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  1. But a supply and demand increase isn’t a credible pricing policy if half of the dispatches are going out with those seats filled. the best way to sell those seats, is from positive word of mouth. If less people are riding because you’ve upped the price, that’s less people to talk it up. If as a rider I’m seeing the backwards line empty or short, I’m also questioning whether the experience is worth the coin if people are not paying to do it. it’s a viscous cycle that isn’t benefitting the park imo…
  2. At $30 it wouldn’t even be a consideration for me. it’s a cash grab At $20 it was already a very questionable decision. Imo it should be $10 off peak, and $20 during holidays, or $30 for both seats
  3. From a Safety standpoint you don’t want to be seen to be incentivising staff to dispatch trains faster. from a management perspective, you shouldn't be incentivising staff to do what is their job already - they get paid for that. Have the staffing, operations, training and expectations in place and incentives aren’t necessary
  4. Driving past the park at 5:15am this morning, there was work occurring on the tower. It was still dark apart from sparks. If I had I to have a guess I’d assume something to do with the removal of the ToT lettering given they were on the west bound side facing the M1 and about at the height of the bottom letter
  5. actually found that pretty cool to watch. no idea who he is or aware of his regular content etc, but i thought it was produced really well. As someone who loves rides and coasters, it can sometimes be hard to fathom how genuinely scared some people are of them.
  6. They were allowing re-rides on ST two weeks ago when I was there. Even if there were people in the line for your gate, if there was other vacant seats you could just shuffle around
  7. Let’s be frank here, no one is going to be surprised if these rides don’t open until the Christmas holidays. it’s a joke, but it’s a reality that seems more and more likely.
  8. WinterFest is back (as expected) 25th June to 17th July all activities/experiences appear identical to last year with the exception of being able to hire a igloo so you are guaranteed somewhere to sit and eat… Should add that there at this point is no announcement about any extended trade nights, which did occur a couple of times last WinterFest. This also appears to be new.
  9. Well credit where it’s due, that’s great to see (whether it was due to someone seeing it here or elsewhere)
  10. I knew this would be raised. I remember it fondly waiting for the 11am rope drop in that wooden “tunnel”. The difference there was you had other high profile rides open - you could ride Demon, Space Probe, Bounty etc. If some or even one of the other coasters in the park was open, then maybe I wouldn’t view it as such an issue, but coasters are a parks bread and butter, to have none operation - and it be planned to be that way - I don’t think is good enough. If you plan for one or two to be open and by chance have breakdowns etc, that’s another thing.
  11. If that’s the case then reference it. Don’t make it look like you’ve just reduced hours as a cost cutting measure. Say “due to works on the DW Tower, ST will temporarily be open from 12-4 weekdays”. it’s still ridiculous planning however to have every coaster closed during certain hours of the day - especially when it’s planned and not unexpected maintenance
  12. So you think it’s ok that the park has ZERO operating rollercoasters between open and midday, and again from 4pm, on top of a variety of other kids rides down? Yeah that doesn’t fly with me. Not for a new signature attraction, it should be open every moment possible. It creates atmosphere, is viewable from the front of park, and it is bringing people in specifically to ride it.
  13. In other news I just popped down and got my first ever ride on ST. Loved it. Was in a bit of a rush so couldn’t be patient with waiting for specific rows but got a ride in row 4 and row 3. loved the backwards launch, much more punchier then I expected. Loved the sharpness of some of the corners and that final roll really whips you. It’s by far the best thing DW has ever offered, and certainly sits comfortably in the top 3 rides on the GC.
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