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  1. Had that exact same question and kept scrolling to see if there was an answer… but nope!
  2. He was my Uber driver on Saturday night...
  3. EFT terminal has been with the sorter every visit I can recall since opening
  4. 100% Leviathan is substantially more thrilling than Storm
  5. yeah, they are completely unrelated to theme park roller coasters.
  6. looks like a refreshed look across the board with many characters, so i'd say this may have been implemented at a level higher than VTP management and possibly by DC/WB themselves. I actually don't mind that iteration of the Penguin, certainly has some roots from the comics and the Iceberg Lounge
  7. Doesn’t look like timber to me?
  8. Similar spot. Pass expires in 3 weeks. have a renewal offer as always, but can’t see myself visiting until they get on top of things and WoO is little closer to reality. weighing up weather to burn the $30 per pass discount for the fact I may get more use out of it by waiting
  9. Vekoma uploaded these on their insta
  10. Only pico I know is pico de gallo on my Guzman burritos…
  11. Yeah, cool. Was there 4 weeks ago.
  12. I agree, however i can just imagine how slow that loading would be on a big wheel.... you want a leisurely trip and would be stuck on it for an hour
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