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  1. The Claw is evolving. A Claw within a Claw. Oh no, that's MW.
  2. If it wasn't for the gaps of doom on the inside panels they would look better then what they have done outside so far. The outside currently looks like it's a painting. Hopefully it's just the angle of the camera.
  3. This was posted on Parkz back in May @DaptoFunlandGuy
  4. Maybe the second spinning seat was in the original contract, but for what ever reason the 2nd seat didn't have yo be purchased until now.
  5. For balance, DW uniforms also suck. If Kenny falls out of a tree, does it matter? On another note, do people think DW will follow other places lead and stop Koala interaction?
  6. I think my suspension of disbelief ended after my 400th time of riding it.
  7. For me it felt like, the guide wheels were slapped the track.
  8. I've seen the pictures Narra took but I don't believe @Narrawants to show you.
  9. My review - Like my review, minimum effort put into the event. The End.
  10. Hopefully they do remove the screens when it isn't snowing.
  11. The green area is for Outback Spectacular animals and I thought the studio sometimes use the other bit of land for outdoor sets. It's currently being used for the construction of The Wizard of OZ.
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