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  1. . In early 2017 Ardent initiated a process to review its 2015 Master Plan for the Dreamworld precinct. Dreamworld is located on prime real estate adjacent to the new Coomera town centre and core infrastructure. This review is considering a number of important factors including: (i) the impact of recent events at Dreamworld; (ii) the feasibility of rezoning parts of the site for alternate uses; and (iii) analysis of the existing Dreamworld footprint to identify potential opportunities for unlocking value. As part of this review Ardent has appointed a town planner to assess the feasibility of rezoning parts of the precinct. Ardent has, and will continue to, engage with third party developers to discuss potential development opportunities and timing for any redevelopment within the precinct. Notwithstanding the review of the Master Plan, Ardent will continue to invest in Dreamworld to facilitate its recovery and ensure it remains one of the Gold Coast’s key tourist attractions. (Taken from Ardent ASX release) Does "Notwithstanding" mean if Ardent will make more money from developing the land and closing DW they will go that way? We also know DW were looking at a 3rd party developer to build a hotel before the events of last year. Maybe DW are looking at going down that path again.
  2. Gold Coast Amusement Force

    Dreamworld Neon Nights Returns

    Look what’s back! Tickets are 29 dollars or 19 for passholders
  3. I just heard that the TOT is going to be removed, and this is really sad. I stay at the Gold Coast for only a half years, and I did not ride TOT for so many times. Although TOT will be removed, what kinds of new rides do you think would replace it? I am not sure whether DW wants to add the new rides with the same height as TOT. If they really want to build another roller coaster with over 100 meters, I believe that the upgraded version of Turbo Track at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi would be a good choice. Another Roller Coasters, such as B&M Giga, Intamin Giga or RMC Hybrid Coaster are also excellent.
  4. The Courier-Mail is reporting (subscriber-only article) that the coronial inquest will begin on Tuesday the 3rd of April.
  5. Ardent Leisure Group was fast out of the gates on Tuesday morning, after a buyer paid a 20 per cent premium to snap up a 4 per cent stake in the company. The Ardent Leisure share price is one of the top performers today, it’s up 16%. Why Is The Ardent Share Price Jumping? According to reporting by the Australian Financial Review, a large investor has bought 4% of the company at a price 20% higher than where the shares were previously trading. The trade at $1.20 per share supposedly was handled by UBS and was worth a total of almost $23 million shares. Who knows why the trade was done at such a large price? Perhaps the buyer will soon be launching a takeover bid? Or maybe an investor simply wanted a piece of Ardent Leisure this week no matter how much it had to pay. At this higher price I don’t think the Ardent Leisure share price is a buy, but it will be interesting to see if anything happens with this mystery buyer. A potential takeover or positive news in the near future could explain why such a large trade was done, however the circumstances remain unclear.
  6. So seeing that dreamworld announced that they are spending 50 million dollars for new attractions in the next few years with 30 million for the coaster and 7 million for the waterslides. We are still left with around 13 mill for further attractions obviously there is also the multi million dollar ABC kids area expansion but I doubt it will be that much so what else do you think could be coming. I think it will be a flat ride maybe to accompany the roller coaster in that section of the park or maybe some sort of dark ride.
  7. From Dreamworlds Facebook page ”The Queensland Government today announced it will inject $2.7million dollars into Dreamworld, helping expand the Corroboree area with a world-class research facility. The Dreamworld Future Lab will be the first of its kind in Queensland and will help support Dreamworld’s conservation drive. See it begin to take shape soon.”
  8. If you remember the "shaded seating area" that was announced (and ridiculed) to replace the Wipeout, it looks like it's going to be more than just benches and shade sails. Concept art has been found online showing the possible outcomes for the area, and With applications for tender closing this week, construction should get under way fairly soon. The documents inclided in the file seem to strongly suggest that option 3 is the one the park has chosen to go with and also mention that the shade sail from the old Trolls area will be used to cover the decking in the new "Ocean Parade Chill Out Zone".
  9. Alceon Group has today announced a new Lego Store will open in Robina with many of the features found at Dreamworld's Lego Store. However, Dreamworld's store will be about twice as large. Robina's store, at QIC Robina, is due to open by November. How does everyone think this will affect Dreamworld?
  10. From The Australian Financial Review:
  11. Adventures With JWorld

    Dreamworks Trolls Village

    After a few months hiatus, Work has finally recommenced
  12. Gold Coast Amusement Force

    Dreamworld April Update

    Sky Voyager Ride Express line now up - also PSA engineering are working on it. Locker Hire got a repaint and the tiles in the toilets were cleaned. Cosentino stand in the Dreamworld Emporium. Gates installed at the entrance of the park. The train is being worked on to the left of Buzzsaw. Crowds were good at Dreamworld today with even the rides being occupied. Sometimes people aren’t riding but are just there for Cosentino, but that wasn’t the case. The ride lines were good. Everything was running and I think they’ve really mastered peak and off peak periods. When the park is dead, a lot of things around Dreamworld are turned off. Today with good crowds, most rides were running, all the fountains were working and I couldn’t identify any cost cutting measurements. Only complaint is Buzzsaw is still unreliable and was shut for the day (while I was at the park). Other than that minor inconvenience and of course the train which comes out of maintenance next month, the park is running well.
  13. WWW has reduced hours of 11-4 and the majority of DWs attractions have reduced hours, but these do vary
  14. Gold Coast Amusement Force

    Dreamworld - Buy 3 Get 1 Free

    Buy 3 get 1 free passes are back at Dreamworld.
  15. Ardent Leisure Group announced today that it will announce it's HY19 Financial Results on Friday 22nd of February 2019 at 10am (AEDT). This should be an interesting announcement on 22nd of February given how DW's state has changed since the last financial results were released - their major new ride, SkyVoyager, has still not opened & ride operating hours are reducing. All the answers to these issues should be answered during that announcement. And it should be more interesting if the Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest Findings are released prior to then or coincidentally, at the same time.
  16. Jamberoo Fan

    'Tower Of Terror II' E-Stop

    From The Daily Mail (Video which was part of the article can be found by clicking here) : I'm pretty sure the people who filmed the e-stop were ironically breaking safety rules (Quote from Tower Of Terror II's official webpage😞
  17. As I posted on Parkz last October, Ardent has made it clear in their public documents that they have received civil claims and some have been settled: However, one is now gaining prominent media attention: Whilst the above Twitter post & video of The Front Page does not point it out, the article published in The Courier-Mail emphasises (through their online headlines) the fact that the family is suing Dreamworld. The Courier-Mail's article can be found here (subscriber-only article).
  18. Taken from Ardent's FY results presentation. "Planning for Water Park expansion and new Dark Ride progressing". At least the idea isn't dead yet but I don't believe DW has put much of their time into this.
  19. Dreamworld has finally come into terms to remove cages from the ride
  20. Gold Coast Amusement Force

    Dreamworld’s new marketing campaign

    Why doesn’t it involve sky voyager. You tell me.
  21. Gold Coast Amusement Force

    Dreamworld 2019 Maintenance Schedule/Updates

    Buzzsaw was shut today So now we have everything open apart from Buzzsaw and HWSW
  22. Gold Coast Amusement Force

    New Dreamworld amphitheatre

    The TRR demolition is complete so now we wait for more construction happening in the area. It also appears some dirt has been layed in the shape of an amphitheatre. @dylan_oreganasked what it could be used for. Most likely when the wiggles come to Dreamworld for one of there concerts, they would perform at the amphitheatre.
  23. Gold Coast Amusement Force

    Dreamworld Jet Pack Events

    Jet pack events are coming to Dreamworld supposedly at the end of summer. According to there social media manager.