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  1. An Article from the Courier Mail this morning. > It suggests there will be an announcement today of the Flying Theatre attraction, and that there are plans to put in a dark ride in the spot of the mine ride.
  2. Gold Coast Amusement Force

    Dreamworld’s new marketing campaign

    Why doesn’t it involve sky voyager. You tell me.
  3. Gold Coast Amusement Force

    Dreamworld 2019 Maintenance Schedule/Updates

    Buzzsaw was shut today So now we have everything open apart from Buzzsaw and HWSW
  4. Gold Coast Amusement Force

    New Dreamworld amphitheatre

    The TRR demolition is complete so now we wait for more construction happening in the area. It also appears some dirt has been layed in the shape of an amphitheatre. @dylan_oreganasked what it could be used for. Most likely when the wiggles come to Dreamworld for one of there concerts, they would perform at the amphitheatre.
  5. Gold Coast Amusement Force

    Dreamworld Jet Pack Events

    Jet pack events are coming to Dreamworld supposedly at the end of summer. According to there social media manager.
  6. The Courier-Mail is reporting (subscriber-only article) that the coronial inquest will begin on Tuesday the 3rd of April.
  7. Gold Coast Amusement Force

    Sky Voyager added to Dreamworld map

    Thought I would start a topic for minor updates that don’t need there own topic. Here is the new Dreamworld map including SV.
  8. Gold Coast Amusement Force

    Parkway Mexican Menu

    From facebook- Wanna taco bout something exciting? We are having a fiesta at Dreamworld with our NEW Mexican menu at Parkway Patisserie! Browse the new menu now:
  9. IvySaurus

    Dreamworld Hotdog stand

    Sorry if this has been covered before, but does anyone know what the deal is with the hotdog stand that's opposite the claw? I have seen it open maybe once in the whole time I've been going there.
  10. Tim Dasco

    WWW expansion 2018

    I thought considering this has been semi announced we can make it its own thread. I am personally hoping for something along the lines of the proposed stage 2 for WWW with maybe some different slides on the tower. Will be intresting to see what they end up building.
  11. Ardent AGM has no mention of the Dark Ride that was on the cards for DW. If you love the smell of animal faeces you might be in luck with a new wildlife experience on the cards. DW might think they are playing the safe card going with a wildlife attraction after showing how exceptional they are at providing a safe ride for guests, but let DW be warned, animals carry diseases. Here is a list for diseases that can be transmitted to humans. (Not my fault DW hasn't mastered google, aka SkyRyder). Anthrax Australian bat lyssavirus Cat-scratch disease Cryptococcosis Giardiasis Hendra Virus Hydatid disease Leptospirosis Melioidosis Psittacosis Q fever Ringworm Salmonella Sparganosis Tetanus Toxocariasis Toxoplasmosis Another piss-weak addition arrogantly brought to you by Ardent.
  12. Dreamworld has finally come into terms to remove cages from the ride
  13. Believe it or not, Ardent Leisure may be finally doing something good at Dreamworld! We know a Whitewater World expansion is on the cards which will include, at a minimum, a lazy river with a wave machine - something only seen in Australia at Jamberoo Action Park with their Rapid River. A dark ride is hinted at, possibly to be located next to the future i-Ride. Now... Someone on Facebook commented on Dreamworld's i-Ride artist impression, which was posted to Dreamworld's Facebook page on Sunday: Dreamworld responded: For those who don't know: "the proper jamboree" refers to Country Jamboree, a computerised animatronic show. The show was simply a 15 minute concert of Australian music hosted and performed by Australian fauna. Formerly called Koala Country (Music) Show, it was held in Gum Tree Gully Hall, located in the Gum Tree Gully area. This building now houses Wiggles World's Big Red Car Ride. Opening in 1982 (though originally planned to be an opening day attraction in 1981), it was at some point renamed, possibly after 1983 when a new area called Koala Country (now Dreamworld Corroboree) was opened in the north-eastern corner of Dreamworld. Given the show had a couple of versions until it closed around 2001, it can't be certain which version the Facebook commentator (or potentially DW) was referring to (but for the Facebook commentator, they were likely referring to the original 1982 version). "the paddle steamer" refers to Captain Sturt Paddle Wheeler, a former ride located on the Murrisippi River, an artificial river inside Dreamworld. The ride's main entrance was located in the Rivertown area. The ride's main entrance has since been replaced by ABC Kids World's Bananas In Pjyamas Fun Maze & Play School Wheel. It operated for about 31 years from opening day in 1981 until 2012. The ride was a 30-45 minute trip, held at set times during the day, on a 250-person capacity paddlewheeler along the Murrisippi River (in a clockwise direction), which surrounds Castaway Island (the main artificial island). The river and paddlewheeler were themed as a hybrid Mississippi/Murray River paddlewheeler/river. After leaving Rivertown, the Captain Sturt Paddle Wheeler went past Settler's Cottage then 2 smaller islands east of Castaway Island. The 1st small island had a wooden wharf (which I'm unsure if it was ever (designed to be) used). This wharf led to a Fort and a bridge that connected to the 2nd small island. A bridge from the 2nd small island to Castaway Island then led to a Lookout Tower. Originally, the eastern half of the river was themed to the Wild West of the USA. However, this only lasted less than a year. Opposite to the 2 smaller islands, to the east, originally was an Indian Camp. After 1982, this was replaced by Australian structures themed to the 1850's era. More of these structures were added over time. They were all removed in the early 2000's for new entrances to the Captain Sturt Paddle Wheeler which were added opposite the 2 smaller islands for access to/from the expanded Koala Country area, which was renamed as the Australian Wildlife Experience (now Dreamworld Corroboree). After those 2 smaller islands, the Captain Sturt Paddle Wheeler travelled past a Waterfall, which was turned off and demolished in recent years. The water from a pool above the Waterfall also travelled down an aqueduct to Harper's Oat Mill. This element was removed in 1994 to be replaced by the current-day Billabong Buffet Restaurant and a new railway station for the Dreamworld Express. The ride then finished back at Rivertown. "the bush ranger show" refers to The Dreamworld Bushrangers Show, a stunt show element of the Captain Sturt Paddle Wheeler ride. The Settler's Cottage and the Australian structures of the 1850's era opposite the 2 smaller islands were the sets of the stunt show themed around bushrangers (called the Dreamworld Bushrangers). There were, at least, 2 versions of the show. The show was removed in the early 2000's due to the expansion of the Koala Country area, which was renamed as the Australian Wildlife Experience (now Dreamworld Corroboree). So which one is Dreamworld thinking of re-introducing? The Captain Sturt Paddle Wheeler is very possible given the Murrisippi River is still there. The entrance could be near the Woolshed where the last entrance of the ride was built. Using this location will provide more reason for visitors to head towards Dreamworld Corroboree. All they need is a new paddlewheeler that can run along the track hidden in the Murrisippi River (assuming the track hasn't been removed or doesn't need replacing). Also, they need to add something that you can only see from or during the ride. The Dreamworld Bushrangers Show could be re-introduced as a stand-alone show - maybe incorporating the former Big Brother Studios? A well-produced show with amazing special effects, even if it only operated after-hours as a night show, could become a 'must-see' attraction on the Gold Coast that increases much-needed revenue. The vacant land north of Dreamworld surrounding the former Big Brother Studios could easily be utilised as theming for little to no cost. A brilliant show could easily end up rivalling MW's Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 as the main stunt show of the Gold Coast. However, a simple twice-a-day daytime show held in a small new venue inside Dreamworld could work if the effort on theming & special effects makes it just worthy of seeing. Country Jamboree could be re-introduced in a small building (maybe in the former Big Brother Cafe or somewhere in Dreamworld Corroboree?). Technological changes have allowed animatronics to become interactive and utilise artificial intelligence but whether musical animatronic shows (even to include the technological upgrades) will increase attendance nowadays is up for debate. This attraction may have limited target markets nowadays such as the international tourist market. It could be updated to include more modern iconic Australian music such as AC/DC. Or will the future dark ride incorporate one of those past attractions? Another Facebook commentator wrote (referring to the i-Ride artist impression): Dreamworld gave a very cryptic and vague response in return: Dreamworld gave a similar response when someone else asked on Facebook "What else is in the pipeline". Well it seems we got so far: i-Ride (late December 2018) Whitewater World expansion including, at a minimum, a lazy river with a wave machine Dark ride and/or Country Jamboree or Captain Sturt Paddle Wheeler and/or The Dreamworld Bushrangers Show Main Street update Dreamworld also confirmed on Facebook that they will be posting "sneak previews" of the i-Ride "Closer to the launch": I feel pretty confident that despite us feeling Ardent has no firm plans for Dreamworld, they actually do have plans and they will reveal them over the next year. This financial year may be interesting in regards to Dreamworld's future. However, whether these future plans are up to a theme park standard, is another question altogether.
  14. Gold Coast Amusement Force

    Dreamworld Late September Update 2018

    Wipeout had no water in it at all ` The area where the wipeout surfboards and other things are dumped is now fenced off, or maybe this is for development for the future WWW attraction(s). TOT is still down And finally Tiger Island reserve seating has been moved from the first row too ->
  15. I have been told by a ride op (not that they are always reliable) that Gold Rush is being re-themed to an airport/flying theme to match the i-Ride theme, and Buzzsaw will be renamed.
  16. Gold Coast Amusement Force

    Dreamworld General Updates 2018

    Dreamworld Updates from today Dreamworld really doesn't care about scaring people
  17. Need I say more? This artist impression of Dreamworld's i-Ride came from an article in The Courier-Mail, which also mentions "a multimillion-dollar adventure river ride is also being planned for Dreamworld’s sister park WhiteWater World". Also, back in early June, Ardent Leisure & Brogent Technologies made a press conference at the IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo. It was reported in IAAPA's Funworld Magazine: That's right: i-Ride isn't just for Dreamworld. The expansion will include cities such as Sydney, Melbourne & Auckland. Their flying theatres are targeted towards international tourists and essentially is the same experience you will get at DW. This information comes from the quote below which is based off a Google Translate translation of a Chinese article: It was also reported by Parkworld Online on June 26, which also mentioned former DW CEO, Craig Davidson, was in attendance at that IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo press conference:
  18. Aimsley81

    Dreamworld Memberships

    I have just checked my emails and have received this from Dreamworld today. They will be ceasing all memberships. While I’m not surprised by this I am quite sad about it as I don’t think I would buy an annual pass - not really a lot on offer there to justify the price.
  19. Gold Coast Amusement Force

    New Tiger Cubs Melati and Mya

    Dreamworld's new tiger cubs have arrived and are able to be viewed by the public, although they seem very sleepy. The Tiger Cubs are available in a group session that goes for 20 minutes where you are able to get close to the tigers and have photos taken. This comes at a 140 dollar price tag. They can be seen near the end of pandemonium and the tiger island shop. This comes after Dreamworld introduced the "get close" to the tigers experience where guests can get close to the tigers through a glass wall experience. This sounds like a report but oh well
  20. From Sunday Night (Click this link for a 41 second preview of the story):
  21. Everyone here knows i'm a huge Dreamworld fan, and this year I had the great fortune to spend a day with the man who built the park with his bare hands, John Longhurst. After our first meeting, I came away with a recorded conversation about Dreamworld's history that lasted over an hour and a half, and has been later transcribed into some 16,000 words of what I reckon is some honestly brilliant stories. It also goes a little bit into my own personal history with the park; suffice to say you'll start to understand why i'm so passionate about the place when you read through the article. You can find the first part in a series of stories here - John Longhurst's Dreamworld Stories - Origins - Part 1 I think the magic in this piece comes from simply reading through John's own words, so rather than spoiling the stories at such an early time i'll instead post the pictures that are seen on the jump. Comments and questions are totally welcome. Some of John's many books about Walt Disney. Mr. Day's Coomera property the day John Longhurst bought it. One of John's many books containing a series of incredible photos. Hollywood Cottage, now defunct. As former General Manager for Special Projects, Bob Tan, mentioned to me recently, "As for the cottage, it was very unfortunate. I recall a buyer wanted to take it away and re-erect it at his property on the Gold Coast, but the management of the day decided we disassemble it and store it for future use. It ended up consumed by termites." Dreamworld's Main Street was heavily inspired by Walt Disney World's Main Street of the same name.
  22. Taken from Ardent's FY results presentation. "Planning for Water Park expansion and new Dark Ride progressing". At least the idea isn't dead yet but I don't believe DW has put much of their time into this.
  23. From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: A 30 second preview of the interview can be found here. The 30 second preview of the interview expires on Friday the 14th of February 2020 at 2:35pm. From 7:30's social media: