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  1. Everyone here knows i'm a huge Dreamworld fan, and this year I had the great fortune to spend a day with the man who built the park with his bare hands, John Longhurst. After our first meeting, I came away with a recorded conversation about Dreamworld's history that lasted over an hour and a half, and has been later transcribed into some 16,000 words of what I reckon is some honestly brilliant stories. It also goes a little bit into my own personal history with the park; suffice to say you'll start to understand why i'm so passionate about the place when you read through the article. You can find the first part in a series of stories here - John Longhurst's Dreamworld Stories - Origins - Part 1 I think the magic in this piece comes from simply reading through John's own words, so rather than spoiling the stories at such an early time i'll instead post the pictures that are seen on the jump. Comments and questions are totally welcome. Some of John's many books about Walt Disney. Mr. Day's Coomera property the day John Longhurst bought it. One of John's many books containing a series of incredible photos. Hollywood Cottage, now defunct. As former General Manager for Special Projects, Bob Tan, mentioned to me recently, "As for the cottage, it was very unfortunate. I recall a buyer wanted to take it away and re-erect it at his property on the Gold Coast, but the management of the day decided we disassemble it and store it for future use. It ended up consumed by termites." Dreamworld's Main Street was heavily inspired by Walt Disney World's Main Street of the same name.
  2. Dreamworks Trolls Village

    After a few months hiatus, Work has finally recommenced
  3. Once again Chanel 7 and 9 are blasting about Dreamworld’s safety systems cough cough “major breakdown”, “passengers terrefied for there lives”. Think it’s time for the news Chanel’s to get a life. Thoughts?
  4. Dreamworld Hotdog stand

    Sorry if this has been covered before, but does anyone know what the deal is with the hotdog stand that's opposite the claw? I have seen it open maybe once in the whole time I've been going there.
  5. New Tiger Cubs Melati and Mya

    Dreamworld's new tiger cubs have arrived and are able to be viewed by the public, although they seem very sleepy. The Tiger Cubs are available in a group session that goes for 20 minutes where you are able to get close to the tigers and have photos taken. This comes at a 140 dollar price tag. They can be seen near the end of pandemonium and the tiger island shop. This comes after Dreamworld introduced the "get close" to the tigers experience where guests can get close to the tigers through a glass wall experience. This sounds like a report but oh well
  6. The Courier-Mail is reporting (subscriber-only article) that the coronial inquest will begin on Tuesday the 3rd of April.
  7. I think the bit towards the end of the attached statement makes it clear they have no plans for a new dark ride as yet. Next stage of Gold Rush redevelopment works commenced.pdf
  8. Ardent's half yearly results are up. @Richard Didn't Ardent Leisure have a name change? Looking forward for Dreamworld (the bit we really care about)
  9. Eureka Mountain replacement dark ride

    Temporary fencing is now gone TRR fence goes all the way down now Bring on this new dark ride
  10. Dreamworld Corroboree - "Stage 2"

    Corroboree Stage 2 Update
  11. Strange new noises on Wipeout

    Check out the groaning and screeching noises of Wipeout, it definitely adds a bit of scare factor and can make some people a bit unnerving. I assume it would just be the new parts wearing in, hopefully there is no issues.
  12. DW today officially announced the Play School Wheel. No offical opening date at this stage, but it will be next month. Minimum height is 80cm (with adult), 90cm without adult
  13. Details for the first Park After Dark event have just been announced Park after Dark is kicking off 2018 with an exclusive live performance by pop sensation, Guy Sebastian! You will also have the chance to brave our adrenalin-pumping thrill rides, enjoy free rides on the V8 Supercar Simulators and FlowRider, scare attraction Zombie Evilution, fireworks and a local DJ to keep you dancing throughout the night. Join us 6:30pm, Saturday 24 February - buy your tickets at
  14. WWW expansion 2018

    I thought considering this has been semi announced we can make it its own thread. I am personally hoping for something along the lines of the proposed stage 2 for WWW with maybe some different slides on the tower. Will be intresting to see what they end up building.
  15. An Article from the Courier Mail this morning. > It suggests there will be an announcement today of the Flying Theatre attraction, and that there are plans to put in a dark ride in the spot of the mine ride.
  16. I'm going to call bullshit without source. I can't imagine you'd have that deep a contact with Dreamworks... but i'm open to being wrong. As for RHLR - a mesh cage fence on top of each log? There's a sure fire way to drown people in case of incident. I call 0% chance of this being true.
  17. Well I was thinking but have not been able to have any good ideas to what Dreamworld would theme the new simulator to and if it is a good addition to the park or not since I have never been on one myself. So with that in mind What do you guys think this new simulator will be themed to Will ardent leisure allow for a budget to do it properly Just general thoughts about having a simulator at Dreamworld
  18. A video had emerged on Instagram of a tiger being hit across the head. Radio media such as Nova is already using it for News, Video,
  19. DREAMWORLD’S parent company Ardent has lost its second CEO in six months, with Simon Kelly resigning suddenly just days after the first anniversary of the tragedy on the Thunder River Rapids. Mr Kelly, who was also the group’s Managing Director, announced his resignation in a statement to the ASX this morning. Rest of the article here..
  20. Hey I was curious if anyone knows what dreamworld studios and the big brother house are being used for currently and whether it is abandoned or if the big brother house was preserved in case channel 9 or channel 10 ever need to make an new series?
  21. Well this was kind of a given really. That's the good bits, here's the full article:
  22. I doubt anything will happen due to Dreamworld and Ardent Leisure being in damage control and the amount of money they have probably lost after TRR incident but would a brand new attraction hurt dreamworld at all? If they were to build a new thrill ride I would like to see a B&M dive coaster (unlikely due to B&M's disney like prices) and put it in ocean parade (behind whitewaterworld and tiger island which would ruin the ambience) or blue lagoon . Since Ariadne said that family rides would be good for the park i think that a spinning mouse or a funtime starflyer would be good since they can provide some mild-moderate thrills. At whitewaterworld I would like to see either a proslide tornadowave or a whitewater west anaconda Again these are just ideas I thought of
  23. Was anyone at dreamworld today who knows anything about the fire? All I know is that I was in a slow moving line (suspicious, because it was so quiet there today) for HWSW when an employee came out and said "there's a grass fire at the back of the park, we won't be running for a little while." We got out of line and went to WW instead of waiting for the ride to start up again, but I did notice that the whole of ocean parade smelled like smoke, and corroboree did as well earlier in the morning. Was just interested to see if anyone else was there to see what was happening.
  24. Let's help save tigers this Global Tiger Day at Dreamworld:
  25. I visited the park awhile (2015, I think?) and I remember being able to see the old site of the Blue Lagoon while on the train journey. Went there last weekend and couldn't see a thing while on the train. Does anyone know if this is because of all the barricades they've put up post TRR or did they demolish the site prior to the tragedy? Or maybe I'm dreaming and remembering something that was never there just because I love SBNO stuff.