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  1. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Terrible decision if that proves true... I hope it’s not
  2. I’ve done backwards twice, one day run, and one night run. that’ll be it for me unless I have a mate up doing a first visit who wants to give it a run. im not usually a nauseous person on rides, but I was getting there by the end of the ride both times.
  3. White Christmas 2017

    No idea what this is supposed to mean ..???..
  4. White Christmas 2017

    Yes, yes it is.
  5. I’m with Push on this one... JSD is very well themed for a kids car ride. Anyone saying otherwise is because they are downplaying it as it isn’t a ride for their demographic or because they are overly critical as it replaced LTRR..
  6. The same reason any ride closes... the cost to maintain or repair is too prohibitive to continue operation.
  7. No, no it’s not, it’s a bit hard to view a rollercoaster from old entry to LTRR, given it’s indoors. yes, it’s a staff office now
  8. Idiot falls off Jamberoo's Chairlift.

    Just put a Cage around the chair... #simples
  9. Sounds like a great idea to me... how much of the show building is currently utilised by JDS? Looks a significant portion or it only about 50%
  10. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Dunno where you guys find all these vomitters from... I’ve been going to theme parks for near on 27 years and have never seen someone vomit first hand on or after a ride
  11. Alright.., we’ll lets just leave as a lot of people work, a lot of people don’t. Back to the topic at hand...
  12. Well tradies are usually self employed, so they can choose, I’m yet to meet one who works between xmas and New Years, maybe your family members are smart and get everyone elses business. Lawyer - i’d consider that largely an essential service depending on which branch of law. My 2 brother-in-laws work in manufacturing - both plants/factories have a 2 week closure. I work in corporate hosting and event management and even we close except for 1 person manning the phones. Childcare? Never heard of any open in between Xmas and new year on the Gold Coast. Again, I’m sure you’d find one or two, but certainly not a majority or a standard. A lecturer? What educational institute runs classes between Xmas and new year?? None.
  13. Maybe it’s due to there only being 1 train running? But literally just watched about 10 cycles plus mine and that’s how it was loaded
  14. pretty much every non-essential/non-tourism, hospitality or retail industry closes down for 1-2 weeks - including most tradies and builders
  15. At MW now and in the single rider queue currently for DCR. Interesting to note that regardless of the groups in the regular queue line - row 10 is always given to 2 people from the single rider queue.