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  1. You are all kinds of frustrating dude... "wording" refers to the use of words in the forming of a sentence. I wasn't talking about spelling mistakes or an overlooked acronym. Before you go all Macquarie on me, that's not a dictionary definition, it's a laymans definition. And you do nitpick, incessantly..
  2. Yes it is but I believe the release said 2018 calendar year, not financial
  3. Would have got a 👍 From me...
  4. Seriously... you are pulling me up for putting VTP instead of VRL? (Considering we are talking about the theme park component of the results here...) how does "magic can be yours now" relate in anyway to "get into the action on the best of our rides"?? (Are they admitting to having crap rides, so we should only get into the action on the best ones???) They are not familiar or linked at all.. if the tag lines are "action" "best" and "rides" then put them into a sentence that makes sense..
  5. Yeah true, I guess when one of the major points stated that the theme parks division will be down, but the level of which will be dependent upon June VIP renewals, that I expected some commentary on what they will to drive those sales and minimise the loss..
  6. No mention of the new coaster in the half year results presentation, which seems odd to me given that the results are poor for the entire company (not just theme parks). Just a little 'new attraction coming soon'. You'd think they'd have wanted to instill some confidence in the market by shouting out "biggest attraction in the Southern Hemisphere". here's the relevant page of their presentation They also need a better PR company to do their presentation slides. Some of the wording is terrible for an official released document. "Get into the action on the best of our rides" ??? "Importantly, Dreamworld is of course not a VTP park" ?? who wrote this?
  7. Agree with Alex that the majority of the track will likely be stored within the ride footprint. No need for additional fencing, easy access in & out and convenient for when things start going upwards..
  8. Agree. Dr Who is a big no for me. It's popular, but it's niche. I like the genre, but for reasons even unbeknownst to me, I struggle to engage with a lot of British film/tv. To me Dr Who is one of those shows where the fans think that it's super popular, amazing tv & believe everyone loves it, but in reality everyone on the outside of the 'Whovians' are looking at them thinking wtf....
  9. Did you jump into it head first at 100km/h?? the simple fact is your head or neck isn't designed to be colliding with anything at that speed.
  10. Knew I should have put a little * with a disclaimer at the bottom.. @AlexB I agree that West/Gold Rush CAN be exciting & wow, if done right. Disney obviously set the benchmark, and I guess my comment is derived from parks that think if they use weathered/rusty/disheveled furnishings they have succeeded in creating a themed area. Wild West at MW could be an exceptional example if there was more in the area. The mountain itself is awesomely done by Australian & even some international standards. The facades are great, but if a few of them were not facades but actual store fronts, whether they be retail, F&B etc, I think it would add greatly to the area.
  11. TBH I'm not crazy for the 'Australiana' theme anyway. We're in Australia, why so we need a themed area in the park themed to where you are? Just seems a confusing context to me. I get Gold Rush theming paying homage to a past era in our history. But that's relevant to the mining era in many countries, not just Australia. It also been done to death as a theme. It's not an overly exciting theme, it's not vibrant, welcoming, there's not much WOW to it as a theme IMO... I'd rather see something fresh, creative & modern...
  12. Smashing your head into a cage if you went airborne off the Hump at that speed would likely have had a similar outcome...
  13. What you got against Blinky Bill huh?
  14. Was expecting you to say like 10-15 workmen.. if i say "a number of...." it's usually because I can't be bothered counting the total number, but counting to 3 or 4 isn't too strenuous on my brain..