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  1. I know they eat seagrass, but I don't know many 7-elevens that sell seagrass. The seagrass dugongs eat on the GC, is all protected, as I think for the rest of Australia too.
  2. There aren't many dugongs kept in captivity world wide. I suspect it's due to their diet and how they eat.
  3. I don't think you're ready for the birds and the bees talk yet. //s
  4. SW need to fill that hole up with water and chuck some goldfish in it.
  5. I'm hyped of MW's chance, of having an extra ride open, but if you go by @ShakeShacktheory, Flash will close each year when Superman & Batwing closes for maintenance, which doesn't fix the issues MW have every February-March.
  6. Pico has made theming more feasible for our parks because they are plumbed in with cheap labour.
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