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  1. I seriously doubt that's the case. we've had terrible weather for almost the entirety of the downtime, so maintenance works were likely delayed
  2. Catwoman is not that purple. Even in the old school comics. She's a more dark lavender
  3. Yep... didn't realise til I pasted it haha.. longest weblink ever
  4. Taken from an article/paid advertising piece on the courier mail website today...^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%3D
  5. Emergency exit signs must be illuminated, and emergency exit corridors/storewells must also be well lit, and not require a manual switch to be activated for the lighting to kick in.
  6. The villain in the JL movie is Darksied, Stepenwolf and the Parademons
  7. None of that was up on Thursday so I'm going with old photo
  8. Actually rode DD for the first time yesterday. Have to say I quite enjoyed it! Could certainly do with an extra couple revolutions in each direction to extend the ride time, but it's an enjoyable flat. Wasn't absorbing much of a crowd though, I had to wait 10mins for 3 other people as I was the only one waiting and they need 4 to run it haha
  9. No idea who the first 2 you posted are, and that's coming from a dc fan. As for catwoman, that's such a traditional costume that only fans of the comics or the old Adam West Batman series would have a clue who she is. Especially given she isn't the same version you meet in the park
  10. I think I might be... or maybe I'm not. Who knows i just know it 100% is NOT pink!
  11. What does the claw have to do with a medieval theme??
  12. Bizarro is not gonna happen. If you were going for an Superman based villain, your first and only choice would be Lex Luthor. And @pushbutton managed to completely obliterate the 'most ridiculous posts of all time' with that doozy...
  13. Two Face was in The Dark Knight as well, just was more of a side plot given Ledgers Joker stole the show. Much better portrayal than Tommy Lee Jones version in Forever