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  1. When my parents got the internet for the first time in 1997 the monthly data allowance was 30mb. I thought it was ridiculous when 12 months later we got upgraded to 200mb/mth
  2. Yeah vintage was only running 3 on Sunday too, and the same a week prior. think that may be standard operation now
  3. An apology letter has just gone out to all Passholders explaining the large number of rides down for maintenance. Passholders have been given a free Winterfest Park After Dark entry as an apology gift.
  4. While i cant speak for the entirety of the ride, you can see the edge of the concrete quite often, so i'm going with no for the most part.
  5. Channels now entirely filled with dirt and levelled out
  6. No movement at Dreamworks with Dronkeys and Carousel completely removed save for some carousel theming Gingys same…
  7. Nothing to say they can be used on annual passes, and I doubt it can. it can also only be used to the value of 50% of the standard cost of an activity/accommodation etc
  8. I thought that changed since Fully 4 opened...
  9. I’m at work so haven’t been able to watch it, I’ll get to it tomorrow, however it seems it is exactly what I thought it would be (and was 110% assured wouldn’t be the case)...
  10. Looks fantastic. Not sure about the OP on Instagram encouraging people to book the cheap flights to the GC to ride it soon given it doesn’t open for 5+ months.
  11. Half. the other half was set up for an event with tables, stage etc
  12. Possibly, but they haven’t been there since the refurb, they’ve only appeared since my last visit 4-5 weeks ago
  13. When the Cubs are first put on display they are in that indoor display with windows for the public to view them through, to the right of The Den area. It’s currently behind the closed gate however
  14. Not sure where these statues were previously, but they are now in the middle of the Scooby queue line.
  15. No argument was being had, it was simply a discussion between adults with opposing viewpoints.
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