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  1. Brad2912

    The Off Topic Topic

    Far out, I’m no spelling nazi but a proof read before posting isn’t hard... Staff were stapeling people?? right... scooby stuck before the backwards drop? You weren’t stuck, you were probably just the second car to be released backwards... Isn’t WWF always open 10-5 on weekends ?
  2. 🤷‍♂️ Think he’s saying people try and assume things and are wrong, but Parkz is right?
  3. Didn’t we all think this was happening in a similar downtime period last year? I’ve seen nothing official.. you’d think they’d make a song and dance about the fact a “new” ride is opening
  4. Brad2912

    Parkway to sell mexican food?

    But if you are wrong, we’ll have tequil-ya
  5. Brad2912

    Dreamworks Trolls Village

    Unless it’s disappeared since Saturday, there is still a theatre. The cinema, however, is gone...
  6. Brad2912

    Dreamworks Trolls Village

    What an absolute crock of a news story and who is this goose Communcation Manager from DW? We’ve got a kid saying “a trolls ride will be great” when it’s known that isn’t happening (why put that in your clip??) and the major “secrets we don’t want to reveal” are that there will be a costume section where people can get dressed as Trolls - no doubt an up-charge, and a cupcake shop - which again is an added cost. Add roving troll Characters to the park, put the show in the existing theatre and you could have saved all this construction which is centred around upcharge & f&b revenue... Oh and then cue the footage of the flipped raft and body/parts covered in sheets - so as Mummy & Daddy call the kids over to the tv to see the story on the news about Trolls they get tragedy thrown at them...
  7. Brad2912

    Dreamworks Trolls Village

    Now now Skeet... this attraction will be right up there with the best in the world - think Wizarding World at Universal & Star Wars Land at Disney. Dreamworld says so themselves... Dreamworld general manager marketing and communications Phillip Hancox said this Trolls extension is a world-class, world-first attraction.
  8. Brad2912

    Dreamworks Trolls Village

    Well they do, it’s just full... this is as close to that area as you could get really. It does appear plonked, and mistimed, but I’m sure it will be popular with little kids none the less
  9. I’m also amazing that the ride was booked out a month in advance for fast pass access?? WTF? How long are the bloody iconic rides booked out for in that case?
  10. Interesting one... part of me hates that this guy is basically a con man. But nothing he is doing is hurting anyone. Sneaking into the park without paying is poor form and I wouldn’t condone that for a second, but I’d have been much more concerned had he done so without going thru security screening etc as that would have really put some security failures in open view. As for the hotel and the fast pass - I have no real issue - he’s talked his way into a few benefits, no difference to chick flirting with a cop to avoid a ticket, or me being super complimentary to the girl at my local Carvery shop so I get extra pork crackling... It’s unfair that everyone can’t do it - but that’s life. I don’t think he’s giving anyone a bad name, other than himself for those who will chastise him for his actions. If he’d paid for entry - I’d have no problem with what he’d done.
  11. An American Style diner would work well I reckon, with Philly cheese steak, loaded hotdogs and fries, New York style pizza. Things that are unique we have seen work well at Carnivale like Millionaires Bacon. So many options and ideas, so little creativity by their F&B team
  12. Not just HJs but also Maccas, KFC, Asian, Kebabs & Subway. Only time I eat a meal at MW is if I decide to go “all out” and do Ricks, with the same applying for DW and Billabong. Other than that I’ll buy an ice cream or drink whilst in there but that’s it - having a pass means I generally only do half day visits so plan lunch before or after
  13. AMF/Zone made it pretty clear 5 years ago that league bowling was no longer going to be treated like their bread & butter despite it being the only really guaranteed regular income on their books. But that’s what happens when your two Target demographics are at polar opposites to each other. Leaguers want house lights and patterned lanes, the rest of the public want blacklights and music pumping. It’s a shitfight of cosmic proportions when you have to deal with it Day in & out. Most of the larger league focused centres have gone the way of the dinosaurs anyway...
  14. Push...I used to manage a large retail operation with 5 mins of MW. The same target market from MW used to flog about $1-2000 worth of goods WEEKLY. They’d scam a lunch without batting an eyelid, and it would then take away a service person or manager to deal with all the “complaints” or to manage their authenticity The target market for your hotel example isn’t teenagers, who wouldn’t fork out the price for the hotel anyway...
  15. Brad2912

    Big Banana & The Coffs Harbour Bypass

    I would of had another option in question 2 of the poll: nothing: I only stopped there as it was a unique yet convenient place to stop on the way thru Coffs. I wouldn’t go out of my way for any of its offerings