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  1. And people are suggesting that’s a poor idea that he wouldn’t want or be comfortable with
  2. Nothing cooler on a hot day than sitting on a bench in direct sun with concrete and bricks surrounding you…
  3. There has been a ride op in a room monitoring cctv at the bottom of the second/major lift for as long as I can recall - at least a few years. Haven’t been on it since it reopened with the new boats so can’t speak for if they are still there. I know the Op at the top of the lift before the splash down stopped being there a couple of years ago that I can remember
  4. I wasn’t aware it was due to new trains (they didn’t appear new/different to me) but for a few months now the loader has been telling people that the back restraint must fit snuggly to you, and that they have no control over it basically so even though you may “fit” if it doesn’t touch your back you cannot ride
  5. You a seem little cranky lately? I mean I get it, 2022 has been pretty f**ked thus far… Yeah I guess it’s only a little better than this one from a few years back….
  6. Good pickup. Clearly the same ad company.
  7. Well unless the school executive principal is flat lying to the faces of the p&f - hey he could be - but as the secretary of the p&f (was called p&c in Sydney) for the last 4 years he had no reason to lie to me. There is nothing to gain from doing so. I’ve also seen the teachers listings for 2022 vs 2021 first hand for my son’s school.
  8. One of the better marketing activations of seen for a ride in Australia…
  9. It’s more to allow time for schools and the edu dept to adequately find a way to fill the 3,000 odd teachers, assistants and admin staff roles that have been lost due to vax mandates. My son’s school has over 30% of the teaching faculty not returning, that’s not even including those in the admin functions, and it’s similar at surrounding schools. It’s also due to the fact those first 2 weeks of school were to be the predicted “peak” in Qld, which is already happening in nsw and vic. @Park Addict 93 what are you concerned about being improbable?
  10. This guys seem to mix the definition of “prediction” and “idea”. this guy isn’t in Australia and has zero actual insight or knowledge of Aussie parks. he starts with “if I was running movieworld…” so anything after that - it’s not a prediction, it’s a thought. if he was titling his videos as “this is what I think would be cool!” then I’d be all for it, but just because a ride is being demolished and another rides footprint fits within it doesn’t make that a prediction (imo..)
  11. Do you mean at Mermaid Beach on the GC Highway? It is a really good set up down there, but I wouldn’t say it’s superior in every way. It’s less themed, and it doesn’t have any indoor courses for extremely hot or rain effected days which is a massive plus for families
  12. Shame to hear the consentino show was poor. I obviously haven’t seen this iteration but I was pretty happy with his first holiday appearances a couple of years back. Still think the weirdness and energy of the Fun House show presented by Strut & Fret was by far their best offering since the exhibition centre has been used.
  13. If only they’d also included a worldwide pandemic into their plans…. sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches.. I’d also give them a little more credit than classifying Leviathan as being “half-complete”
  14. Yeah I’ve seen kids being asked plenty of times, and as much as I’d be happy to take him on there, I’m not in the habit of teaching him it’s ok to lie, especially when it comes to a supposed safety related rule
  15. Agree. I’m still working on getting an inversion into my kid (9). The concept is hard for them and it is a big step up. I’m working on the Gold Coaster as a first as it’s probably the most mild inversion. To be honest The Claw is a good intermediary to being inverted, but DW has that ridiculous rule that you have to be 10 to ride it…
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