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  1. A 'not natural swing feel' I dunno what that means... The Claws' swing seems fairly natural to me
  2. Ardent Leisure mulling Gold Coast’s Dreamworld site boost to turn it into Disneyland Ryan Keen, Gold Coast Bulletin an hour ago OWNERS of icon Gold Coast theme park Dreamworld want to super-size the site with accommodation and entertainment to turn it into Australia’s Disneyland. Dreamworld parent company Ardent Leisure sent shockwaves through the city yesterday with a statement to the stock exchange appearing to suggest Dreamworld’s footprint was under threat. But Ardent CEO Deborah Thomas later clarified to the Gold Coast Bulletin any redevelopment would be on unused land and enhance Dreamworld, not detract from it. “We aren’t selling or closing Dreamworld,” she said, adding Ardent would invest to create a “more attractive and entertaining theme park”. “We are considering opportunities external but complementary to the park that could include retail, hospitality, accommodation and entertainment precincts, similar to Universal Studios and Disneyland in the US. “There is 25 hectares of land at Dreamworld that is not being used. “We are exploring options to develop that unused land, while continuing to invest in a world-class theme park.” The Ardent site is 60ha with Dreamworld and WhiteWater World across 35ha. Ms Thomas said some areas would not be suitable for development and remain as open green space. The site review would take anywhere from a few months to a year and was about understanding council’s and the Government’s strategic plan for the area and working with them, she said. The revelation of Dreamworld site’s potential expansion was warmly welcomed by Gold Coast leaders and comes seven months after a river ride malfunction killed four people in the darkest day for Australian theme parks in 30 years. Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said the potential expansion was exciting news for the city. “I’m sure this will result in the theme park evolving to the next level,’ Cr Tate said. Northern Coast councillor Cameron Caldwell said Ardent Leisure controlled a significant site in the city’s north. “A lot of it is undeveloped and the council would consider any development opportunities proposed.” Ardent’s earlier statement to the Australian Stock Exchange said a review of its Master Plan for Dreamworld’s site would consider the impact of “recent events” in reference to the tragedy and feasibility of rezoning parts for alternate use. It prompted Dreamworld CEO Craig Davidson to clarify Ardent’s priority was the “recovery of Dreamworld” and Tourism Minister Kate Jones to make a statement in Parliament saying she could confirm the park was “here to stay” and committed to the “long term”.
  3. Yeah, makes it sound like the town planner comes back and says "hey if you close the park and sell it to a developer and you can pay off all your debts and open up another 50 Main Event centre in the US" then they'll consider it. Im hoping it means clearing the land around the studios and developing it into an entertainment precinct as was the original plan, put an AMF/M9, some restaurants and maybe a hotel between the park and Foxwell
  4. The Stage is used for the parade, and VIP areas at the night events. Seems strange to remove it
  5. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Sunday 5th November will be final day of the SDSC. Boxing Day 2017 will see a 'new' themed attraction open
  6. @mission I think you are way off tbh... I know i was begging my parents to take me on holidays to Qld to go on WWW when it opened, and SDSC. And they were trips we made. Instead of going to Melbourne or some other destination, the promotion of a new exciting ride that would make their kid/young teenager happy is what made my parents decide on the location of our holiday. Most of my friends were in the same situation. I think the vast majority of family holidays are planned around what will keep the kids entertained, and theme parks play a major deciding part in that discussion in most households
  7. Rightio... here we go again... for the dude in the back who wasn't Paying attention.... when you are investing X amount of dollars in an attraction/project/product, the number one focus is ROI, and not far off that is the breakeven time line (i.e. When the project/product will have created enough revenue to have paid for itself). So YES, whether people/families/groups/tours come in September/October as opposed to next Easter is a MASSIVE deal, especially in the current negative climate the parks are operating in. That's 6 months of positive reviews, word of mouth, personally referrals, VIP pass sales, Tour bookings, return visits that you are missing out on.
  8. Well this thread has descended into a clusterf**k of whinging, whining and nit-picking. lets all sing kumbaya and move the f**k on.
  9. Sorry @wikiverse but I pretty much categorically disagree with everything you've said. I would outline how and why but @Slick has done a good job of saying what I would have (well a better job actually). All I will mention is I don't know many people who plan interstate holidays only 6 weeks out. Most in any type of semi-serious role would need to book annual leave further out than that, especially given its school holidays (most school holiday leave where I work is requested 9-12 months out).
  10. Good points @AlexB they all sound feasible, I just struggle to see how anyone at VTP thought a Coaster themed to suicide squad was ever going to be easy to market. Too many negative connotations to the word Suicide, it just doesn't fit the theme of 'fun' which is what theme parks are about. Also, MW's take on the DC properties has always been based on the comic iterations as opposed to the cinematic universe, and the colour scheme for SS of the vibrant purple/magenta/whatever is only tied to the cinematic version of SS, the comics doesn't have colouring in its logo/themes. As for production of merch to validate a poor colour choice/theme on a coaster, it would be laughable if true, but so is the handling of the marketing of this Coaster, so I wouldn't put it past them..
  11. Why do they need a double storey cabana? Upstairs bedroom for frisky teens?
  12. If Batman appeared in and narrated the videos, everyone would pay attention... no one delivers a message better than batman..
  13. So we can buy tickets to an attraction that is still in the planning stage, but don't even know the name of a partially constructed Coaster... seems MW need to employ the snow parks marketing team
  14. Where have the Batmobile's gone?? the one from the Gotham Town Hall is gone, as are the bikes. And Batman walked the parade, with no Tumbler in sight... the batman shop is closed... its a #batspiracy!!!
  15. It's not? is in a fortnight though as discussed here