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  1. Shhh the social media team don’t understand ride composition. Triple launch = 3 separate launches to them.
  2. Yep, I wrongly stated QLD when I meant GC, my bad. last week was the first week I have worn a mask since covid became a word we all know. as for masks in parks - I can only applaud how Movieworld handled this over the weekend, where as it was a firm Fail for dreamworld
  3. Because you are talking about a completely different operating environment. the economy is different, the cost of standard admission is different, the mix of one day admissions vs annual passes is different, the currency/exchange is different, the visitation numbers are different. it’s the equivalent of walking into a restaurant in darling harbour and saying “why is this steak $48 when I can get one at Denny’s in downtown LA for $11”.
  4. Not QLD wide, that was only in Brisbane so didn’t effect the Gold Coast or theme parks
  5. Impossible to tell really. The last 6 days have been the first time masks have been mandated in QLD since the pandemic started (outside of hospitals and aged care). Providing the next 2 weeks rides out without any unlinked cases, masks will be gone again by mid April.
  6. Yesterday the following was closed at DW MDMC Pandamonium Shockwave Escape from Madagascar Tailspin for a family group and that is a massive closure list and only leaves rides for toddlers, or high level thrill rides with the exception of Sky Voyager. Movieworld had closures but still has rides across all the main groups. Families still have WWF, Scooby, Road Runner, and the thrill seekers still have SE, Rivals and GL
  7. That doesn’t clear anything up, there is nothing to clear up. without the “tower of terror” ride, the “tower” wouldn’t exist.
  8. Not particularly maintenance related but just noticed something whilst checked DWs maintenance page to decide which park to take my son to today (btw don’t bother with DW half of everything is closed). but they appear to have added weight limits for all their rides, where previously I had only seen them on slides. escape from Madagascar now lists a max weight of 90kg. I’ve been taking my son on this ride for 5 years, I used to be quite heavier than I am now, but am now too heavy to go on it? Seems a ridiculous weight limit. Has anyone seen it they have installed weigh-pla
  9. How about you head down and let us know...
  10. Given the tower was built with the sole purpose of supporting TOT, the reason Tower of Terror was written on the side was because the tower WAS the ride. The tower wasn't just standing there without a ride attached to it for years before they decided to add the track...
  11. That rule only applies to indoor locations. There is no outdoor limits
  12. Until 3 days ago there has been no social distancing in QLD for months, as long as the 1 person per 2sqm is observed, which is simple to do in a big maze. It will largely depend how this current lockdown goes, if it finishes tomorrow or drags on. I know It’s a roughly 6 month process with maze builds, logistics etc so I decision would need to be made soon on whether they move forward or scrap it There is ZERO chance borders are open in October, or at all this year except to maybe NZ. the govt also said they’d have 4million people vaccinated by the end of March
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