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  1. They've just released an audio clip for people to try and guess what it is. Its just background noise but i'm sure someone may be able to place it.
  2. Hate to say it mate, but NO ONE has any idea what you are trying to get at under the weight a mass information on why what you are saying makes little sense
  3. They are applying for an extension as their planning permission expires next month and they haven’t had time to execute due to Covid and other priorities like the hotel etc etc
  4. Despite my dislike for the show itself, the arena should and likely will always have its place. People need somewhere to chill for a bit, get out of the sun/weather etc, and it’s a crowd crowd soaker on peak days. any show reintroductions to the show stage should be additional to the outdoor arena
  5. Is a good little video. Would have been nice to throw in an interview with someone of note to give it a more personalised touch especially for those not aware of how the ride operates, but that’s me being picky
  6. we can hope. Or maybe they are just typing this to the max because they realise how uninspiring it is - so they need to create hype rather than it coming naturally
  7. I reckon it will rely heavily on how difficult it is to build a ride within a ride, even when you only have to move it from your neighbouring property
  8. Nice. Should have waited until around 8-9am however for it to sound a little more plausible. 6/10
  9. Maybe movieworld should do a Steamboat Mickey ride, or Winnie the Pooh. That’ll get some media buzz.
  10. Theme parks rights may work differently to the overall rights to the book
  11. Only need to follow local journos and radio hosts on socials to see them out and about at SW Resort, TG etc - often with or tagging and thanking high ranking VTP employees. I'm sure they'll call it friendship, but its friendship that comes with perks and understanding. It's not illegal, its smart business if you want favourable media - but that doesn't mean DW deserve to be drilled regularly for not following suit.
  12. It was unique, fun, memorable (at least when it did what it was supposed to in terms of height reach and speed) but it no way was its overall experience greater than that of Rivals or ST.
  13. The people who failed are no longer there. The people running the joint now are the most scrutinized or any theme park in the country, and don't deserve to be continually tarnished by the same brush their predecessors rightfully were. VTP largely gets free reign by the GC media because they wine and dine anyone and everyone from local paper, radio stations etc constantly. It's funny how just a couple of days out of from peak easter holidays, we get a rush on "Don't forget DW killed people" articles. In a couple of weeks we'll no doubt get a front page headline about how great The Flash Ride is too Yeah, and maybe i chose the wrong article of the 3 to be critical of. In isolation, its a worthy article, but on the back of 2 others by the same media organisation in the preceding 24-48 hours - thats planned.
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