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  1. If I unleashed a tirade of personal attacks on TPSN it would be overlooked and I’ve never had a comment hidden when I made personal attacks on Ash. I wonder why MW is off limits?
  2. @CaptainLazerGuns had some great points and it's a shame Parkz didn't think so.
  3. I have no issues with anything breaching Parkz guidelines being removed.
  4. The topic I can't get into anymore had some of my best work to date. Unless something went down in the 5mins I wasn't online I didn't see one post of someone doxxing another. I think Parkz got the call and put Village ahead of us because it would have been easier to hide the one doxxing post. @Richard This is shit if the is the new Parkz precedent being set. Why would anybody want to contribute here if a couple has a lovers tiff and the whole topic is removed. For example, @themagician @Brad2912 & @pushbutton have a ten page discussion on is SDMC scary & @Al
  5. You do not have to because I already have you covered. Village Theme Parks are putting up flyers in all their ticket booths as we speak.
  6. Nobody debating MW has too much DC and that is why I would have themed Rivals to Mad Max. GL could do with a re-theme while they are at it. We can be honest here MW can sink all the money they want into it, but MW has run out of talent. MW went big with Super-Villains unleashed but the area has no atmosphere and that is why I always find it near empty.
  7. @T-bone I look at Tesla Roadster all the time but my car is still a shitbox. What am I doing wrong?
  8. @Gazza Mad Max is a harder sell for kids and MW doesn't have the skills to pull it off.
  9. Please keep up. @Jdude95 has accused @Jordan M. of being a snitch. @Jordan M. Refutes the allegations and states @Jdude95 has no proof. @AlexB and @Jdude95 have formed a bromance after they met at the DW inquest. @AlexB now pipes up whenever @Jdude95 is under return fire to defend @Jdude95 (some would say @AlexB even lies to coverup for his master((but not me)) @Jobe has puppy eyes for @Jdude95 with his constant positive reactions to @Jdude95 replies. @Jdude95 hasn't noticed @Jobe advances because he only has eyes for @AlexB. @Skeeta is no longer in a bromanc
  10. No way in this universe Village have the funds to make a show like Waterworld and the show only works for kids because it is a large spectacle. You do Mad Max with the budget of HWSD and see what type of show you get. Police Academy was a comedy stunt show based on a comedy movie. The relevance to the kids was it was funny. Mad Max is not funny.
  11. An over reliance on doing DC bad. Most kids don't know who Mad Max is so it's a shit not so good of a choice as your only show.
  12. Pull Stunt Driver altogether and go DC Stunt Show.
  13. You can't reference RCDB as gospel. When the coaster was first listed on RCDB was 99.72% incorrect and at a quick glance it looks like some details are still incorrect.
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