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  1. Great move, especially as it is basically a front of line pass too.
  2. Dreamworld continues to lead the way with inclusivity and repurposing old spaces into something genuinely useful - a great move.
  3. Unfortunately it is the official characters. Saw them both in the parade
  4. Does anyone else think the Movieworld characters for Heroes and Villains look considerably worse this year? I've attached photos of the Riddler and the Penguin, both look like a considerable downgrade and actually look tacky. Photo credit: Movieworld's Instagram.
  5. $10 is a bargain - what a great offer. It's great to see Dreamworld experimenting with events like this.
  6. A great move. The ride line up is looking a lot healthier than it was on the page a week ago. Marvin the Martian reopens next week too.
  7. That’s a really good promo. Seems to be a great mix of CGI and practical sets they set up for filming. Very good.
  8. It's great to see enhancements still being made to WhiteWater world, it has been left behind in the redevelopment plans though, a lazy river would actually go well. I acknowledge the paintings of the slides and Fully Six but this was all pre 2022.
  9. Trying to stay on topic but Dreamworld does have an Autism day which seems a bit more genuine. The good news is that The Flash has a night time lighting package and I think that is good. While it's a recycled ride at least we're getting a decent sign and some lighting. I know it's not a huge amount of effort but it's more than would have previously been done.
  10. There is fencing in the car park of Dreamworld now, perhaps we'll see the coaster arrive soon?
  11. Normally in April Dreamworld runs the Street Food Festival, which I find is a fun event that adds to a pretty good day. I've noticed that they have removed the 'Street Food Festival' from there 'What's on?' page and the website link is dead. It does seem Dreamworld is doubling down on Spring County Fair and Winterfest - maybe the food festival is dead?
  12. Wow this looks great, where did you see these concepts? I wonder if it will be a sit down restaurant, that would be nice.
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