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