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  1. (Please note this is a question for discussion but I think it’s worth addressing) As we all know VRTPs we’re sold to a capital investment firm earlier in the year. The first big change since this occurred was the Hooray for Hollywood, which was a great event and a good sign for the future. Since then though VRTPs have been slowing in momentum. - Leviathan has paused completely - Trident is nowhere to be seen - Trading hours have been cut across the parks admittedly the new Wet N Wild Slides have progressed and Paradise Country has had some new additions but vaccine
  2. I think the next announcement will be the ABC World Renovation, it needs a couple more rides and if they can get the Bluey licensing this will refresh this area of the park considerably. This was in the pipeline pre covid and I think was budgeted at about $1,000,000, so within the scope of what they can afford. Luna Park Sydney invested about $17,000,000 and that got '9' rides, which is a really productive use of money, this is all less than the cost of the Taipan.
  3. I am a local on the Gold Coast who is used to the annual passes of our local passes. I was looking into attending Aussie World but noticed they only have day passes and not annual passes, this does make a day out quite expensive as you can’t bring your own food in either. I don’t think there are many theme parks in Australia that don’t offer annual passes and I know Aussie World used to do this. I am just interested in the thoughts behind not having an annual pass, surely increased visitation means better upsell profit, more of a buzzing vibe in the theme park and better PR, I just find i
  4. It's a great event, pretty conservative in case of Covid lockdowns, reusing the Winterville Village and great variety. This is a low risk home run in my mind.
  5. I think it might be a minor miracle if Leviathan makes a Christmas launch, same with Trident.
  6. Best Summer Ever Train opens Steel Taipan 40th Anniversary event Plus whatever world class event they have My prediction for the Spring event (and what this is based on) Spring - Farmyard animals. Spring animals etc... They have a Tik Tok which has Kenny and Belinda in farm costumes They had a instagram post the other day which had a baby animal in it It looks like they might be building a farmyard nursery at the back near Corroboree.
  7. A really excellent decision to extend, it’s been such a wonderful event, I hope some of the things stay (expanded Looney Tunes characters for example)
  8. Thank you for the article, I personally think this is the best event Movieworld has done, lots of new floats, great atmosphere in the streets and a real 'buzz'' at all times.
  9. Yeah I rode Rivals today and it wasn’t rough, but one carriage meant 80 minute waits
  10. yes, it is popped in the billabong restaurant and basically is just plastic “ice blocks”, with a dimension of no more than 10 by 5. The blocks kept going to fall as well.
  11. I went last night and thought I would add some thoughts. Positives + great entry process, early entry was great + fantastic to see Dreamworld buzzing with a large crowd, people having fun and a vibe of excitement + Winterville is a great little pop up, well themed and a perfect spot + The Winterfest sign was wonderful, the very front of the park looked wonderful Some possible suggestions for going forward + The “central” entertainment was non existent, it was hard to tell if there were any shows or places to be at a certain time + The lighting wa
  12. Was there this morning, agree the vibe is amazing, always something happening. The app has updated so you need to be in park to VQ, that seems to have improved the VQ wait times, at 11 hypercoaster was only 10 minutes, green lantern was empty ! It’s a great event
  13. A ridiculous show, really unfair they show a tragedy then cut to footage at Movieworld. Well done Channel 7, the parks have just come out of COVID and you’re out there trying to destroy an industry that employs thousands.
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