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  1. A If DW demolish the mountain and then go to the expense of building a 'shed' (your words) to enclose the existing ride structure, they are more stupid than I thought.. if you are going to the expense of building a purpose-build indoor arena, you'd utilise it for a great new ride, not for a ride that will wear off the feeling of nostalgia after one ride.. and that's all this ride has going for it, nostalgia. The trains were uncomfortably small unless riding solo or anorexic twins, and the track layout was rough and jolty... and that was before it sat rusting for over a decade...
  2. Ligers are pretty cool actually. Sure DW can organise some private time for one of the lions and a tiger in the two weeks... Would be a hell of a drawcard...
  3. Flash I would imagine is the speed force, pretty happy with it tbh...
  4. I think it's fair logic that they will aim for the school holidays, and the October 'official' date is to give them a bit of breathing room incase of delays
  5. According to MW you need a VIP magic pass or a membership
  6. They already have white tigers... im sure it will just be the same as last time around when the lair first opened for the lions
  7. That opens the can of worms though in that if they are now deciding to go above and beyond with safety, should all rides not have operated at the optimal top safety level at all times? So was the ride effectively not safe previously? I doubt ride manufacturers offer an upgraded "extra safe" add-on to their rides. If there is a feature that makes guests safer, it should be a standard
  8. Didn't mind No Sugar. It is closer in taste to regular Coke and appears to have more fizz and is minus the aftertaste of zero. It's a winner for mine, but still prefer Max
  9. Prefer Pepsi Max, but I do like Coke Zero. Haven't tried No Sugar as yet, it's in the fridge getting Cold
  10. Cmon.. 'easy' indicates that the majority or most could accomplish the task. I've never heard of anyone intentionally or unintentionally slipping out of the existing restraints
  11. as I've said many times, I don't think any standalone season of AHS could carry an entire maze. The only one maybe that could would be Freak Show, but then there isn't a heap of difference to that at other clown based mazes given the likely inability of MW to actually find a 2 headed lady
  12. MW is referring to a full circuit Coaster, which ToT is not
  13. Bit hard to pick up where they left off when the centrepiece of any original plans they had is now to be demolished. A guess is there would now be a vastly different plan to anything they were considering 12 months ago
  14. I guess it's possible. i put the car movements down to DW trolling us and other online/social media outlets, knowing giving it a push a metre here or there would spark conversation about the park im still not 100% sure re-opening a derelict 10 year SBNO attraction achieves much positivity or goodwill for a business still trying to re-establish its image in the publics eye as being safe.
  15. Can't see anyway that the mine ride would be opening in 3 months. RHLR and vintage cars. Sure.