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  1. Have a Giggle and Hoot at Dreamworld's newest world for children, ABC KIDS WORLD! Australia’s favourite characters have come to life in this interactive and colourful world of fun, rides and games. Featuring Giggle and Hoot, The Wiggles, Play School and Bananas in Pyjamas, ABC KIDS WORLD is the only one of its kind giving kids and carers a whole world of happiness. Bananas in PyjamasAt ABC KIDS WORLD pre-schoolers will enjoy making their way through the Bananas in Pyjamas Fun Maze as well as meeting the famous residents of Cuddlestown, B1 and B2! Are you thinking what I’m thinking B1? I think
  2. Temporary fencing has gone up around the entrance of the log ride Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CO__LeMJSq0/?utm_medium=copy_link
  3. Have you been on the new Vortex at SW, is this a similar reincarnation of the Wipeout?
  4. I think the bit towards the end of the attached statement makes it clear they have no plans for a new dark ride as yet. Next stage of Gold Rush redevelopment works commenced.pdf
  5. Clearly, the "Aussie coaster that's as old as the Titanic" refers to Luna Park Melbourne's Scenic Railway and "Australia's biggest ride disasters" refer to the 1979 Luna Park Sydney Ghost Train fire and the 2016 Dreamworld Thunder River Rapids Ride incident. Looks like a very interesting program which hopefully balances the positives & negatives of the theme park industry! '7News Spotlight - Ride Of Your Life' airs Sunday the 6th of June between 7pm & 8:30pm AEST on Channel 7.
  6. For our non-Queensland members who can't reach the parks at the minute and can't ride Sky Voyager, I found the backing track for the ride today. Enjoy.
  7. . In early 2017 Ardent initiated a process to review its 2015 Master Plan for the Dreamworld precinct. Dreamworld is located on prime real estate adjacent to the new Coomera town centre and core infrastructure. This review is considering a number of important factors including: (i) the impact of recent events at Dreamworld; (ii) the feasibility of rezoning parts of the site for alternate uses; and (iii) analysis of the existing Dreamworld footprint to identify potential opportunities for unlocking value. As part of this review Ardent has appointed a town
  8. WWW has reduced hours of 11-4 and the majority of DWs attractions have reduced hours, but these do vary
  9. Had to take a leak and get a coffee, so I stopped in at Dreamworld to see how things are. "Theming" (don't worry, keep reading and you'll see why this average first impression and degradation of an iconic building bugs me.) This new precinct, dubbed WhiteFacadeLand is coming together nicely. Guests will be stoked. This is a good execution of continuity for the new WhiteFacadeLand as it starts outside the park and continues inside now. Jokes aside, i'm sure all these panels will eventually get wraps on them but to have your first impression when you enter the pa
  10. Here is the new Dreamworld Annual pass design that is coming out at the end of this year
  11. The Courier-Mail is reporting (subscriber-only article) that the coronial inquest will begin on Tuesday the 3rd of April.
  12. Can anyone tell me if DW has modified the wings on Tailspin? I visited the park yesterday (first time in a couple years!) and felt like the wings don’t move as much as what I remembered them to. I used to be able to get a mad spin going for the entire ride but I couldn’t get my plane to flip once. I was in plane 3 and it was windy and still nothing 😑
  13. Does anyone think Dreamworld will re-open? the other Gold COast parks have but as a yearly member of Dreamowrld we have had no response. I actually wish these guys would sit down and watch Disney Imagennering on Disney Chanell It might wake them up, the park has lost direction yet I still love it. open to here your opinions.
  14. I just thought of marking a place for us to share stories from Theme parks whether they’re insane, scary or happy share them here. Here’s one from theme parks me I remember going into hot wheels sidewinder just to look at the queue because I was too scared to go on it Don’t know what’s going on with the photos so just try your best to ignore it thanks
  15. Hey Im fairly new to the forums but i wanted to bring the subject up about what can go in the place of RHLR another water ride like the mack rides Powersplash?
  16. Hey guys i thought i might as well bring this up as most of you know that CSPW was retired back in 2012 the boat remained in the river for about 1 or 2 years until removing the boat completely. Im not sure if they removed it's guidance track or not but since then its basically become a swamp more than a river but what do you guys think dreamworld should do the the river
  17. Since there is a million threads about what should be replaced or what’s next for a theme park, why not discuss about ideas for a new themed area for Dreamworld! The Gold Rush Country is basically gone so what do people think should be replacing it. Do keep in mind that the area currently is home to The Giant Drop, BuzzSaw and is going to be the home of the new coaster. The area highlighted is the area that needs to have a new theme. Since the area is nearly as big as WWW, it could be split into two smaller themed area or one giant themed area. I personally think a futuristic a
  18. noahjohnstone on YouTube, has uploaded another drone overview video of Dreamworld, but this time, It's the Blue Lagoon area.
  19. The official details that were revealed back on the 3rd of February: And from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:
  20. Thank you for the info. I was wondering due to the plunge in share price that something may have happened today.
  21. Look what’s back! Tickets are 29 dollars or 19 for passholders
  22. I just heard that the TOT is going to be removed, and this is really sad. I stay at the Gold Coast for only a half years, and I did not ride TOT for so many times. Although TOT will be removed, what kinds of new rides do you think would replace it? I am not sure whether DW wants to add the new rides with the same height as TOT. If they really want to build another roller coaster with over 100 meters, I believe that the upgraded version of Turbo Track at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi would be a good choice. Another Roller Coasters, such as B&M Giga, Intamin Gig
  23. Ardent Leisure Group was fast out of the gates on Tuesday morning, after a buyer paid a 20 per cent premium to snap up a 4 per cent stake in the company. The Ardent Leisure share price is one of the top performers today, it’s up 16%. Why Is The Ardent Share Price Jumping? According to reporting by the Australian Financial Review, a large investor has bought 4% of the company at a price 20% higher than where the shares were previously trading. The trade at $1.20 per share supposedly was handled by UBS and was worth a total of almost $23 million shares.
  24. So seeing that dreamworld announced that they are spending 50 million dollars for new attractions in the next few years with 30 million for the coaster and 7 million for the waterslides. We are still left with around 13 mill for further attractions obviously there is also the multi million dollar ABC kids area expansion but I doubt it will be that much so what else do you think could be coming. I think it will be a flat ride maybe to accompany the roller coaster in that section of the park or maybe some sort of dark ride.
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