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  1. I’d recommend that you can’t be a contributing member until you no longer have to be in bed by 8 on school nights...
  2. Brad2912

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    There is no rumour of BB returning at all. Not a single whisper. The only mention of it was a April Fool Joke almost one year ago that too many people bought into because they don’t own a calendar
  3. Brad2912

    How to fix Dreamworld

    Good ideas, but you’re looking at probably a $200m+ investment (not to mention paying hundreds of staff not to work while you close the park for 6 months - if they are FT or PT you still have to pay them, and you’ve got no income). At that cost they may as well bulldoze half the place and start again.. unfortunately no one in the world would consider dropping that much money into a park struggling to pull in a couple of thousand people a day.
  4. Brad2912

    How to fix Dreamworld

    Mould on attractions? Which attractions are growing mould on them? They can’t even get the mechanical side right in terms of maintenance at the moment, and you want cosmetic restorations?
  5. Brad2912

    How to fix Dreamworld

    Because they have another business, Main Event, that has strong expansion plans so the money they do have is being Invested in the profitable arm of their business that has the biggest returns and most potential. Ardent is a publicly listed company, shareholders don’t tend to react kindly to “well if we blow tens of millions of dollars and it doesn’t work, it will be all good we have a plan b”
  6. Brad2912

    How to fix Dreamworld

    If I had the money to buy Dreamworld from Ardent, I would do the exact same thing anyone interested in buying Dreamworld from Ardent would do - level it, develop and sell the land for probably near on half a billion dollars (if not more)...
  7. Bikash translates to eternal optimism
  8. The clearing now isn’t for the 2020 ride. The clearing now isn’t for a ride Bet he said it would be super exciting haha
  9. Brad2912

    Sea World March 2019 Update

    1. Because it is cost prohibitive and surrounded by other attractions making it hard to do whilst the park is open. 2. Because it’s permanently closed
  10. I don’t know what “it” is, but there is a new attraction going in for late 2019. Not a ride. Only word I’ve heard used to describe it is “a dome”. Totally helpful hey..
  11. Brad2912

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    ROFL.... 😂🤣
  12. Brad2912

    The Off Topic Topic

    Seems shaded areas are in vogue... SW currrently doing early ground work for installing a shade structure over The Reef.
  13. The second lesson is an online program run by this fellow... his name is Push, the E-Stop. topics covered include: - what does an e-stop look like? - where is the e-stop? - how do you press an e-stop?
  14. I’ve heard that the first subject covered at the Training Academy is how to print, laminate and display “attraction closed” signs
  15. VTP would lose it if local or state governments actively invested in a competitor that would wipe them out. I can’t see it happening, and as a local I would have massive issues if millions let alone a billion dollars of tax payer money went to opening a theme park when we still have multiple schools with kids having to sell chocolates to get air con.