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  1. I doubt we’ll see any substantial spend at MW this year, that includes removal of AA. The focus is all on Leviathan, are revenue wise they are still a long way from normal expectations. whilst we may get an announcement of the AA replacement towards the end of the year, I wouldn’t expect we’ll be riding whatever it is until late 2022
  2. Good to see some semblance of intelligent decision making...
  3. I’m pretty sure everyone now days just considers GL as SBNO and if you happen to find it open when you visit, well it’s just a nice surprise (until you get in the queue and it closes again before you get to the front).
  4. Fully 6 is now Fully 3, with slide 1 added to the closed slides along with 2 & 3 (speed slides). the remaining 3 slides have their water pressure significantly reduced on previous visits, with the slides flowing more like a lazy river than a water slide... RIP has also been closed this afternoon
  5. Yep it’s absolutely ridiculous. there are still 30+ degree days in April. should at least be open until the end of the Easter holidays
  6. Annual passes are loaded on the app so they’d always be able to see
  7. Probably worth a mention that WWW moves into "'seasonal" mode next week. After Australia Day (Tuesday) the park then moves to only Fri-Sun operation. Fri 11-4 Sat/Sun 10-5
  8. At first I thought they’d changed the actual ride vehicle, then realised they just haven’t attached any of the theming to it
  9. Fair call. i was a bit fired up. Guess I get my back up a little when it appears someone just joins the forum to bag the parks. Everyone has a right to be critical, but I think the general gist of this place is it’s a collective of enthusiasts that love theme parks, so some balance or perspective is generally given when pointing out failures or inadequacies
  10. No one put a gun to your head and told you to buy an annual pass to what you call “low quality” attractions. There is literally zero point whinging that our ride count or quality isn’t at the same level as that of some US/European parks. We have only a small % of their population, and an even smaller % of their tourism dollars. if you have an issue with the app - sweet - no one is gonna debate that it could be much better - but to throw your toys out of the cot bagging every element of the park operation and quality is just juvenile. I love when people make this type of com
  11. Scooby was similar on Thurs night when I was there last too - most effects not working. The bright lights on the turntable haven’t been working for a couple of weeks either.
  12. Nice rant. unlimited fast track isnt available in peak season, which it is right now, for very obvious reasons. One front of line per ride is more than fair. The high cost of daily entry is to push people onto annual passes - which is better for both the consumer and Village. If you think $150 for unlimited access to 4 parks for a year is a rip off you have no ability to reason or calculate cost vs value. virtual queue times are often longer than the physical wait times. It’s about spacing out people, and whilst 5 hours is a crazy period and probably reflects an error,
  13. GL definitely wasn’t running at around midday. M1 was a car park and I was outside MW for a solid 5mins without a cycle running
  14. Forgot to upload these after visiting Sunday.
  15. I believe they may have, yes. this time they just had the new 52 Batman. Green lantern, cyborg and penguin were also noticeably missing from the parade
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