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  1. Yeah my mate that works there said back in Jan that it was as good as gone
  2. Brad2912

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    For the coaster? I don’t think there is any chance we have the coaster this year now. The parks won’t open again before August/Sept imo. We’ll get Vortex by xmas.
  3. “Options to really make for memorable evening for your guests” Grammar people!
  4. Brad2912

    TOT2 track removal

    Pretty sure they’ll be feeding the other animals to the crocodiles to cut costs
  5. Brad2912

    TOT2 track removal

    Unless it was already paid for and locked in, no. if the park is closed for 6 months it will be cheaper to bulldoze the entire place in one go than in stages....
  6. I’m just waiting for the announcement of the First Purge...
  7. Brad2912

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    The reaction to most of the memes posted here of late
  8. Brad2912

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Good old VRTP membership holders being looked after as always... Monthly payments will continue whilst park is closed and upon re-opening we will receive a e-gift card for the amount paid during closure...
  9. Brad2912

    Al Mucci Resignation

    Pretty sure from his comments you can see it was a personal decision. They’ll need to replace him so no point really pushing him out
  10. Brad2912

    Al Mucci Resignation

    Shock resignation of Dreamworld stalwart Al Mucci One of Dreamworld’s most well-known faces has suddenly announced his departure from the company after 15 years in the job. DREAMWORLD’S animal kingdom needs a new king after the sudden departure of wildlife boss Al Mucci. Mr Mucci, Dreamworld’s general manager of life sciences, had been at the Gold Coast theme park for 15 years before his shock resignation this week. His departure is a blow to Dreamworld, which has been recently rocked by the coronavirus crisis and the scathing inquest findings in to the Thunder River Rapids tragedy. A passionate wildlife warrior, Mr Mucci has also served on a number of zoological bodies, including the Save the Bilby Fund and the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation. In addition to being Dreamworld’s virtual Doctor Dolittle, Mr Mucci was also general manager of Corroboree, the theme park’s indigenous attraction, and he was the official Indigenous Relationships Manager for the Commonwealth Games. He said he was sad to leave Dreamworld but needed a fresh start after 15 years with the tourism icon, revealing that the terrible impact of the recent bushfires had been a draining experience. “It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while and the bushfires really brought it to the fore,” he said. “I’ve given Dreamworld 100 per cent and I wish them nothing but the best, but it’s time for someone else to have a go.” He said he hoped Dreamworld could pull through the shadow the coronavirus has cast over the entire tourism industry. “It’s an extraordinary time but I hope Dreamworld not only survives, but thrives.” Nominated last year for a Pride of Australia award, Mr Mucci enjoyed a decorated and storied career at Dreamworld, famously handing a koala to Russian President Vladimir Putin during the G20 leaders’ summit in Brisbane in 2014. Sydney born and bred, Mr Mucci, 51, was the public face of Dreamworld’s wildlife and conservation efforts for over a decade. He was a master of quirky quips, dubbing a computer-based koala breeding program “Tinder for koalas”. In talking about the tender relationship of crocodiles to promote Valentine’s Day, he said “everyone should make love like a crocodile”. At the G20, Mr Mucci met then-US President Barack Obama and Mr Putin, who was famously photographed with a koala trying to escape his clutches. He has also been closely involved in conservation projects, including efforts to save two endangered Queensland species - the tinker frog and bristlebird. Mr Mucci said he planned to take a break before embarking on any new career moves. In a statement, a Dreamworld spokesman said Mr Mucci would leave a lasting legacy at the theme park. “He made a significant contribution to the business and was a tireless advocate for wider community appreciation of animal causes,” he said. “His commitment to conservation is evident through the incredible work of the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation, as is his ongoing support for Indigenous peoples and culture having championed Dreamworld Corroboree. “Al leaves a lasting legacy not just at Dreamworld but also within the community for wildlife conservation and as an ambassador for the Indigenous culture.” GCB 21/3/2020
  11. Brad2912

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Yep it’s shit all around for a hell of a lot of people. I don’t want to imagine what the country will look like in 3 months is this is still continuing (which is likely)
  12. Brad2912

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Is happening in most businesses. Everyone at QANTAS is on forced leave, if you have no annual leave then it’s leave without pay. The company I work for has had 98% of my Projected revenue stripped away in the last 2 weeks, and need to move to a 3 day working week with 2 day’s annual leave as of next week, and I’m the state manager. FT & PT are on mandatory leave, casuals are gone.
  13. Brad2912

    New Movie World Plaza Screens

    The screens are heavily used and essential for much of the corporate and private hires that occur outside of regular park operations. ditto the lights ditto the roof there is no chance any of those are going
  14. Brad2912

    Dreamworlds unreliable maintenance schedule

    Consider the amount of consistent rain we have had on the northern GC over the past 4 weeks and I am not surprised maintenance has been effected