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  1. They don't look 'bad' they could just have been executed better, with a better lighting set up above the cap. Now they just need to replace the archaic entry sign with something visually appealing and welcoming
  2. Wild west falls

    Pretty standard to be closed the majority of winter
  3. Ekka 2017

    So... First it was 5 lights that fell off and hit someone Then it was a piece of light (whatever that means) Now it's a falling xmas tree string light.. Next... oh, a spotlight shone in a girls eyes and she was momentarily blinded for 0.1 seconds
  4. They are holding off to combine it with the members only Nickelodeon Land sneak peak event...
  5. Ekka 2017

    How does one get hit by a singular piece of light? (Thought it was 5, but anyways....) Is it similar to when you open the curtain first thing in the morning and get bashed in the eyeballs by the sun?
  6. Songcheng Legendary Kingdom in Nerang

    Cedar Fair at Nerang! Sweet!
  7. Fright Nights 2017

    Not sure if it's been brought up elsewhere (apologies if it has) but anyone notice the new VIP locals passes don't include a Fright Nights ticket anymore - only White Xmas & Carnivale. Maybe an attempt to cut non-paying crowds down, though the hopeful part in me wishes they will in the future set an age restriction of 15+ and bring some increased scares & gore. That will be a lot easier to do when FN tickets are no longer included in standard VIP passes which are taken up by many kids/families
  8. Movie World Parade Time Move

    If so why not make it 6pm so you might encourage some families after school/work as with the Dc parade? im assuming its just the normal star parade which is by no means a must see.
  9. TopGolf & Hotel Construction

    Hey Balls, you'll find people will update photos as soon as possible after taking them, so generally if there is no updated pics or posts it's because no one has got out there for an update since the last time, or there is little or no progress worth updating
  10. Movie World Parade Time Move

    Strange timing. Competing with the Ekka? Really it's only an extra 20mins of operating time
  11. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Terrible photo I know but that's what you get from a moving car on your phone on the M1. Billboard updated. Another 'imagination' theme. Not sure why you'd want to buy annual passes if the mission is accomplished already but oh well, imagination.. seems the cheap passes will be around for quite a while
  12. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    It was mentioned in an internal staff memo that got leaked out publicly. It's floating around in a thread somewhere
  13. Storm at 110cm is not a family friendly height restriction. Whilst my son has cracked that mark, there is no way I'm convincing a 4 year old to go on a ride that appears daunting in its scale and theming. TBH I wouldn't even try to convince him to go on it, even though he could as it would be too intense for him and likely stunt his ride comfort development (much the same as I haven't taken him on SDSC even though he is height-wise ok to ride. For the 9,999,000th time, there is zero chance of Disney purchasing DW, and only a miniscul more likely chance of them opening a theme park in Australia in the next couple of decades, if ever. I think a Dreamworks IP dark family ride would absolutely breathe life into DW, something along the vein of LTRR. Theme it to Shrek, or a collaboration of characters. Im not sure of the terms of the Dreamworks license though regarding further additions and whether the license is all encompassing for future attractions or a cost per attraction, and what that cost would be. All I know is they need a big ticket item to bring crowds and families back - and that's not "hey look at our cool new* Log Ride & Vintage Cars.
  14. Flogged overnight... off to Bargain Mania