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  1. Looks like DW have another new theme song
  2. TPSN posted this from DW, don't know where it is from, but it is something shared by DW. And it says that the log ride and vintage cars will be a whole new experience.
  3. It was announced this morning in an interview with Craig Davidsons, that stage 2 for Dreamworlds Corroboree would be completed this year. No details at this stage of what this includes, but I personally hope they upgrade Crocodile enclosures, remove the chairlift station, and maybe this could be the end of vintage cars, or they are improved upon to make them popular like they were back in the day.
  4. KIDS' MONTH AT DREAMWORLD 10 July - 6 August This month is all about kids at Dreamworld with a stellar line up of Australia’s best children’s entertainers. Celebrate with the youngest members of the family with a month of live shows and entertainment including Giggle and Hoot, Play School and Bananas in Pyjamas. Let your little one’s imagination play, when they watch their favourite shows live and get the chance to meet the much-loved characters. There will be a range of arts and crafts, story reading, singing and dancing. There is also, adults at kids prices for general admission throughout the month
  5. On my way home at around 4. I saw the gondola on the western side go up the Giant Drop, stay up there for its usual time, and the drop. I couldn't see if people were riding it, but maybe it has reopened. Can anyone confirm it's reopening?
  6. . In early 2017 Ardent initiated a process to review its 2015 Master Plan for the Dreamworld precinct. Dreamworld is located on prime real estate adjacent to the new Coomera town centre and core infrastructure. This review is considering a number of important factors including: (i) the impact of recent events at Dreamworld; (ii) the feasibility of rezoning parts of the site for alternate uses; and (iii) analysis of the existing Dreamworld footprint to identify potential opportunities for unlocking value. As part of this review Ardent has appointed a town planner to assess the feasibility of rezoning parts of the precinct. Ardent has, and will continue to, engage with third party developers to discuss potential development opportunities and timing for any redevelopment within the precinct. Notwithstanding the review of the Master Plan, Ardent will continue to invest in Dreamworld to facilitate its recovery and ensure it remains one of the Gold Coast’s key tourist attractions. (Taken from Ardent ASX release) Does "Notwithstanding" mean if Ardent will make more money from developing the land and closing DW they will go that way? We also know DW were looking at a 3rd party developer to build a hotel before the events of last year. Maybe DW are looking at going down that path again.
  7. Dates have been announced for this years Stormtroopers weekend. Great to see it return once again
  8. For those out of the loop, there's been a lot of controversy online recently from certain groups claiming that the living conditions for the animals at Sea World specifically are, for the lack of a better word, terrible. I'm a strong believer in swaying discussion not by belittling or being petty, but rather by presenting great information in an entertaining way. To do this we're looking for as much information, data and anything else you can provide that will help us build a solid catalogue of facts to steer the conversation towards logic and reason. That's why we're turning to the community. Let's band together and with your help, start finding all the news clippings, online posts, random citations, research papers, data points, content sources & info we can to hopefully dispel some of the most common misconceptions (like that dolphins live shorter lives at Sea World or that they live in tanks, both of which is not true.) Do you know of a research paper about dolphins in captivity? Post it here. Got a great piece you know of that covers what Dreamworld are doing with Tiger Island? We'd love that link too. Help continue to support our parks by supporting us in our endeavours to create content that'll help us all remove the stigma that surrounds the places we love to visit the most.
  9. Sorry @YLFATEEKS you snooze (or have lunch), you lose. So, what is everyone's desires and thoughts on a replacement for the Gold Rush area of Dreamworld? What stays, what goes, what changes, what gets added?
  10. It was 2008, a fine sunny day at Dreamworld. After waiting in line for over 15 minutes, we hopped on the TOT (this was the one where you would ride forwards as it was 2008) Harnesses were checked and we were ready to go. BOOM! The ride launches. I was 13 at the time and immediately noticed that the ride was going really slow... the launch was around 1/4 the power as a regular cycle. "Mum, I think it's broken" "It'll speed up any minute" The ride continues to slow. The ride stopped in an outdoor part of the track, around 20M before the hill. I was a bit scared, wondering whether it will start working again or whether we would need to be rescued. Around 5 minutes later, two people, a man and a woman climb the ladder up to the track. We are told to remain seated and stay calm. The lady told me it'll be ok, and both of the staff comforted the passengers. Our harnesses released around 2 minutes after that, from the front to the back we had to climb down a staircase. A small crowd was there watching. The ride stayed closed for the rest of the day. We are going back to dreamworld in June, but sadly won't be able to ride this amazing ride again as it will be under maintenance. Anyway, that's just my story. Does anyone else have stories like this?
  11. The below extract taken from 'The Australian' newspaper: 26/04/17 9:52am: Ardent Leisure has announced the appointment of a new chief executive after high-profile leader Deborah Thomas stepped down to undertake a new role as chief operating officer and chief customer officer. Ms Thomas’ surprise move comes two years after she claimed the CEO role and will see former Nine Entertainment finance chief Simon Kelly assume the top job at Ardent from July 1. Full article can be read from the following link: A part of me is surprised by this announcement, though then another part of me is not. Going forward, it will be interesting to see how the installment of a new CEO will shape Dreamworld in the future.
  12. 35 days for $35 is back. Sale ends this Monday, 1 May and gives unlimited entry to Dreamworld until 5 June 2017. Tickets available here:
  13. Dreamworld's new advert for their ' Pure Imagination' campaign is out. And I must say, personally I think this is a great advert and campaign and really allows them to show off all aspects of the park in a really nice way. "Welcome home to Dreamworld; A world created to inspire wonder, where learning has no finish line and where anything is possible when powered by dreams and imagination."
  14. Dose anyone know what is going on with the onride audio with the Hotwheels Sidewiener?
  15. Worth noting Cub Kindy currently has temporary fencing around the enclosure
  16. Does anyone know what time it takes for the carriage/gondola on the Giant Drop to deccelerate?
  17. Hi there! I haven't visited the gold coast since 2010, and I'm thinking about returning for a trip later this year in December. Could somebody please offer a quick summary of the current state of the parks there? I'm specifically interested in Dreamworld/White Water World, Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World and Wet n Wild. Those are the parks I'm most familiar with, but I'm sure there's way more worth visiting on/around the coast. So if you could offer what your experiences have been like recently, it would be very much appreciated. What's the best? What's the worst? Looking into other forum posts, and the recent news articles - I've got the feeling Village Roadshow Parks isn't doing so hot lately. But maybe I'm mistaken on that, what do you think? Thank you for your time.
  18. Get up-close to our majestic tigers in this spell-binding and romantic star-lit setting while enjoying a sumptuous three-course meal and three-hour premium beverage package. Other highlights include an exclusive tiger presentation and a special gift for each couple. 3 COURSE DINNER MENU: Entrée: Antipasto and seafood plater for two: prawns, oysters, Moreton-Bay bugs, smoked Salmon, prosciutto, salami, chorizo, pickled vegetables and assorted artisan breads. Mains: Roasted beef tenderloin, potato rosti, wilted baby spinach, carrot puree and horseradish jus or Baked Atlantic salmon, wild rice, bok-choy, roasted cauliflower and lemon butter sauce. Dessert: Assorted selection of petit fours and pastries for two. 3 HOUR PREMIUM BEVERAGE PACKAGE: Wine: Venue D’Argent NV, Kapuka Sauvignon Blanc, St Hallet Gamekeepers Shiraz. Beer: Boags Light, Peroni Leggera, Corona, Peroni Nastro. Soft options: Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Lemonade, Solo, Cool Ridge water, orange juice. Spirits: available on cash basis. By attending this special evening, you will also be supporting the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation as a portion of all tickets sold and 10% of all merchandise sold in Tiger Bazaar, will be donated to DWF.
  19. ^LOL that should definitely be a law, and the punishment should be a season pass to Dreamworld (and you have to go everyday).
  20. How can the theme parks in Australia stop people having no confidence in them? This is what what was said after the GD safety stop. “We spent the day at dream world today and obviously started off with the iconic 'giant drop.' After spending 5-10minutes stuck up the top and my missus getting quiet nervous saying 'this isn't right we shouldn't be up here for this long,' we finally came down. We were offered no explanation at the bottom, even though we were greeted servicemen/engineers and security, and were ushered along and out the gate quickly. Throughout the day we also noticed that no other visitors were riding the giant drop and it remained empty. I am disappointed in the lack of communication from the staff in this anxious time and suggest that visitors are better informed and looked after in the event of another ride failure, especially the giant drop! “ Other people’s replies “I'm glad you are both okay. “ “I didn’t see anything on the news glad your ok “ “OMG, I hope you guys are okay! I heard about this and saw you were at Dreamworld, luckily no one got injured this time! “ “Absolutely disgusting it's not good enough,this time all were ok thankfully?Same as SeaWorld some of their rides weren't operating but still full price “ “There seems to be a spate of equipment hiccups, and failures, with some of these rides, lately. Glad you guys came out on the good side of the ledger. “ “Going to buy a lotto ticket I think! “ “Its disgusting after everything thats happened there you would have tjought they would have spoke etc to you “ “Not good think things are getting to old need replacing “ “Katie Stevens this man is not concerned the sensors worked- good thing they did or who knows what could of happened. What he is saying is that there was a severe lack of communication from Dreamworld around the incident. This was a big enough incident to alert engineers and security and it even made the news. There should have been communication for all patrons who were on the ride at the time “ “now I'm freakish out about our visit “ “They haven't learned “ “OMG!!! Not good. Are you guys ok? Huge spit needs to happen- not good enough!!! So long as you 2 are ok that's the main thing it Dreamworld Gold Coast need to get their act together!!!! “ “The fact we were able to ride the attraction while it obviously wasn't in 100% working condition is in itself concerning, just expected better from dreamworld “ I totally understand people feeling like this. The media have beaten DW up and now are beating every other park up. What I would like to know from the parks is why does it come across they are not fighting back. All the parks know that every stoppage is going to be pasted everywhere. I think all the parks need to come together on this and create some type of positive campaign about why rides stop. At the very least when something does happen they need to talk to the customers. Customers are anxious and it’s up to the parks to solve this.
  21. I just found a website where you can view high-quality historical satellite imagery of the Gold Coast. It is amazing seeing the theme parks in such detail in the past. Just an idea to 'past the time' until MW's hypercoaster track/support pieces appear, if anyone wants to see something specific of a Gold Coast theme park, just post below and I'll upload one (or the most popular request) each day until then. I'll provide the link to the full website (and thus, the source of the imagery) when the pieces arrive if there was something you wanted to see that had not yet been posted. To start off, here is Sea World on Tuesday the 10th of July 1973:
  22. From the Sydney Morning Herald:
  23. Road Runner Rollercoaster was the 2nd ride to make it into Parkz All Stars Aussie Theme Park. Escape from Madagascar is the 2nd ride turned into paperclips. Parkz All Stars Aussie Theme Park line up 1: Jet Rescue 2: Road Runner Rollercoaster. I know everybody has been checking in every 5mins to see who will battle next and the wait is now over thanks to @Santa07. @Santa07 gave us a selection of 3 but I thought I would stuff it up and add one more.. It’s time to battle! which one will be left standing?
  24. Construction for the new Lego store at Dreamworld is about to begin