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  1. A really excellent decision to extend, it’s been such a wonderful event, I hope some of the things stay (expanded Looney Tunes characters for example)
  2. Thank you for the article, I personally think this is the best event Movieworld has done, lots of new floats, great atmosphere in the streets and a real 'buzz'' at all times.
  3. Yeah I rode Rivals today and it wasn’t rough, but one carriage meant 80 minute waits
  4. yes, it is popped in the billabong restaurant and basically is just plastic “ice blocks”, with a dimension of no more than 10 by 5. The blocks kept going to fall as well.
  5. I went last night and thought I would add some thoughts. Positives + great entry process, early entry was great + fantastic to see Dreamworld buzzing with a large crowd, people having fun and a vibe of excitement + Winterville is a great little pop up, well themed and a perfect spot + The Winterfest sign was wonderful, the very front of the park looked wonderful Some possible suggestions for going forward + The “central” entertainment was non existent, it was hard to tell if there were any shows or places to be at a certain time + The lighting wa
  6. Was there this morning, agree the vibe is amazing, always something happening. The app has updated so you need to be in park to VQ, that seems to have improved the VQ wait times, at 11 hypercoaster was only 10 minutes, green lantern was empty ! It’s a great event
  7. A ridiculous show, really unfair they show a tragedy then cut to footage at Movieworld. Well done Channel 7, the parks have just come out of COVID and you’re out there trying to destroy an industry that employs thousands.
  8. Took some photos behind the walls at Trolls Village today. Is it just me or does the 'background' look 'new'? Anyone have any guesses as to what the theme could be? Could this be 'Winterville' for Winterfest?
  9. The kids offering is very poor at the moment, 'Big Red Boat' is half capacity (lol), Gingy's Gliders is shut, The Donkeys are shut and the Shrek Carousel is down, if you have a toddler there is nothing.
  10. Dreamworld actually has a pretty good selection of flats now. I think their recovery strategy should mostly be made up of coasters, refurbishing ABC world and expanding corroboreee (which I feel is what they might do where the log ride is). I still think they should be getting the Trolls license back.
  11. Dronkey Flyer maintenance extended until June 25. I would say a Dreamworks rebranding is coming. Pretty poor the park waits until 9:00am on the day its supposed to open to extend maintenance.
  12. I don’t think so. I imagine the land there is going need to settle for a bit. I believe they are also clearing around Trolls Village, so it is good to see Dreamworld getting a clean up.
  13. Dreamworld desperately needs an app. To launch that with Virtual Queues like Movieworld would be a good move.
  14. I think if they went more 'young tween' they could do Teen Titans, its more relevant to tweens than say Madagascar at Dreamworld.
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