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  1. That’s great @@Richard, but I do have a “but” If I submit a change, the decision of my change falls on one person. Adventure World currently shows as a Theme Park, but you can clearly see in the poll taken most Parkz members don’t believe it to be so. If I submit a change for Adventure World would the change happen if the boss didn't believe it to be so?
  2. If @Richard doesn't like my idea, I'm happy to go with your idea that we all learn German. It would't be decided within the forum. A vote would be decided by selecting a box within the parks page. 😀 Any other question and you are just going to have to make an appointment.
  3. Any questions? No, let's move on.😂 Currently Parkz has everything listed as a theme park which is not correct. It would be good if Parkz had more categories and it was the Parkz members who decided what went where.
  4. I know and that's why I indicated, “l take it as your thoughts”. We will never get a consensus on the matter.
  5. @Domyour examples are more of a cost thing if anything. We can’t get confused with how much money was spent on an attraction and how much theming was added to an attraction, otherwise nothing would be worthy of theme park status except for Disney & Universal. The things that are not “theme park like” is what Slick was alluding to earlier. Placing a car racing simulator in the middle of an Ocean theme is not theme park like.
  6. I have a good joke for that, but I won't say it because I'll probably get in trouble again. 😂 Adventure World definitely sees themselves as a theme park. "We’re Perth’s only Theme Park................................" Maybe it's time for a new poll.😬 Doesn't theme park v amusement park dictate what you should do? I don't think it was lack of effort DW destroyed the theme of main street with SV. I think DW didn’t care about keeping it a single theme. The same amount of effort went in.
  7. I don't disagree with you, but have you considered Ardent don't want DW to be a true theme park and are happy for DW to wear a mask of a theme park, but underneath be an amusement park? That's why I say, at some point we might have to come to terms, DW is no longer a theme park. Maybe DW is Aussie World on steroids.
  8. Well that's embarrassing. I’ve been spreading the word @Richard sold Parkz to Theme Parks a Go-Go.
  9. Nothing you are saying is ringing true with me because DW was making mega profits with the zombie ride next to a Flowrider next to a V8 simulator next to a car exhibit in an area called Ocean Parade. Yes, DW suck at being a theme park but even with DW sucking at it, people happily handed over their money. Maybe DW isn’t a theme park anymore but is happy being a fair and we might just have to come to terms with it. DW’s demise is 101% percent because Ardent spent DW’s profit on Main Event instead of keeping DW’s rides in a tip top shape. Hence the reason DW killed 4 people.
  10. ^absolutely not this. @DaptoFunlandGuy How can you think the success of DW hangs on one concrete path?
  11. Except it's currently the QLD Government paying for it because DW have no money.
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