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  1. Whilst that would be a reasonable explanation, there is zero social distancing happening or even being requested to happen in the queue lines both on the tower or when lining up to enter the tower. I’m not even sure why they haven’t bothered to remove the downstairs sorter and releaser, it’s a total waste of a staff member
  2. I also noticed yesterday on The Rip they weren’t even allowed the next group to even load into the raft/tube until the prior raft had already been cleared. Last season (and all years prior) you would load whilst the previous cycle was underway, so as soon as they had existed the Op would release you. Also The Wedgie only operates from 4-5pm (with the green room operating 10am-4pm)
  3. You can. Become a Parkz member and contribute to this place that brings you so much joy and fulfilment… and they’ll throw in reaction breakdowns! Join now & they’ll also throw in fancy stars next to your name that make people think you’re a moderator!
  4. Point out where this occurs for me. It doesn’t. Jobe put forward his ideas and you just shat on them I’m not a moderator. Only one - calling you an arrogant dick. Which I stand by. I don’t know, I’m not a moderator. meh. Apologise or not. I care little. But don’t say you’re going to then give reasons why you won’t. Given I know none of your Personal story (until now) to insinuate my comment was some slant on hardships you’ve suffered is stupid. yep.
  5. The old coin operated locker system is being fitted with a more modern (and convenient) tap and go style interface
  6. Good old Fabio. We've already had someone hit by an Ibis on Rivals...
  7. @pazzap if you are near 50 i feel sorry for you, because the way you have responded to @Jobe's thread and ideas is pre-teen level at best. He put a heap of thought and effort into an idea, and for you to just jump on and throw shit at it, when he put more effort into one post than you have in all the contributions you have made in all your time coming in and out over the years is petulant at best. You don't have to agree with his plans, but as others have, engage in a discussion rather than acting like an arrogant dick.
  8. That’s entirely based on taste. I’m excited for both but Leviathan has callbacks to my youth and Bush Beast at Wonderland so if I had a choice of which I’m most looking forward to, it’s Leviathan every day as I haven’t ridden a wooden coaster in the best part of 20 years
  9. Where’s the Niagara Falls of Improbability react button when you need it ?
  10. No need to apologise mate, I’m by no means the forum police, I typically use mobile too so maybe when I jumped on the forums on my laptop today it stood out. Just seemed strange and unnecessary.
  11. I guess they could skip the fork and just call in “Atlantis Swing”
  12. is the nest in the framework on the underside of the track? The train passes on the top so clearly the nest isn’t there. Pretty sure moving the nest would a less favourable situation for the bird. its illegal to move a nesting bird unless posing a high safety risk, which I’m assuming it isn’t
  13. Whilst i think that would be a great addition i don't know if they have the space to be honest given plans (although not publicly released as yet) are already in place for the current AA site.
  14. no drama with some swearing here and there, though having it appear on every post you make in quite an aggressive way seems unnecessary to me....
  15. not sure if it's a new addition but i've never noticed it before. Is language like that on your profile necessary on a forum like this?
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